Bless Your Bohemian Heart


      I really really love 3 things right now. Being home with my family, lacrosse, and this new dress I recently purchased. It's this beautiful blue paisley number from Billabong with bell sleeves and fun tassels on it, and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments! From the minute I set eyes on it, I knew i'd love it forever. The discovery of the blue dress has been part of a light journey to an awakening for patterns that are absolutely set to please, and a knack for bohemian-inspired attire. I've become accustomed to admiring bell bottom flowwy pants, and attempting to find a way to keep my tapestry up next to my bed (thumb tacks don't work, neither does tape....updates to come). I love the feel of swaying my arms around in my dress, or kicking around in my wide-leg pants just for fun. Turns out, not only are they still in style but they're pretty awesome too!

     It looks like the dress I have is sold out online, but below are a couple of my favorite bohemian picks including that same dress in a different color (#1, and it's on sale!!) and that absolutely fabulous pair of pants! Free People also has an amazing selection of bohemian style clothes (slash amazing selection of everything). Let me know what you think of my picks, and i'm up for suggestions on keeping a tapestry up on a cement wall that won't let it be ;)

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc}

In the picture below, I wore the dress to a football game with my favorite riding boots.

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Miss Teen USA - K. Lee Graham

     For the past 2 years, I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the winners of Miss Teen USA. This year I got to interview the newly-crowned Miss Teen USA 2014 K. Lee Graham. As Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2014, K. Lee took the pageant stage by storm and earned her crown as Miss Teen USA. Not only is her platform to help others discover their inner beauty through her blog Live Beautifully inspiring, K. Lee's friendly personality and appreciation of the happenings around her made the interview lots of fun to do. Below is my interview with K. Lee, and I hope you all enjoy it! Keep an eye out for her, girl's got a big future ahead of her ;)

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Up All Night


 One Direction is one of the biggest musical influences in the world right now, and I can admit that I too may have been swept up a little by the 1D fever. When i'm studying or taking a break from whatever busy day i'm having, their song Summer Love plays at a mild volume and sweeps me away for a couple of minutes. When i'm getting ready to hang out with my friends, Rock Me blares from my speakers. Now, the boys have expanded their influence with a new makeup line!

     I was lucky enough to receive a makeup kit from One Direction's new makeup collection and thought i'd take some time to share it with you all. The line is made up of 3 different kits, each with it's own fun and bold style perfect for any occasion in your life. Oh, and the lip gloss glows in UV light!!!

     The kit I received is the "Up All Night" makeup kit said to be for my
"fun, flirty, and girlie" side comprised of the following:

     At first I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but the kit surpassed my expectations! Besides the cool glow in UV light lip gloss, I fell in love with the nail polish. Blue is my favorite color and this metallic polish does not disappoint! The eyeshadow makes my eye really pop and it's just so fun. I've been in need of a new mascara since mine was almost done, and i'm so glad I won't have to get another replacement. The mascara in the kit makes my lashes look really nice and doesn't clump, which is something i've faced a couple of times with others. I believe I can wear some of the lighter shadows during the day, then change it up during the night.

The line will officially be out mid-August, and i'll be sure to update you when it's ready for purchase, it comes out in the US TOMORROW!! International dates will be out soon & find out more on the Facebook page here!

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Prints of My People


 I've been a Billabong fan for a while, and it's impossible not to fawn over all the clothes in their lines. A few months ago, I fell in love with the Botswana Jacket from their Neon Safari line inspired by the Ndebele people and I couldn't let it go. At the time I couldn't get it but it was hard to forget something so beautiful that carried such pretty colors and prints. Being from Southern Africa, i've always loved the vibrant fabrics from our region and knew this jacket had to somehow end up in my closet.  I decided to look up the jacket again to see if Billabong still had it in stock, and though it doesn't seem to still be in stock I was inspired to write my first "comeback" post after a few months from blogging.

I gathered some of my favorite tribal and African inspired prints together in one set, I can't get over the Stella Jean bird print dress as one of my favorites. It's gorgeous! I thought the shorts with the giraffe and sunset print were too cute not to put up there either.


{My Polyvore set PRINTS}

I hope i'll be able to blog a lot more now that summer's here, and i've got some fresh ideas to share! I've missed writing and maybe writing's missed me too. Follow me on twitter as well, I have a new one! @tarirolovesny

{Guest Post} Latest Shoe Trends by Jasmine A.

{Hi everyone! Today's post is a guest post by the amazingly talented Jasmine Anderson of the UK Ladies Fashion Blog! I'm so excited to share her post with you, be sure to visit her blog as well}

Celebrities are considered as the prominent figures of our society it is because of this very reason today designers prefers to give their latest shoes to famous personalities. So, when their fans will see them wearing latest shoes they will also run to a designer shop to buy the same stylish and contemporary footwear. Due to this strong influence of celebrities, whenever a red carpet event takes place thousands of fans gathers around to see a glimpse of their favourite stars, so they can also follow the same trend. Now 2014 have begun and celebrities are once again expected to appear wearing some chic footwear of famous designers at red carpet events that will sweep their followers off their feet. Just the way Garage Shoes varied collection of ladies footwear sweeps its customers off their feet.

Image: Courtesy
However, this year female celebrities are likely to be seen wearing platform style shoes at red carpet events like Oscars, as it is the hottest trend in ladies shoes that also gives the wearer a decent height for long skirts.
Besides this, shoes with sheer floral lace or in silk satin and metallic leather material are also seen on different occasions along with glittery and crystal embellishment.  Nevertheless, in contrast to this year, Jennifer Lawrence winner of Best Actress award at last year’s Oscars was spotted wearing Brian Atwood Hamper’s pumps at the event. While, Kristen Stewart was wearing Jimmy Choo’s pumps and Jessica Chastain lured her fans by wearing high heel Volpi d’Orsay sandals of Christian Louboutin.

Image: Courtesy
Aside from the new design of the shoes, each year a new colour in footwear is also announced and 2014’s colour is radiant orchid. This captivating shade is a mix of pink, purple and fuchsia colours and signifies lot of joy, health and love. Therefore, it is anticipated that celebrities will also wear the new radiant orchid coloured shoes not only at red carpets, but at New York Fashion Week’s runaway too. Given that various famous designers have already introduced their latest shoes in this purplish shade such as Manolo Blahnik, Roger Vivier and Nicholas Kirkwood.

However, currently 12 new shoes styles are quite in, which can easily attract any fashion conscious women. The first design is thick strap sandals, which is introduced by Saint Laurent that boasts a pearl studded t-strap. The second latest style is a pin heel sandal launched by Jerome C. Rousseau and it comes in silver glitter fabric along with a flat side bow. Aquazzura has also revealed two new designs, but it is more of a redesigning, as two popular shoes of the designer, aqua snakeskin and the Sexy Thing sandal bootie are now available with a gold pin heel.

Giuseppe Zanotti has also rolled a new shoe by the name of d’Orsay sandal at the start of this year that is made from leopard-print calf hair and blue suede. Famous celebrity Sandra Bullock has already worn them at an event.  Nevertheless, sandals and platform style shoes are not the only ones that are quite in at the moment, as ladies will also see chic range of knee high boots as well. These new knee high boots look stylish and sexy when a woman wears them under a flirty skirt, but celebrities usually do not wear such footwear to a red carpet event. Therefore, knee high boots will mostly be spotted on different fashion runaways along with other trendy shoes.

Spirit Football Jerseys

   Spirit Football Jersey company! Spirit Jerseys are unique, comfortable, and fun 100% cotton garments with beautiful puff print across the back. I'd been obsessing over them for ages, and when I got the chance to design and sell some of my own I jumped at it. The jerseys are widely popular among sororities and I was very impressed to see the variety of designs they did for sports and vacation destinations as well.
 A few months ago, I got the chance to combine my love for lacrosse and fashion in a collaboration with the

     My *obsession* with my favorite sport lacrosse led me to create a separate twitter account to share my thoughts about the sport (@officiallaxgirl) and I reached 7,500+ followers in a little under a year! I now also write for Inside Lacrosse magazine online, and I couldn't be happier. I immediately knew that I wanted to take a lacrosse direction with my design for the jersey because i'd yet to see one, and I wanted to do something a little different and see what could come about. The result was something stylish and fun, and I can't stop wearing mine!

And heeeere is my design! All laxed up and ready for warm-ups when spring season rolls around.......

{The back has the "Lax Is Life" moniker as well as the username of my lacrosse twitter personality Official Lax Girl, and the front left breast pocket has crossed sticks}

Thanks so much to the amazing people at Spirit Football Jersey for giving me the chance to work with them, my lacrosse friends and peers absolutely loved them and i'm so glad some of them got a chance to purchase it.
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