Cute & Cozy

     I was watching TV recently, and I caught sight of one of the cutest outfits ever. It was this amazing mixture of a baggy sweater, but a very sweet sassy skirt below it. It totally inspired me to make a styling post, so here's my take on the cute yet cozy look! I think it's perfect for weather like now, when the weather's a little warm in the afternoon and you're ready for a stroll.
Cute & Cozy

     To start off the outfit, I decided to pick up the basics first. I chose a simple off-white tank top, which would go under the sweater. Next up, I selected a really nice grey sweater and for bottoms I chose an adorable tulle miniskirt! I absolutely love this skirt, and it's just so sweet! For shoes, I think the outfit would look really nice with a pair of booties. 

     And for accessories, I had the idea of having a belt over the sweater because I really like that look. A few pieces of statement jewelry would work well, especially a chain necklace and a wrap bracelet. Last but not least, I picked out a tartan bag for all the goodies you may like to carry around! The bag is probably my second favorite item out of all of them, and it's only $37!

     {Thank you so much to all of you who entered the Rocks Paper Metal giveaway! I'll be picking and announcing the winner soon!}

Ombre Nails

      I feel like I'm a little late on this trend, but oh well here goes! I'm absolutely in love with ombre nails lately! I've always been a huge fan of painting my nails different colors, and I think these are just as great!

      What are ombre nails, you may ask? Well from my understanding, they're nails that gradually change color. Not like mood nails, but they just start from a dark color and gradually get lighter as you go from thumb to pinky. Cool, right?! I think that they look so pretty, and they're tons of fun.

     My favorite nails from are above are definitely the blue gradient ones or the orange gradient ones! They're so gorgeous. What do you think of this trend? I think I've found something to do this weekend!

House Candy

The Pales & The Brights

     I've probably said this a million times before, but I really cannot wait for spring. Sports, nice weather, and the perfect excuses to wear shorts or tank tops with cardigans. I'm really getting into pale colors, especially pale pink, floral prints, and bright pieces too! So, here's a little Polyvore love for the weekend!

Pretty Spring Girls

DIY Monogram Phone Case

     I'm loving the emerging trend of monogrammed and personalized phone cases! The first one I ever saw was a gorgeous combo of red and stripes, with an adorable monogram in the middle! It made me sad that they are a little pricey.....but they've inspired me to try and make my own, and share with you all how to do so!

     So, here's my tutorial on how to make your own monogrammed/personalized phone case for an iPhone 4/4s, or 3/gs. It can also work for other phones, Blackberries, iPod touches, and iPads, but the sizes for those will be different. Find them here!

{I'll be using a graphics program called GIMP (you can download it for free at, but you can use Photoshop or any program like that! Paint can work too, but you can't make layers.}

Step 1: Open up GIMP, Photoshop, or whichever program you want to use.

Step 2: Make a new image that is 751 pixels wide and 1414 pixels long.

Step 3: Now it's time to make the stripes. Select the rectangle tool, change the color you are using from black to red, and just make rectangles across the whole image. Make sure they're the same size, and also spaced the same.

Step 4: Now it's time to make the space for the monogram or the name. Make a new layer (go up to layer, then select new layer). Choose the circle tool, make a circle in the middle of the background, then fill it in with blue.

Step 5: Make another new layer. Change the color you are using to white, then make a smaller circle inside the blue circle. Fill it in with white.

Step 6: Make another new layer, make a smaller circle inside the white circle, and fill it in with the same blue you used before.

Step 7: It's time to add your name or your monogram! Change the color you're using to white, then select the text tool and pick any font. For your monogram, first type the letter of your middle inital and put it in the center of the circle. Then type the letter of your first initial, make it smaller than the middle one, and put it on the left side. Type the letter of your last initial, make it the same size as your first initial, and put it on the right side of the middle initial.

Step 8: Save your image as a PNG file (just name it phonecase.png), and then click here if you're making an iPhone 4 case, and here if you're making another type of case. Scroll down to electronics, and choose the one you want!

Step 9: Once you've clicked the Zazzle link, look under Customize It! then click Add Images, click Select Images to Upload, then find your phone case image and upload. 

Step 10: You might want to zoom out just once to make the monogram fit better, so click the magnifying glass with the minus sign on it once.

Step 11: VOILA! Your case is complete! Once you're satisfied, click Add to Cart then if you have a Zazzle sign in, and if not make an account then check out. The case overall is $34.95, which really isn't that bad! And it's all yours, what could be better than that?! Here's mine!

     I really hope you all find this tutorial useful! Making the case is so much fun because you get to be really creative and do your own thing! Please share the cases you make, I'd love to see them!

GIVEAWAY - Rocks Paper Metal

     Ever since I stumbled upon one of my new favorite store Rocks Paper Metal, I've been in love! Rocks Paper Metal sells some of the most gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets ever! I'm a huge fan of neon and bright colors, so their products are right up my alley.

     As a thank you for your continued support,  I'm really excited to announce to you all that I am hosting a great giveaway! You can enter to win a gorgeous pink pair of crystal stud earrings from Rocks Paper Metal from their newest line, and I personally think that they would make an adorable spring accessory!

     Entering is really easy! Pick any of the 4 ways to enter below (you MUST do at least one) & just comment with the ones you've done! The giveaway ends on the 27th, so you have two weeks to enter! Also, the giveaway is international, anyone can enter!

1. Become a fan of Rocks Paper Metal on Facebook
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     The winner will be picked using a random generator, and I'll post who wins and also ask for your contact details! Good luck!

Shopping Through The Snow

     I've never been a big fan of snow. Maybe a little when I was younger because then I'd get to play outside with my friends, but now I just sulk whenever it snows because it always means I have to cancel plans. So, when it started snowing today and it was pretty heavy, I hung my head low and opted to make hotdogs for the family and just watch soccer.

     But I guess I was the lucky one, because in less than 30 minutes the snow had stopped! And I was even happier when my parents suggested that we go out and about, just to get out of the house and kill time. We ended up at a local Goodwill store, where I found the most gorgeous tan riding boots in the world, but sadly they're a size 9 instead of size 7.

     I'm not too down about it, because I ended up getting them anyway! Hey, who knows?! My feet might magically grow! And before you scold me, know that my sister's gonna be the one wearing them for now. Then it's all me.  Or I'll save them for next year. Best $15 I've ever spent! I also got some booties, a few sweaters and a striped top. After my findings, I got a little bored waiting around and decided that the best way to entertain myself was to start taking pictures of any clothes that I really liked or thought were cool. Lovely readers, here are tidbits from my Goodwill adventure day, which I think was quite productive. 

     How cool is that black sweater? And those flower print pants? And the cup? And the Ruehl shirt that has stitching like an address? I didn't get them, but I thought they were mention-worthy.

Don't Sweat It

     I love sweaters. There mom, I said it. I love sweaters! Months ago, I'd always say no to wearing extra sweaters because I thought they were too bulky and they wouldn't go with my outfit. But, with a little nudge from my mom and a bit of self-style-consulting, I realized that sweaters are actually a wonder of fashion!

     Think about it......they're warm, cozy, and they can be really cute! They come in stripes, they come in sequins, they come in neon, they come in anything you could ever want. Sweaters are the perfect way to stay stylish yet warm during the cold months and they can be paired with literally anything, snow or no snow. Also, along with the sweater family comes hoodies, which I love just as much!Don't Sweat It

1. Stripe Sweater - J.Crew, 2. Glitter Sweater - Wildfox, 3. Purple Cashmere Sweater - Miu Miu, 4. Animal Print Sweater - H&M, 5. Gray Pullover - Jack Wills, 6. Unicorn Sweater - Topshop


     The past week was quite the struggle for me. Well, I guess not really a struggle, but it's just been one where all I wanted to do was run home and sleep for ages. For some reason, I had a headache almost every day and spent most of my time trying to cram polyatomic ions into my head. But, I did have a little fun with instagram and got to catalog some of the good moments of the week!

     The good times involved a new hair do (extensions, ahoy!), enjoying the amazing weather while playing lacrosse with friends, and spending Friday night on the ice with my sister! I'm ready for a really good week!
{I got extensions! They're much longer than shown in the picture, but I love them!}

{I've been reading my copy of True Prep}
{The 3 pairs of shoes I wore the most: boots, loafers, & boat shoes}
{Jack Wills boot socks, so comfy, so cute!}
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