Studded Glory

     There's never been a time when the words "I don't like the studs on that" came out of my mouth. In my opinion, studs are absolutely amazing! I really love how they add a certain touch of edge to clothes, and they're just so cute and stylish over all! I think before they held a stigma of only being for the "bad-ass kids", but now they can be incorporated into any and every outfit, leaving you looking amazing! 

Bags: Studded bags are some of my favorite bags in the world! They're just so cute! I especially love this studded cross body bag from Monsoon, because they're little circles, and I love how they come together in little diamonds on the bag. Super cute!

Shoes: Studded shoes are just.....they're just cool! If I see someone on the street wearing studded boots or flats, I give them a little hat off cause they're just rocking them! I've got my eye on those studded loafers from TopShop. They look so comfortable, and they're such an awesome twist on a classic. Also, I like those studded boots from Forever 21. I really love the leather-brown color.

Tops: Studded tops are a little more fun, and I love how versatile they can be paired! You could go all out with studs and sequins, or add a feminine touch with studs and lace. The studded crop top from Wet Seal is absolutely gorgeous! But I also really like that red leatherette jacket from Forever 21 with the studded collar. To me, it just screams cool!

Bottoms: When I got to the category of studded bottoms, I knew I had to focus this category on the absolutely gorgeous and adorable shorts from Runway Dreamz! I love how they come in a million colors, and each pair is just so fun and experimental! I think a pair of these would be the soundtrack of summer, but sadly they're a little costly. Who knows, maybe one day I can snag a pair!

I've also started seeing tons of awesome stud-involving DIYs, so I'm thinking of doing one of my own! How does a studded collar on a button-down shirt sound?


Cara said...

Great inspiration here! I love studded bags and shirts personally. I have a black studded shirt that I just love cause its somewhat edgy. Definitely do a studded collar DIY, I've been thinking about doing one myself!

alicia said...

i agree...i love studs! amazing items.

Tariro said...

Thanks so much Cara! I agree, studded bags and shirts are awesome! I'm definitely going to try it out. & thanks Alicia!

TaraMixandMatch said...

I adore studded bags...bad ass, but feminine at the same time :)

Mix and Match Fashion

Joana Ash said...

I love collections but I adored the black bag. Please don't forget to drop by at LIFO. It's a free fashion hub which includes an online wardrobe where you can create outfits and get fashion feedback from friends.

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