Teen Vogue: A Blast From The Past

    How creative is that title? ;). It's finally spring break for me, which means a huge much needed break from school and athletics, and tons of time to sleep and run about with friends! But on this first Friday, I've decided to spend my time watching TV and looking around facebook.

      I saw that Teen Vogue started posting a few covers from back in the day, and that inspired today's post! I'd like to share with you all my favorite Teen Vogue covers. I really love the styling of each cover, the stars on them, and the colors. Enjoy the little pieces of the past!

Miss. Busy-Body

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     I am so very sorry for being missing in action for the past what-feels-like-forever! Lacrosse (also known as the love of my life) started a few weeks ago, and with practice every day I'm usually pretty sluggish right after it. And I've realized that this isn't only called March Madness because of basketball, but because of the insane loads of schoolwork that we're getting in school! 

     But alas, in order to get into Cornell one must work her you-know-what off right? I promise I haven't given up on blogging, and I have some really cool posts coming up! So please, bear with me. And while I'm away, here's a little peek into what I've been up to, just to make it up to you!

{Instagram fun in my new favorite sweater!}
{I love this bracelet! Courtesy of my older sister}
{I've been enjoying the beautiful weather & going to lacrosse games with friends}

How have you all been?

A Surprise From Zara!

     I used to think Zara was really expensive. I'd always see my favorite bloggers wear things from Zara, and I'd sit there and think "I wish those clothes were mine.....". But guess what I just discovered? Those clothes can be mine! Apparently......Zara isn't at all that expensive!

     I wish you all could've seen my face when I started looking through their store online. I was in awe, and almost in tears of joy because I can actually buy some of these things! $20 shirt? Uh! I can afford that! So here are some of my favorites from Zara's online store, and best of all I might actually go after them! I'm absolutely in love with all the prints, especially the florals.

{Printed Dress With Applique, $59.90, one of my favorites}

{Asymmetric Chiffon Skirt, $49.90, this skirt is absolutely gorgeous!}

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A Stich In Time: 1950

     I'm absolutely in love with styles from back in the day! And right now, I'm leaning towards the styles of the 1950s. I love the flirty dresses, the cutouts, and the platforms! I think that the 1950s style is the perfect one for spring, because you have a perfect excuse to break out the patterns and have fun! Here are a few 1950s-esque clothes I'm loving, check them out!
A Stitch In Time: 1950

     I am absolutely in love with that cutout dress! I'm a huge fan of polka dots too, so thats just a plus and even more of a reason to love it. Also, how perfect is that coat?! The mustard color is absolutely gorgeous, and it's only $37! I'd call that a steal! The shift dress a bit more mature for me, but I really like it. It's sort of classic.

     The pumps from Jeffrey Campbell are probably my favorite shoes out of all, but the wedges are super cute too! They're sort of nautical, which I like a lot. And last but not least, I love the look of the sandals! Which of the 6 is your favorite?

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