Spirit Football Jerseys

   Spirit Football Jersey company! Spirit Jerseys are unique, comfortable, and fun 100% cotton garments with beautiful puff print across the back. I'd been obsessing over them for ages, and when I got the chance to design and sell some of my own I jumped at it. The jerseys are widely popular among sororities and I was very impressed to see the variety of designs they did for sports and vacation destinations as well.
 A few months ago, I got the chance to combine my love for lacrosse and fashion in a collaboration with the

     My *obsession* with my favorite sport lacrosse led me to create a separate twitter account to share my thoughts about the sport (@officiallaxgirl) and I reached 7,500+ followers in a little under a year! I now also write for Inside Lacrosse magazine online, and I couldn't be happier. I immediately knew that I wanted to take a lacrosse direction with my design for the jersey because i'd yet to see one, and I wanted to do something a little different and see what could come about. The result was something stylish and fun, and I can't stop wearing mine!

And heeeere is my design! All laxed up and ready for warm-ups when spring season rolls around.......

{The back has the "Lax Is Life" moniker as well as the username of my lacrosse twitter personality Official Lax Girl, and the front left breast pocket has crossed sticks}

Thanks so much to the amazing people at Spirit Football Jersey for giving me the chance to work with them, my lacrosse friends and peers absolutely loved them and i'm so glad some of them got a chance to purchase it.
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