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     I'm absolutely in love with Polyvore, and I've probably stated that tons of times. Whenever I need a little inspiration, I go onto it and start creating sets. Recently, I've been dealing with a pile of work from school and all the other activities I engage in. When I need a little break, I log into my Polyvore account and for that small amount of time, I take solace in the thousands of shoes & clothes, and all the amazing outfits I can create with them! It's so much fun, and it's almost like I'm given a dream closet (all the items I have saved), and the power to create tons of outfits and collages with them! I also really love using pictures and quotes in my sets, because it just gives off the exact vibe I want.
     I think that my sets show everything that I'm really into at the moment, so lets say I find a pair of shoes that I fall in love with, then I use them in my sets to see how I'd pair them if I had them. Here are some of my recent sets! Take note of the riding boots, which are one of the items I really love at the moment, and the sheer blouses.
American Splendor
An American Beauty

Konica Minolta

She's With The Wild Card

     Today was just one of those days that I rolled out of bed and thought " it time to get up already?" then slowly moved out of bed. Getting up was just half the hassle, and when it came time to pick out what to wear, it took only a few minutes to figure it all out. How about an outfit that's simple and wouldn't take too much effort, but still leave me looking absolutely chic? I mixed simple pieces with a wild card (leopard print loafers), and added on a necklace for a small piece of pizazz. My outfit today was simple, comfortable, and totally cute (at the same time!)

     And though I claimed I'd be taking the week off, I decided I really wanted to get up an outfit post and leave you all with a little something more than just one post! And besides, it's finally time to show off my animal print loafers in outfit form!

(Cardigan: Forever 21, Turtleneck: LL. Bean, Necklace: Forever 21, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: UrbanOg *similar pair*)

In A Cocoon Opposite of Cancun

     I think my blog is full of subtle hints, but I really can't wait to have my own place! I can't wait to start picking colors for the walls, picking couches, putting up picture frames, and just living in a cozy place I call my own! I won't lie, I love living at home with my parents though!
     But that doesn't stop me from admiring the pretty homes I see around. Here are a few gorgeous rooms that I fell in love with instantly, and ones that sort of have the look I'd like my own house to have.
     I imagine my own house as one near the beach, with big cozy rooms filled with rustic furniture, hints of color, and tons of pictures! It'll be filled with my little heart's desires!


P.S I'm taking the week off from blogging just to catch up on a few other things, so I'll see you all next Monday!

Sheer Exposure

      I absolutely love sheer blouses. From the minute I found the perfect one at Forever 21, I've been in love! I'm not sure what I love more, the feel of the fabric, or the look of the shirt! Sheer blouses are sort of risky, but they're so fashionable!
     Though there's tons of ways to wear them, I always go for the simples that work best. I think it's a great idea to wear a tank top beneath your shirt, so you don't show way too much. Also, the contrast of the shirt and the tank looks amazing! (especially a white tank with a cream sheer blouse). I also really love the idea of a plain white sheer blouse and a striped tank top underneath it. That soft hint of stripes just leaves me speechless, because I love how subtle it is but how well it all comes together! So, here are a few other ways I'd wear a sheer blouse.

Sheer Exposure

Plain: I really love this plain white blouse! I think it's a step above just a regular ole' white shirt, and I just like it alot! For this shirt, I got the idea of pairing it with a black & white stripe tank top. I think that the shirt and the tank top would look amazing together, especially when you can see the subtle hints of the stripes under it! For some texture and a little fun, I added a beautiful mermaid-esque sequin skirt, a gorgeous pair of dark riding bots, and a light brown bag (I know i've used it before but.......I just love it so much!)

Pattern: I think patterned blouses are so cool! I really like this leopard print one, and I paired it with just a simple gray long-sleeved top. I think taking away from the shirt would be unfair, so I like the idea of letting it be the main attraction of the outfit. To add onto the pattern madness, I chose this really cute bodycon flower print skirt, and I like the pattern a lot. I also like the idea of wearing a skinny belt over the shirt. For shoes, I like these heeled oxfords a lot, and just a simple clutch to complete the look.

Color: How pretty is this yellow sheer blouse? It just reminds me so much of the sun, summer, and just having fun! I paired it with a plain white tank top, a gorgeous red maxi skirt, and beautiful riding boots. A simple set of pearls and an adorable subtle handbag complete the look. I love the simplicity of the whole look overall, and I know that the blouse would still be the vocal point of the outfit! It's looking chic and stylish, without going overboard.

I'm Thankful For You

     Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful to have you all as apart of my blog, and I absolutely love reading your comments and hearing what you have to say! I feel so blessed to have a place I can go to share my ideas and some of my favorite things, and meet amazing people!
     My favorite part of Thanksgiving is getting together with my family, eating tons of food, dancing, and just spending time together. In about half an hour, I'll start getting ready to go to my Aunt's for the big celebration, which I know will last till tomorrow morning.
     I'm thankful for my friends, my family, my health, waking up everyday, and just being alive & having the chance to enjoy life. There are so many things I'm thankful for, and today's the day I'm going to celebrate that.

     So, happy turkey day to you all celebrating it today, enjoy it, spend time with family, and live it up!

Working The Patch

     A trend that I've really liked for a while is the elbow patch trends. Jackets, sweatshirts, and cardigans with elbow patches. I absolutely love it! It's somewhat out of the box while being an awesome fall trend, and there's something sort of English/countryside about it (and I do think it was borrowed from the guys)....or maybe thats just me?
    I've seen a lot of my favorite bloggers wearing elbow patch tops, and walking around downtown I've spotted a few people wearing them too. I thought, would I wear that? So, here are 3 of my favorite items with patches, and some ways I styled them. How would you wear the trend?

Working The Patch

Blazer: I absolutely love this blazer from H&M, especially the back! Also, the gray color goes so well with the brown patches! I thought to pair the blazer with a striped long-sleeve, light wash skinny jeans, and riding boots. For a touch of sparkle, I added a beautiful glitter clutch to the mix. I think the stripes and the clutch stand out so well in the outfit, and can take place of any necklace or bracelet. I also really like the combination of the blazer and the boots!

Sweatshirt: My favorite thing about this sweatshirt is its simplicity, and I really love how the colors come together so well without clashing! I took the road of adding dark wash skinny jeans to the top, a simple plain/neutral scarf, a gorgeous shoulder bag, and a stack of bracelets to accessorize. My favorite part of this whole outfit has to be the Wellington Boots! I'm actually starting to like these even more, and they bring back memories of when I was little and I had my tiny pink pair(though we called them gum boots) that I'd run around in. I just love that yellow!

Cardigan: Cardigans are such an amazing go-to outfit in any closet! And I feel like this is just such a classic outfit. Denim, tartan, and loafers. But oh-no, it might go deeper! I absolutely love the deep-denim color of the shirt, and that tartan skirt is so cute! For accessories, I chose to put in a chain-link necklace for extra bling. I also really like the studded loafers, and I've recently worn mine with some socks, so I added that in too along with! The adorable little shoulder bag from H&M is also one of my favorite things in the outfit!

     I was voted #9 on All Women Stalk's 10 Fantastic Preppy Style Blogs list! Thank you so much! Congratulations to all the other awesome blogs on the list.

The Spakler's Stepping Stone

          When it comes to decorating my room, I always try to add in little fun pieces since I can't really go all out. Something I've started doing a lot more is adding small touches of shimmer to my room. Hanging necklaces on my lamp, getting a gold frame, tying my shimmery scarf around the doorknob, etc. And though those may be a few unconventional ways to add shimmer, I love them and they gave way to today's post.
     There are tons of ways you can add a small hint of shine to any room, without having to go all out and change everything in there. Adding a hint of shine can make a room more fun and add a personal touch to it, and just overall make it a cool and stylish place to be!
The Sparkler's Stepping Stone

So have you ever thought of adding.....

A Crystal Chandelier: This might be a somewhat big job, but adding a sparkling chandelier to a room would just light it up 100%! Crystal chandeliers are gorgeous, and I just love the way the light hits all parts of it, giving off a gorgeous shine.

A Mosaic Mirror: This is an artistic way to add shimmer, especially if its little squares of glass. Mosaics are so pretty, especially on mirrors.

Shimmering Curtains: I think curtains are the vocal point of a house, so having ones that make an impact is awesome! I especially love shimmery curtains because the minute the sun peers through them, its gorgeous.

A Sparkly Pillow Cover: Adding a sparkly pillow cover doesn't take much time, and they leave your seats/couches looking absolutely fantastic as a whole! Just think, the minute your guest is ready to sit down, they see the pillow covers and are in awe! Besides, they just make me smile.

A Glass Table: I've always loved glass tables, and I really like how small and understated this one is! It's not too big to over-power the room, and it isn't exactly shimmer, but it has just enough shine!

Crystal Lamp: I am in love with this lamp! I love how the shade is black, and then it just has pieces of shimmer hanging around it. How cute is that?!

A Scented Candles: Scented candles are just great. I love how they can add a warm sense to the room, with just a touch of one scent!

Eat, Sleep, And Be Merry Chandelier: This has to be my favorite piece out of all the ones I've listed! This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous, and so creative! It's filled with silver & gold forks and spoons. Ahhh it leaves me in awe! This is definitely something I'd love to have in a dining room. This would be such an awesome DIY too!

A Metallic Seat: Adding a metallic seat to a room would be great because it's nothing too major, but it adds an amazing statement to the room! I think it's a piece that would pop out so much, and really make the room look gorgeous! I've always thought that metallics go with everything, and this seat counts too!

With Love, Etsy

     Etsy is definitely one of my favorite shopping sites! Though I have yet to buy anything from there, I love going on and seeing all the handmade and vintage items! Here are 4 of my top picks from my recent Etsy window-shopping. It's crazy how many gorgeous handmade items are on there, for example the beautiful tiara below! Though it's said to be for weddings, I think the tiara would be a perfect styling fix for all-white and silver outfits! I really love the Harris Tweed messenger bag, I'm obsessing over that gorgeous silver glass ring (it reminds me of the ocean!), and I like the mermaid ring a lot too! My favorite thing about Etsy is that you can find items you usually wouldn't in stores, especially if you're looking for specific jewelry or custom made clothes.


Getting The Boot

    With fall here and winter soon approaching, boots have begun to replace my flats and sandals. But hey, who's complaining? They're such a cute alternative to open shoes, and really calling them an alternative seems like almost an insult!(my apologies to the boot family).
     My guest post on College Prep focused on what shoes I'm wearing this fall, and most of them turned out to be boots! So, I thought a styling post was in order, to share some of the different kinds of boots I love, and a few ways to wear them!

Getting The Boot

The Rain Boots: I've seen people wearing these Hunter Wellington Boots for a few weeks now, and I actually really love them! They're so subtle, yet they just have this look about them that I adore! Maybe its the fact that they're glossy, ready for the rain, and cute! I've seen them in yellow, blue, and red, but my favorite has to be these gray ones. I chose to style them with boyfriend jeans, a striped long-sleeve, and a cable-knit pullover. For accessories, I think that a bag would be enough, maybe with a pair of stud earrings. This outfit is all about minimalism, with small vocal points, and absolutely cute shoes!

The Peeping Boots: I think peep-toe booties are so adorable and stylish! They just add a sort of playful touch to your outfit, and I really like that. For this outfit, I chose to pair the boots with leggings, a lace long-sleeved top (with a tank top beneath it), and a gorgeous cream blazer. To accessorize, I chose a stack of silver bangles, a skinny leather belt, and a studded bag (on my Forever 21 wishlist) to finish the look.


The Grungy Boots: For a day when you're feeling a little wild, I think a pair of grungy/edgy boots are the way to go! I combined these boots with a little military-esque style. I paired them with dark green skinny pants, a sequin tank top, and a cool colored denim top (from Target, where wonders occur). I absolutely love the denim shirt! I chose a light-leather bag and some cool bracelets for accessories.

The Play Boots: Here comes the exciting part! The moment I saw these neon green booties from Modcloth, I fell in love! Highlighters are a part of my every-day life, so how about the idea of making their color into shoes ? I think they'd look great with a pair of leather pants, a green bedazzled tank top, neon green belt, gorgeous neon bag, and neon two-finger ring. It's like a neon party on the streets!

So, which of the boots from above are your favorite?

Kitchen Fancy

     The thought of having my own kitchen brings butterflies to my stomach! I absolutely love kitchens, especially big ones with tons of space, long counters, and big windows that let the sun in! Ever since I was little, I've spent lots of time with my mom and grandma in the kitchen, and those are some of the best memories I have! Running around my grandma's gigantic kitchen, sitting on the dark red floor and playing while they talked over pots and pans.
     That's why I love them so much, because of the memories! While looking at some interior decor sites, I stumbled upon this kitchen and I instantly liked it! I love how simple it is, and how the whites and browns blend together so well! This kitchen and a few others inspired my post for today, which is what my dream kitchen (or one of them) would look like!

Kitchen Fancy
      The main colors I chose to go with were brown and white, with silver pieces to compliment those two.

Aluminun & White Chairs: I think aluminum chairs would look absolutely gorgeous in this kitchen! There's something about their color and their look that I just love! To balance them out, I chose some really pretty white chairs to go along with that.

Brass Table: Taking a lead from the chairs, I chose a brass table as the centerpiece for this kitchen. Like with the chairs, I just love how it all looks together! I can picture them together in my head, and it's almost a match made in heaven!

Dinnerware Set: Though this seems like a random selection, specifics are just as important as broad items. I feel like I'd have all my dinnerware set out by 3 o'clock, and if I ever do that I'd love to have these white bowls and wares!

Antique Chandelier: I absolutely love chandeliers, and this one's no different! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Glass Bottles: I really like the idea I had for these glass bottles. I thought of maybe putting sand in them, then having them as a centerpiece for the brass table, along with some decorations. Or maybe I could hang them around the kitchen.....hmmm.

Kitchen Storage Unit: I'm not too big on the huge long storage places for the good plates, and I really love this small storage unit! I like how it's small, and under-stated, so it won't over-power the room and it'll make its own statement.

Ceramic Books: I had the idea of having these silver ceramic books on the counter, and tucking away family recipes and little notes between them, along with cookbooks. They're so pretty!

Cupcake Stands: Another idea I had for things to put cupcake stands on the counters. I think the sweet aroma of the cupcakes would make the kitchen smell delicious, and just have that home tone we all love!

So, those are a few things I'd love to have in my future kitchen. What would be in yours?

Updates! & New Pages!

     First off, I want to say hello and welcome to all my new followers! Thank you so much for following me, I'm so excited to have you all doing so!

     I just wanted to quickly tell everyone about some changes I made to the blog, I think they'll make it all easier and reading posts much more enjoyable! First, I put up a page about Peppermint & Ivy, and a little bit more about myself on that page too. I think it's a pretty good summary of what my blog is all about, what I enjoy, and what I have/will post about.

     Also, I added picture tags for some sorts of posts. There's a picture tag for outfit posts and styling posts (ways to wear denim, etc), and another picture tag for posts on Interior Design and just life in general. I'm really going to be doing a lot of Interior Design posts, because thats definitely one of my stronger interests, but I'll still have a strong dose of style here as well!

     I really hope the small changes make you feel a little bit more at home here, and make it easier to find certain posts whenever you'd like! I have some really great posts planned for this week, so if you're up at 12:00AM, you'll be first to see the first one tonight.

Citrus Kisses

     Recently, I've been drawn closer and closer to citrus colors! I absolutely love how vibrant they are, how sweet they look, and how they look so well put together and with other colors! One of my favorite combinations right now has to be red and yellow, yellow being the citrus color! They look so good together, and it's like taking classic (red) and the touch of a fun citrusy color (yellow), then putting them together and they result in a really fun outfit! So, here's a styling post where I put together an outfit using those colors.
Citrus Kisses

     For the outfit, I chose to use the red and yellow, but also pair them with a neutral color and a simple-tone. A red knitted cardigan for that touch of a classic bright color, and then a chambray shirt under it. I really love the faded blue color the shirt has! I paired those two with a gorgeous pleated yellow skirt, and I really like the zipper on the front of it! For shoes, I chose a pair of red heels, and then to accessorize, i picked a cute flower necklace for a touch of sparkle. I think the outfit would go really nicely with a neutral colored bag, and I'm also a huge fan of satchel bags so that's the one I chose. For me, the keys to this outfit was to let the colors speak for themselves, instead of letting something over-power them.

Creative Clicks: Polyvore

     One of my favorite websites ever has to be Polyvore ( I discovered Polyvore about 5 years ago during a boring summer, and I haven't let it go ever since! I think my Polyvore sets are the biggest window to my personal style. I could sit and talk all about things I love to wear, but my sets say so much more about it and they just express it so well in detail! I love being able to have my own little "dream closet", and experiment with all kinds of pieces!
     What I love most about Polyvore is how it enables me to draw inspiration from tons of things (pictures, quotes, drawings, etc), especially outfits worn by some of my favorite bloggers or pictures I really like. I literally sit on the computers for hours, just making sets.
     It's probably one of my favorite places to get creative, and it's just so addicting and fun! I use my sets in most of my blog posts, because I think they get the point across of the post, and they add a nice touch of pizzaz! Here are some of my favorite Polyvore sets that I've made the past few weeks.

Great Things♥


Lost In You
Preppy Girls Are The Happiest

Too Sweet Street

     Leave your Polyvore links in the comments! I'd love to follow you!
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