Late Spring Awakening

     It's not much of a spring when it snows, but it warms my heart knowing that somewhere out there the warm weather is coming! I've been putting together sort of a wishlist for spring......well more like spring/summer.

     I'll be digging around for shift dresses, skater dresses (my new favorites), and adorable sandals! And I can't let a cute pair of ankle boots slip away either. If I find one, they'll definitely become a staple! Nothing cuter than a combo of an adorable short dress and ankle boots. As a self certified mixer, I can't wait to mix some neutrals and patterns with colorful jewelry. Last spring was about the clothing being bright, but I like a little twist here and there. What's on your spring wishlist? I won't blame you if it involves chasing away the cold weather.

Late Spring Awakening

{Reffold Short Riding Boot, Summer Sandal, Zig Zag Dress, Bangle & Bracelet Set, Friendship Bracelets, Lace Up Dress, 7 Piece Nail Polish Set}

If you'd like to get in contact me, you can always email me at

Organo Gold

     My mom recently joined Organo Gold, a coffee, latte, mocha, and hot chocolate program that sells all natural gourmet products and is absolutely amazing! I myself am a huge fan of the hot chocolate, and their cafe mochas are amazing too!
     If you're interested in purchasing any of the products or even browsing through and seeing what's available, click the link below and check it out! All the shipping and handling is done through Organo Gold so you make sure you get your products on time, and my mom will most definitely provide you with the best service! If you find anything you'd like, you can click Buy Products and buy directly or call her for more information!


Take It Easy

     What's a better way to show off what I wear to school than to snap a few pics in the stairwell after school? I wore my go-to outfit and my new brogues from MyHotShoes, which I love! They're a really pretty camel color, and they basically go with everything I have. I'd been looking for a pair like this for a while, and i'm so glad to finally have a pair!

     I decided to wear them with folded jeans so the shoe could be seen more, my favorite new plaid shirt, and military jacket (thrifting!!). My style is definitely steered towards being comfortable, especially for school, because trekking through the halls can get a little fussy. Glad to say this one kept up all day, and i'm also becoming a bun addict!

{Jacket: H&M Thrifted, Shirt: abercrombie, Jeans: Hollister, Brogues: MyHotShoes, Ring: eBay}

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