All-Star Bedroom: Lacrosse

         I've had the idea to come up with a lacrosse-inspired bedroom for ages, & I'm glad to say I finally got around to it. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it, but lacrosse is my favorite sport. I also play field hockey, but lacrosse stuck a very big cord in my heart and I've been in love with it ever since!
     To celebrate the beginning of the indoor season and the upcoming meeting for my school team, I decided that now was the time to plan out a lacrosse-inspired room! It actually took a bit more time to work out, not really because I took the route of steering the room more for a boy, but because I was a bit more detailed in the planning for this room and I wanted it to be perfect so it took more thinking. Oh, how I wish I could turn this mood-board into a real room!
All Star Bedroom

The main colors for this room would be red and black, with touches of white. Two of the walls would be red, and the wall the bed is up against & the one its across from would be black.

1. Lacrosse Poster: I decided that a game poster would be an awesome vocal point to have in the room! I especially love this one from PB Teen, and I think it'd be the perfect thing to look at!

2. Simple Scholar Bed: I chose this bed for its simplicity, but I absolutely love it! Its so cool, and it really lets all the other pieces in the room have a chance to speak out instead of taking up all the attention.

3. Spray Painted Gold Sticks: Now this is my favorite part of the whole plan for the room!! I think the idea of spray-painting two lacrosse sticks Gold, and then having them crossed above the bed is fantastic! I think they would look absolutely amazing in the room, and it definitely screams All-Star!

4. Dark Chest of Drawers: I really love the dark color of this chest of drawers! It'd be a cool place to keep clothes, jerseys, etc.

5. Red & Black Comforter Set: This comforter set from Rugby is really cool! I love the stripes, and the colors go together so well and are perfect for the room!

6. Red Bedside Table: I love this bedside table! Its so small, so adorable, and the color is awesome! It'd be something cool to have next to the bed,  and you can keep whatever books or magazines or anything you'd like.

7. Cool Lighting: I had the idea of having this lighting hanging above the bed, and I love how they look like little top-hats! Of course you can always have lamps etc above the bedside table or another place, but cool lighting seems like a must for an ultra cool room!

8. Red Arm Chair: For when its reading time or you just might want to chill out, I think an arm chair is a great addition to a room! Especially combined with whats next on the list!

9. Small Table: I think a little table would go really well infront of the arm chair. Sometimes I like to bring a drink with me in my room for when I'm doing homework, and its annoying to always have to reach onto the ground to pick it up. I'd love a little table to put my drink on!

10. Zig Zag Rug: One of the coolest parts of the room is this zig zag rug! The print is gorgeous, and its just awesome overall!

So, that's my plan for an All-Star Lacrosse bedroom! I personally think whoever would get this room would be lucky and really enjoy it, but that's just me ;)


Bad Joan said...

great bedroom set!


melissa said...

Hey, I have an idea.

Let's just blog, design rooms and wear cute clothes together :D

Tariro said...

Thanks Joan!
And Melissa, omg lets do it!! Lol

Clara Turbay said...

Great post.

i hope you can check out mine!

Ambypure said...

Nice post!

Tariro said...

Thanks ladies!

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