Interview with Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA 2013!


     I had the amazing opportunity to interview Miss Teen USA 2013 Cassidy Wolf a few months ago, and I am so excited to post the audio for the interview! Cassidy is absolutely amazing. She was so sweet and I had a great time learning more about her and her platform. She was also Miss California Teen USA 2013. She loves dance, and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards, as well as receiving scholarships to Joffrey Ballet in New York for jazz. Cassidy is also raising awareness for cyber safety, and I can tell that she is going to have an amazing year in reign and beyond. Thanks again Cassidy for answering my questions.

Pattern Pending

Pattern Pending

I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving!! I am slowly getting back into the blogging groove, I took a little break just to get a change of perspective and focus some more on school and lacrosse! Can you believe i'll be going to college next year?! How crazy is that.....we've had a fun ride

I've developed an even larger love for vibrant patterns. I feel that having 1 major standout piece in an outfit creates a completely different dynamic with it.....and those yellow shoes were too bright/beautiful to leave out even without a pattern ;)

All Over the Lace {Guest Post by Alexis}

Hi everyone! It’s Alexis from The Quirky Prepster! I’d firstly like to thank Tariro for letting me guest post! It’s an honor writing for all of you guys. Just to give you guys a little information about me, I am a total girly girl, I own about hundreds of dresses, and about two pairs of jeans (shame).  Today I’m writing to explore one of my favorite LBD, the lace black dress. I own one, sadly only one, and I wear it to almost every occasion, from graduations, to work at the courthouse, and to night outings. I absolutely love the versatile  element of this classic dress. By pairing this cute LBD with a few difference accessories, you can go from business professional to the life of the party!
TIP: Buy a lace dress with a lining, if it is completely sheer under, then you might want to add an underslip, to avoid looking underdressed. Classy is the way. :)
TIP #2: Try to buy a lace dress with a thicker fabric, to avoid rips or damage in the wash.

Below is the dress with a few different pairings in accessories.

The first pairing is one of my favorites. I paired the dress with a classic Chanel bag and black pumps. I remember wearing it out to my baby brother’s graduation. The dress was long enough for the church ceremony, phew, but it was also fashionable enough for the after party! The heels really added to my height (I’m not blessed with “tall” genes, I stand at 5’6). This outfit is so classy and chic, my all time favorite combination of adjectives.

The second combination definitely has an edgier tone to it. There is something about the leather jacket. Almost like, you have to earn looking bad. I wouldn’t look cool with the leather jacket, I have Bambi’s personality and one of the seven dwarves’ height. I absolutely lust the “leather jacket look” and totally envy anyone who could pull it off.  Paired with a leather jacket, the black dress definitely looked tougher. The platform heels are so chic, with gold stud detailing. It’s great for concerts, or a date with a bad boy, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

For a more professional look, pair the LBD with a blazer. I love the color blocked blazer, with black elements. The color red and black paired together looks so elegant. The two shoes that I might pair the outfit with, are to die for. The red pumps with the bow? EHH.  Don’t even get me started on the black Mary Janes with the red heels. These shoes were made for this outfit. Done.
This outfit looks work professional, and it is definitely good enough for the runway.

The fourth outfit is absolutely adorable. I tend to wear it alot to school, it’s preppy and so classic. The LBD with a black cardigan never lets me down. My favorite cardigan is from Kate Spade, the Sophia , as it’s called. The flats are adorable too! The little bow is so girly and simply prep. As much as I adore heels, I will not ever dare to go to school in heels. I don’t know how some girls do it. I can’t even.

Klutz + Heels = Bad

Pairing the LBD with a nice chandelier type of necklace is genius. The fifth outfit is completely bold, and the necklace adds attention and detail to the dress. The gold shoes complements the necklace. It’s definitely my favorite choice for a night out.

The LBD can be paired with about any pair of shoes. From bright neon pumps to classic red, the color would compliment the dress. My favorite color scheme for dressing up is the neutral color group, such as navy, olive, burgundy, and creamy ivory. Its classic and so prep. Pairing a dress with nude heels makes your legs look longer, for more read my “Let’s Get Nude” post.

Overall, I love  my Lace Black Dress. Classic, versalle, and prep, it’s my “go-to” choice everytime!  Thanks for reading! What are your favorite dresses? :)

Leaves Falling, Breeze Blowing, Boots Walking


 I love fall and I can't wait for it to finally be here. I love wearing boots, I love wearing sweaters, and I love layers. Just thinking about layering brings a smile to my face, these single summer layers just don't do it for me! I really think my favorite part of fall is getting to wear riding boots. They're become almost an obsession, and I promise I'll stop buying them.....but yesterday I bought a pair in black simply because they were gorgeous and the price was too good to leave! So, the only way I can feel some resolve about my boot-tastic addiction is to come up with some outfits to wear them with. I thought i'd share two of them with you, maybe to give you a few ideas on how to wear your boots too :)

Welcome To Fall

1) Neutral Nation: When I think of fall, I think of brown. In a good way of course, nice neutral brown that can go with anything! I thought to pair some riding leggings with a nice simple button-down shirt, then a gray scarf to add another color to the palette, a cute cross-body bag, and the beautiful Tory Burch Amanda riding boots (new addition to my wishlist). You can play up the outfit with anything you'd like, but personally I would stick to browns or blacks, and a pair of black shades seemed perfect.

2) American Beauty: Red, white, blue, and leather. That last addition is perfect for fall. I paired a simple heather grey t-shirt with a cute skirt, planning to tuck in the t-shirt. On top I would add a striped blazer just for a fun pop of print, then pull on a beautiful pair of dark riding boots. Instead of going the normal tote bag route, I thought adding a satchel to the mix would be great too. And can't forget the white shades, that would definitely play up the outfit.

How do you wear your riding boots? Leave a comment and let me know!

Chambray Is the Way

     {I now have a new email account associated with my blog, so if you'd like to contact me I can now be reached at}

     Chambray shirts have always been one of my favorite pieces. I've been waiting to find the perfect one, and I think the cotton chambray shirt from J. Crew would be a perfect investment! I may opt to wait till it's on sale or try to find an alternative since it's a little pricey, but while I wait I decided to come up with a few nice ways to wear chambray shirts and share them! They're so versatile, and really could go with anything!

Chambray Is The Way

Office Official: I love the simplicity of chambray shirts, and they really allow you to play up your outfit with some prints! For a polished more office friendly look, I paired the shirt with a printed skirt. They would look perfect together with the shirt tucked in. I added in a blazer, and you could fold the sleeves of both the blazer and the shirt to have the shirt's sleeves showing as well. A pair of pointy black flats can complete the look, and you're sleek and ready for your business day.

Summer Breezy: Chambray shirts are just perfect for when you need a simple relaxing shirt for your summer outfit. You can pair it with some fun scalloped lace shorts, a soft printed scarf, and sandals. Just perfect for any beach day or summertime stroll. You could also tie a front knot in your shirt, and that could create a really nice dynamic with the high waisted scalloped shorts.

Cool & Relaxed: We've all had days when all we want to do is stay at home on the couch or relax, but we have to be out and about. That's the best time to bring a little tomboy to the chambray, and pair it with cargo pants, a loose fitting hoodie, and a pair of Nike sneakers. You'll look effortlessly cool in your outfit, and it still retains that chic look you'll be going for as well.

Once the basics of the outfits are done, you can add on necklaces, rings, sunglasses, or any bags you'd like! The creativity of accessories is just so fun, and that could be a great personal dynamic to your outfit as well.

Me in Pictures

     Someone asked me if I could tell a little about myself in a post, so I figured the perfect way to do so would be through pictures and a little text! Firstly, my name is Tariro and I am 16 years old. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to the US when I was 8. I've always been obsessed with fashion, and my favorite part about it is that you can mix almost anything and come up with a pretty outfit instantly! I'm a huge dreamer, so coming up with a dream closet seems right up my alley as well. I can't pinpoint exactly what my style is, but I know for sure I like being comfortable, I love riding boots, and sweaters are my friend.

     I started my blog to just blog about trends and outfits I really like, and it's just evolved over time. I also really love beach houses, and I could spend hours on Remax drooling over all the pretty ones I see. I'm also very into graphic designing, and I hope to become a computer science major and minor in graphic design! I play varsity field hockey and varsity lacrosse, and I hope to play lacrosse in college! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! You can comment or email me: :)

{hey, thats me!}

{I love Chipotle!}

{I have a sweet tooth!}

{I'm starting quiet the earring collection, check out those anchors!}

{I like this picture a lot so I thought i'd put it here too}

Un dia en Paradiso

Somedays during lunch at school, I go to the library. I pick a table in the corner to sit at, I pick up a few magazines from the racks, and I read (aka flip through and admire all the pretty pictures). Teen Vogue is usually my first pick, and today I stumbled upon something I really liked.
     While looking through the new issue, I saw what I think may be my favorite editorial of the year. Filled with beautiful pictures all taken in Mexico, this editorial may be the true definition of fashion in paradise. I love the colors, the nature, the beautiful prints, and how they're all combed together to create something beautiful. It holds the simple element, but together it's just really nice.

Dalianah wears a J.Crew bikini top, $50. M Missoni skirt. Huichol earrings, $45.
Topshop sheer shirt, $76. Honor top (worn underneath). Pony leather and feather necklace (worn in hair), $150. Stevie Howell scarf (tied in hair), $300. Taara Jewelry earrings, $163.

Tracy Reese shirt, $278. Roxy top (worn underneath), $42. Marni skirt. Stela 9 bag, $171.Beach Riot x Stone Cold Fox top, $95. Tory Burch skirt. Stevie Howell scarves (two worn in hair), $300 each. Figue tote, $395. Birkenstock sandals, $90.Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater, $398. Lucky Brand halter, $68, and bottom, $60. Kendall Conrad long chain, $120, and pendant, $190. Chanel hat.

     I sincerely apologize for being MIA! School, lacrosse, life. Crazy combinations but I promise i'm back and i'm around. 

Crop Story Short


  I am very partial to crop tops.....I like wearing them to the beach and to the pool, but i'm not usually one to wear them out and about. With the weather getting a little warmer, I decided to give it a try with a new crop I recently got.
     Turns out crop tops aren't so bad after all! I decided to go all short and added on a pair of shorts, but to balance out the heights and add a little grunge I pulled on a military jacket, then some flirty flower print wedges. I was happy to see them all work together pretty well, and I could finally enjoy the breeze a little more. I can't promise to crop everyday, but a girl can crop once in a while! I've been wearing athletic wear for the past two months due to lacrosse season, so it was nice to hang out with my sister and channel my inner summer girl!

{Top: Forever21, Shorts: Sears, Shoes: Alfa wedges c/o MyHotShoes, Jacket: H&M bought at Salvation Army, Bag: Vera Bradley, Bangles: c/o Oasap}

twitter: @tarirolovesny

Derby Down South


     On the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs, one of the most exciting and most fashionable events of the year is happening! I'm talking about the Kentucky Derby, one of the premier horse racing events around. And though the thoroughbreds might be the contenders for the Tripple Crown, you can cap on your own Tripple Crown with ultra-fashionable derby inspired attire! For those who may be attending the derby, this post might help you come up with an outfit to wear, and even if you aren't (like me), it's still fun to look at the styles and maybe even pick up inspiration for other days!

     It's even more exciting because for the third year in a row, Vineyard Vines is the official outfitter of the derby. They released an absolutely amazing Kentucky Derby collection, filled with beautiful bright dresses and adorable printed bow ties, and lots of other goodies too! The great thing is, you can buy the derby attire online or at Vineyard Vines stores too. So, you're bound to not miss out on the fun, and hey, who says you can't do your own darn derby thing? 

Derby Down South

   {Run for the Roses Dress, Garden Party Dress, Anchor Earrings, Coral Bow Heels, White Sandals, Mint Julep Bow Tie, Pastel Keds, Derby Hat}

     My favorite part of the derby is the dresses! I love seeing all the lovely ladies dressed up in bright or beautifully patterned dresses. It's the perfect venue to break out a dress you might've been too shy to break out before. I also really like the hats, they remind me of ones my grandma wears to church. Big, bold, and beautiful! I think pastel flats or Keds would make a perfect substitution for heels or wedges, and they're definitely playfully fun.



In a few weeks, seniors and students in their last years of high school or college all over the world will be graduating! And as the relatives, friends, and loved ones of those hardworkers, it's our pleasure to give them little rewards for pushing through and getting that diploma at the end of the hard years.

     I'll surely miss my senior friends, and I can't wait to start shopping around for sweet gifts for them. My sister will also be graduating next year from UMBC, and even though its a little far away i'm already thinking of what I want to get her.

     So, whether your gift is small or big, expensive or inexpensive, the thought is truly what counts and your love will show through! Here are a few gifts i'm sure any grad, some specifically for the lady-grads, would absolutely love to get. It may or may not be partially my graduation wishlist.....for next year ;)


     A Tiffanys necklace would make an amazing present, and i'm sure a little blue box could bring a smile to anyone's face! For the techie/hip grad in your life, the new iPad mini or the normal sized iPad would be awesome. Surfing the web is just so much more fun from the comforts of the couch, and it's actually very useful during homework hours.
     There's nothing sweeter than pretty color combos, and a Lilly Pulitzer dress is just that! It's an adorable way to swing into warm weather.
     If your grad is moving away, giving them a piece of home to take away isn't a bad idea at all. Slip some of your favorite pictures with them into frames, they make a great present.
     A Longchamp bag is nice for the grad on the run, and they last a while!
     And again for the tech-hip, a customized iPhone case dedicated to them graduating is perfect! It's a great way to remind them that to you, they're a star!

If you're looking for graduation invitations, take a look at the great ones offered by Tiny Prints! They'll be sure to live up to the big day!

Late Spring Awakening

     It's not much of a spring when it snows, but it warms my heart knowing that somewhere out there the warm weather is coming! I've been putting together sort of a wishlist for spring......well more like spring/summer.

     I'll be digging around for shift dresses, skater dresses (my new favorites), and adorable sandals! And I can't let a cute pair of ankle boots slip away either. If I find one, they'll definitely become a staple! Nothing cuter than a combo of an adorable short dress and ankle boots. As a self certified mixer, I can't wait to mix some neutrals and patterns with colorful jewelry. Last spring was about the clothing being bright, but I like a little twist here and there. What's on your spring wishlist? I won't blame you if it involves chasing away the cold weather.

Late Spring Awakening

{Reffold Short Riding Boot, Summer Sandal, Zig Zag Dress, Bangle & Bracelet Set, Friendship Bracelets, Lace Up Dress, 7 Piece Nail Polish Set}

If you'd like to get in contact me, you can always email me at

Organo Gold

     My mom recently joined Organo Gold, a coffee, latte, mocha, and hot chocolate program that sells all natural gourmet products and is absolutely amazing! I myself am a huge fan of the hot chocolate, and their cafe mochas are amazing too!
     If you're interested in purchasing any of the products or even browsing through and seeing what's available, click the link below and check it out! All the shipping and handling is done through Organo Gold so you make sure you get your products on time, and my mom will most definitely provide you with the best service! If you find anything you'd like, you can click Buy Products and buy directly or call her for more information!


Take It Easy

     What's a better way to show off what I wear to school than to snap a few pics in the stairwell after school? I wore my go-to outfit and my new brogues from MyHotShoes, which I love! They're a really pretty camel color, and they basically go with everything I have. I'd been looking for a pair like this for a while, and i'm so glad to finally have a pair!

     I decided to wear them with folded jeans so the shoe could be seen more, my favorite new plaid shirt, and military jacket (thrifting!!). My style is definitely steered towards being comfortable, especially for school, because trekking through the halls can get a little fussy. Glad to say this one kept up all day, and i'm also becoming a bun addict!

{Jacket: H&M Thrifted, Shirt: abercrombie, Jeans: Hollister, Brogues: MyHotShoes, Ring: eBay}

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