As I grow older, my style slowly evolves and changes. Sometimes It's drastic movements, and other times it's toning down old favorites to things I'd find more sophisticated. Yet, other times I sink into my seat and really think.........whats my influence? What's making me make these changes? Are my preferences changing? Or is my style changing because someone made a comment about what I wear?

      For a long time, my reasons for fashionable change was because of the last sentence above. Choosing to wear certain platform boots over more-popular shoes sometimes led me down a day of ridicule, and I'd sit there for hours and wish that I could dress normal or wish that I had different clothes to wear. But thats what I liked, and deep down I felt like I should wear whatever I wanted to. Ever since then, back in the 7th grade, I've slowly seen my style slip and fall. Not in the sense that I'm not fashionable or I don't look "good", but in the sense that I'd started to conform and go into wearing what everyone else found fashionable in hopes to find acceptance.

     But at 15, I'm finally starting to realize that It's my happiness that counts, especially when it's my money or money that my parents have given me. I've come to a feeling that being young means that I can experiment with different styles and clothes, and see exactly what I like! It makes me feel a little sad that for a few years, I spent money on things I probably didn't even like just to fit in. Maybe it's time I become my own influence. Maybe spiked boots aren't such a bad idea, and that purple faux fur vest I'm drooling over isn't such a bad idea either. It's time to become my own influence. And I think that's the main reason I started blogging again. To really develop my style, share my ideas & loves, and maybe find that I have likes in common with other people, that I'm not alone.

     Of course, there's going to be times when I have to wear something else, or change my top to go with a skirt or with shoes. I think I'm slowly starting to find my actual influences other than myself, favorite bloggers, my mom (who by the way, has an amazing style), an awesome outfit I see on the street, or from a magazine. I really want to read the Mary Kate & Ashley book(s) Influence, because it's really an in depth look into fashion and into lots of influential people in fashion. So, what influences your style?


kat @ paper doll theory said...

i definitely have this book on my coffee table. i have the ashley cover! its nothing short of amazing. hope you can stop by and enter in to win some free stuff :)
love kat

Tariro said...

I really want a copy! From what i've heard, its really good! :)

College Prepster said...

I feel like I wear things depending on what mood I'm in that day! Sometimes I just wear jeans, ballet flats, and an oversized cardigan and call it a day!

Tariro said...

I love that! Its what i do now, and it works so well!

jill said...

I love the Olsens!

x. jill
those ghosts

Clara Turbay said...

I like what you post.
i´d apreciate if you have time check out my blog. and share some comments!

M said...

Even now, in college, I feel like this at times! A lot of students prefer to wear sweats everyday, but I always dress up for class. A lot of people question me and think it is odd, but I really don't care! I would rather be like you and wear what I like than worry about if other people are going to accept it.

xo M

Tariro said...

Exactly! Its so much better to be happy and wear what you want, than feel stuck and wear what you really dont like.

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