Super Sweet 16

     TODAY'S MY 16TH BIRTHDAY!!!! Yes, I, yours truly, am officially 16! I don't think I've ever been this excited for a birthday, and honestly I have no idea why but I've told anyone who would listen that my birthday's coming up. I just feel like it hasn't been my birthday in forever (a year is a loooong time), and it's finally here! Woohoo! For this birthday, there are no wishlists. No Longchamps to be asked for, no new Uggs to be coveted (well.....maybe), and no really big things I want for my birthday. For my big day, I want to eat cake, play lots of lacrosse, and laugh. I wanna go over all the crazy things I've done with my friends in these 16 years and I just wanna enjoy it! Just thinking about spending the day with my friends makes me smile.

     Looking at the number 16 gives me a funny feeling. It's nothing scary, nothing sad. But it makes me see how many more years I really have! Sometimes I forget just how old I am and I start to rush myself. I put so much pressure on myself, especially about blogging, school, and sports that I forget just how many more days I have to blog, to get help on the math problems I don't understand, and to buy pink lacrosse balls that I hopefully won't ever lose in ditches. I have many more years to post pictures of outfits I love, houses I love, and whatever other little musings I have.

     I think my blog is my proudest accomplishment. I started my first fashion blog at 11 (I was inspired by Teen Vogue, I had the urge to do it!) and ever since then I've been in love! There's something about getting to say "oh my gosh, these shoes are gorgeous!" and having someone else who's eyes are glued to them just like me. Probably the highlight of my blogging career (hahaha) would be planning and having the Jack Wills fashion show!! That was absolutely insane but so much fun! Picking out outfits, making trips to Georgetown, and having my family and friends involved was so amazing too! They're the ones that always tell me to follow my dreams, and seeing them so proud of me when the show was done was such a great feeling! I really hope there's many more fashion shows to be planned and train trips to stores with beautiful things in my future, because my camera and I will be ready to snap away!

     So, here's to 16 more years of picking myself back up and trucking on. 16 years of very loud laughter, jokes that only I think are funny, and time spent doing the things I love. No matter how hard things might be, I'll always try to remember to smile and appreciate the little things.

     Thank you ALL for supporting my blog and I! Knowing that there's people out there who might like what I have to say or agree with me gives me the greatest feelings ever, and I just want you to all know that without you I wouldn't know to keep going or not. Happy Friday, and happy birthday to me! :)

Love, Tariro

Picked Up From a Fall

     I guess it's official.....fall has finally started! It's time for me to crack my knuckles, pull out the boots and the socks that accommodate them, and get to layering! I'm actually really excited because i'm a huge fan of layering, so I can't wait to show you all a little layering here and there and just my favorite pieces of fall in general! I always tell everyone that my favorite season is summer, but now that I think about it, it might actually be fall. The riding boots, the jackets, the sweaters, the leaves, the iceskating, the hot cocoa, the football games, I love it all.

    I've been so caught up with school and sports that I honestly think I've put together one outfit that was actually "okay", depending on how the sweatpants + hoodie combo is on the scale. But oh well! It's fall and it's my excuse to wear comfy layers and sweaters all the time. Who else is ready?
The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Fall Trend: Sole Un-Simplicity

     While watching TV a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice that the host of what I was watching was wearing possibly the coolest/cutest shoes ever. She had on a pair of leopard print brogues with hot pink soles, and since that day I was hooked! After that, I started seeing brogues and oxfords with neon soles all around me, and they've definitely become a fall trend to be hooked on. I love the mix of the neutral shoe, then the amazing pop of color that the sole brings!

     The beauty about this trend is that it's definitely affordable! You can find a pair of both oxfords and brogues with colored soles at any price range, so you'll never have to miss out on the fun of it and you'll possibly have no regrets. Here are some of my favorite pairs, all definitely for their less than simple soles.

     I tried on the of brogues pair from Charlotte Russe, and I really loved them!! Sadly, I'd already done my shopping for the day when I saw them so I missed out on buying them. But now that I know they're there, I plan on going back for those beauties.

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