Playing With White

     One thing that's really become a closet staple is a white t-shirt. For the lazy days, you can throw it on with some jeans and flip flops, and be on your way. For your fancier days, you can layer it up and go out. So, I came up with two looks to show you some of my favorite ways to wear a white t-shirt.
     Sometimes people shy away from them because they're plain, and maybe it might be because they aren't sure about the possibilities such a simple piece could bring out! White t-shirts can be paired so many ways with other pieces in your closet, and can help create tons of fun & stylish outfits in just a few steps! It's all about thinking of the possibilities, thinking of how they can relate to your style, then stepping out and working with them.
How To Wear A White Shirt

Sweet Edge: The first idea I came up with for wearing a white t-shirt was in an edgy outfit. I love the idea of taking the basic-ness of the shirt, and adding tough pieces on top of it to add a new level of badness to it! Starting with some ripped jeans, and then a red hot leather jacket. Those two together are a combination to die for already! For shoes, I think some hard-core studded flats are a classy and cute way to add even more edge to your outfit, then some simple black jewelry, a studded bag, and red nail polish to complete the look.

Print & Proper: A much sweeter and close to neater way to wear a white shirt is by adding some prints, neutrals, and sequins/shine with it in an outfit. I absolutely love doing this, because it makes the t-shirt look ten times more stylish, and it just looks so good all together! This look is all about adding dazzle to your simple shirt, and its like taking the basics of a proper-esque outfit (some bedazzled, ie: sequin pencil skirt) and having a bit of fun with them. I also really love pairing boots with a skirt, so I put that in the outfit as well. I really love those black riding boots! Also, I think it would all look perfect together with a blazer! The color of the blazer is gorgeous. To accesorize, I chose a leather bag, animal print belt, and some chain necklaces with charms, and a few bangles and bracelets.


Ellen H said...

Love these collages/outfit ideas! I can never make one as cool, hah!


Tariro said...

Thank you!

Amanda said...

love the edgy look!


Tariro said...


M said...

I always look forward to reading your fashion posts! Your Polyvore sets are amazing!

xo M

Tariro said...

Thanks so much! That means a lot to me!

LV said...

I love this look and I am a huge fan of white shirts, I probably have over thirty of them in different styles.

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

i agree white tees are a must have for any stylish girl's closet. versatile yet chic. inspiring post :)

love kelly
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.sabo skirt. said...

All items are really wonderful!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Jenni McCarthy said...

These outfits look great. They did a good job putting everything together and connecting the jewlery with each look. Keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

gorgeous outfits! I love the look so gorgeous!


CutestPrincess said...

omg, i love that house... i want something like that!

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