My Epic Wishlist

     I've always been a huge fan of making wishlists. Putting down evidence of exactly what I want, what I'd love to have. Its so much fun, and I love being able to take the craziest things and say "Hmmm.....I actually would really like this". Of course sometimes I never end up getting anything on the wishlists(somehow they all end up being super-expensive), but its so much fun to pick & choose, and dream a little! So, when I was trying to think of what to post, the greatest idea popped into my head! How about an epic wishlist?
     The idea behind it was "If I could re-make my closet using anything in the world I wanted, what would I choose?", and I chose all the items below! Of course there'd be more, but I'd have felt bad bombarding you all with a bajillion clothes in one post. So, here's mine filled with pretty shoes, gorgeous blouses, and patterns I like! My favorite thing out of all of them would have to be the glitter pink & silver Miu Miu ankle boots! They are so cute! If you could make an epic wishlist, what would be on yours? *You can click the Polyvore sets to see a list of what the items in it are*

Starters 1

Starters 3

Starters 2


M said...

I think the sheer polka dot blouse if very nice! I like the necklaces you choose as well!

If I could add some pieces to my wardrobe, I would definitely want some expensive, classic things, like a black Chanel purse! Definitely on my wishlist of things I will never actually least not for a while!

xo M

Tariro said...

Thanks! I really loved the blouse! And oooo that sounds lovely! You never know, one day youll have it in your closet! ;)

Blush and Flats said...

i love this wishlist <3 and followin u :)

Daisy said...

you have great taste! love everything on your wishlist!!

Tariro said...

Thank you so much!

Melissa Tchieu said...

Woahhh ttts one HUGGGGEE WISH LIST!!! :P
I want anything with GLITTTER n metallics!! <3

Sonia said...

Woah that wishlist really is epic, I seriously want everything on it :o Especially the glittery Miu Miu shoes!

Tariro said...

Thank you!! And ahhhh same! Theyre so pretty!

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