Updates! & New Pages!

     First off, I want to say hello and welcome to all my new followers! Thank you so much for following me, I'm so excited to have you all doing so!

     I just wanted to quickly tell everyone about some changes I made to the blog, I think they'll make it all easier and reading posts much more enjoyable! First, I put up a page about Peppermint & Ivy, and a little bit more about myself on that page too. I think it's a pretty good summary of what my blog is all about, what I enjoy, and what I have/will post about.

     Also, I added picture tags for some sorts of posts. There's a picture tag for outfit posts and styling posts (ways to wear denim, etc), and another picture tag for posts on Interior Design and just life in general. I'm really going to be doing a lot of Interior Design posts, because thats definitely one of my stronger interests, but I'll still have a strong dose of style here as well!

     I really hope the small changes make you feel a little bit more at home here, and make it easier to find certain posts whenever you'd like! I have some really great posts planned for this week, so if you're up at 12:00AM, you'll be first to see the first one tonight.


melissa said...

Yay! Love the new pages :) :)

Tariro said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm glad!

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