Simple Minds

     I always love it when I find really nice goodies while shopping! The minute I saw this shirt, I loved it! I've been looking for a pretty white shirt for a while, and I finally found a nice one. It has adorable little pop-up circles all over it, and it's not exactly polka dot but they make it seem like it is. I also picked up some new belts, which added to my belting obsession, and I was so happy. 

    When we got invited to a community picnic, I knew it was time to rock my new shirt, complete with a belt. I paired it with some bleached shorts, and added some twinkle to my toes with a pair of new wedges. I love mixing the old and the new, especially since I've had these shorts for over 2 years! They're so comfortable, and they've become my little summer go-to.

{Shirt: Ross, Shorts: Sears, Belt: Ross, Shoes: c/o MyHotShoes}

     These pictures were taken at the gorgeous park the picnic was held, and I wish I could've taken shots of the lake that was there too! But between running after basketballs and enjoying some barbeque, I could only sneak away for a little while before my friends came calling for me with new jokes in hand. I hope everyone had a great weekend, especially with the Olympics starting! I have a really great post coming up, so be sure to check back!

Splurge Vs. Save: Jeffrey Campbell Litas

     I am a huge fan of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They are so unique and they just sort of scream "fashion" in my mind! But......I definitely can't go out and spend $200 on a pair then have to explain that to my parents, and now that I'm working and saving my own money I'm attached to it!  So, I decided to look around for some shoes like them that I could afford and I'm glad to say that I found some!

     They're all just as fashionable, and definitely more affordable! I thought I'd share the pairs I found with you all, and you can decide whether you'd splurge(the expensive pairs) or save(the less expensive pairs)!

Splurge vs. Save: Litas

The Splurges: Let me just say that every pair of splurges is beautiful! Jeffrey Campbell has really nice shoes, and these definitely meet the mark! The teal suede pair and the black pair are some of my favorites, because they're simple yet they're really nice and the teal is such a pretty color! The spiked pair are really cool too, and the glitter pair is so pretty!

The Saves: Here's my favorite part! These are all pairs that are equally as gorgeous as the Litas, and they're definitely in my reach! The all black pair is simple and even though the heel is a different color, they still look really nice. The floral pair is so cute, and colorful too! Then comes a version of the spiked pair, and these are coral with silver spikes! Coral is currently my favorite color, and so I picked these. And last but not least, how cool are those American flag pair? There's also a pair of these in the Litas, so I thought to put them up.

So, what do you say? Would you rather splurge or save?

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Gingham & Greek

     The search for the perfect sandals might finally be over! Actually, I think it is over! I found a gorgeous pair of white sandals on MyHotShoes, and the minute they came through the door I was already in love! I chose to go a little untraditional and chose white instead of brown, and I'm so happy with them. They make me feel a little greeky, yet still really chic. And, I finally have some cute shoes to pair with my new gingham shirt from Hollister, which might just be my obsession. $14 on sale? It's actually $12 now! Ummmm yes please!

     P.S this outfit may or may not be belted. 

{Jacket: Burlington's, Dress worn as top: Ecko, Skirt: Hollister, Shoes: c/o MyHotShoes, Bag: NY Street Vendor}

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Coastal Collective

    I've become really drawn to interior design and home decor over the past year or so. Sometimes, it seems like nothing bring a bigger smile to my face than a beautiful house filled with gorgeous colors! I can spend hours on any design site, flipping through it, bookmarking my personal favorites, and just being in complete awe!

     I absolutely love this cottage! The way the designer brought beautiful blues and greens together to create an absolute oasis is amazing, and it makes you feel like you're right by the water. My favorite part about it is house she used the color white for basically all of the walls, so that the furniture and home accessories could pop out and make a huge impact. And blue may also be my favorite color, which made me love it even more. Whats your favorite part?

Beach Breakfast
Ocean Reflections
Breezy Palette
Team Approach
Open Kitchen

Belted Brilliance

     I feel like I've made it my life mission to belt everything this summer! Well....maybe not everything, but somehow each time I'm ready to walk out the door, I always wonder if a belt could make it all better. And though my outfit doesn't always end up all better with a belt, I usually leave smiling because at least I tried. So, here are a few ways on how I've been belting it up when I'm not in my coach gear (neon green, thats where the love stems from).

Belted Brilliance

Outfit #1: I love the idea of belting a dress! I saw someone wearing a gorgeous lace dress with this really cool hook belt and I was hooked on the style. I really like the idea of wearing a fitted shirt over a dress, and then adding a belt over both of them. It looks really cool, and it's just a fun twist on a simple trend. If it's too hot or you're not one for the shirt, you can always skip it and just belt your dress. Pair it with a unique tote bag and a cute pair of floral brogues.

Outfit #2: I've also begun to tuck in my tops a lot, especially when I wear blouses or tight fitting t-shirts. For this look, I had the idea to wear a blouse tucked into a skirt, then simply put the belt over the skirt. It just looks so cute together, especially if the belt is neutral and on top of a skirt that is colored. I usually pair the outfit with some sandals, bracelets or bangles, and a cool bag.

Outfit #3: Following in the footsteps of my favorite colored shorts, I've begun to pair them with neutral or dark colored tops and shirts. And then following in the second footsteps on tucking them in, I've also begun to front-tuck! I'm not sure if that's a real word, but we can go with it from here. I love front-tucking , and I wear a belt with my shorts, so the belt just peaks out where I've tucked in my shirt. I think it looks really cool, especially if the belt is colored too, or even if it's neutral because then it pops even more! It'd look even better with a pair of colorful flats and a cute little bag.

Have you been belting this summer?

SCOUT By Bungalow Review

    Sports are a very big part of my life. Ever since I was little, I've always been in the water or on the field doing something and I'm glad to say that hasn't stopped! Lacrosse has quickly become my favorite sport, especially because I see myself excelling at it, it's really fun, and I get to spend tons more time with my friends during the season! So, when I discovered the Big Draw bags from SCOUT by Bungalow, I quickly fell in love! They combined my two favorite things: bright colors and lacrosse, and made them into a dream bag! 

     The amazing people at Bungalow sent me a Big Draw bag of my choice from their SCOUT Sport line to review, and after a few hours of racking my brain, I decided on the Big Draw in the Flamingo pattern! It's a gorgeous ikat combination of pink and blue, and I quickly fell in love with it! My favorite thing about it is that it's really colorful, and I think it matches my personality so well. As a player I like to play with style, and that can happen off the field with this bag too. I also plan on using the backpack for school, because I can easily put my stick and practice clothes in my locker then just carry my books in it! The straps are so comfortable, so it makes for the perfect school to practice transition.

{It has reflectors, perfect for night games or if I walk home from practice}

{Shhh! Secret compartment!}

{And here's what's in it, a waterproof bag cover!}

     It has a large compartment, which is all white inside and wipeable, so I can put in my practice clothes, cleats, and goggles and they'll all fit in there perfectly. I can use the smaller compartment (which is ikat inside) for my keys, my phone, and my mouthguard too so I won't lose those. On the left side of the bag are 2 slots for my stick, and I love that because I can adjust it to fit my field hockey stick as well! On the right side is a mesh pocket for my water bottle, and it's very easy to access. Like I said, the backpack straps are really comfortable, and they don't dig into my shoulders which is another reason I really like it! The back part is also padded, so its very soft on my back. Oh, and another reason I love the comes with a waterproof black cover for when it rains! So when we have practice outside and it starts to rain, I can just cover my bag up and nothing will get wet! That's one of my biggest fears when I buy a bag, so knowing that my things will be safe even when I'm away makes me very happy. I've already gotten tons of compliments from my friends and other players on my bag, and I'm always excited to recommend this bag to them! 

     Whether you're looking for something for your sport or just looking for a nice bag, SCOUT has lots of amazing options for you. From tote bags to coolers, and even stylish storage bins too. So be sure to visit their site, you'll be sure to finding something you like!

Brace Yourself

     Bracelets are one of my favorite accessories ever! They add such a great element of fun and cool to any outfit, and whenever I don't feel like putting on earrings or having a necklace around my neck, I turn to bracelets to accessorize. My favorite thing about bracelets is that you can wear virtually as many as you'd like on your wrist, which is conveniently called stacking! Whether it's one or six, you're still looking good. So, here are a few bracelets (and even a stack set) that I really love! Some might be wishlist items (like the monogrammed bracelet) and others very reachable and very fun. But like I said, you get to pick and choose!

Brace Yourself

{Cross Bracelet - GoJane, Wrap Bracelet - Michael Kors, Mixed Stack (my absolute favorite, and Carnival Lab has a ton of great options!) - Carnival Lab, Pastel Cobra Bracelet - Bfrend, Monogrammed Bracelet(it's so pretty!) - Carolina Clover, Friendship Bracelets - L.A. Raised}

     I am still in the process of trying to perfect my stacking, and I can proudly say I'm slowly getting there! I don't really think there's any certain formula to stacking, it's just whatever catches your eye and fits together well is perfect! You should look down to your wrist and smile very wide. Since I have small wrists, I usually lean towards string bracelets I can tie or close-fitting ones I can adjust. I also wear a few hair ties on my wrist, and they're become part of my regular wrist routine. I love how they add a pop of color, and they're also very convenient for when it's time to tie my hair up! So even though they stray a little from the "bracelet" group, I still love them and they're part of my stack family! Don't forget to add a little piece of you in your stack, the hair ties are mine.

One Late Patriot

     There's almost nothing as fun as a colorful pair of shorts to me. They're so perfect for summer, because while I'm running around with friends or relaxing on the couch, a simple pair of colored shorts can always add a little more pizazz to my day. And my pair of Jack Wills shorts definitely do the trick! It's almost hard to describe their color, partially because they glow (not even kidding, they glow) and they're just this perfect combination of coral and red that leaves a smile on my face. Either way, I love them! And here they are in another patriotic outfit, just a few days late. 

{Top: Hollister, Shorts: Jack Wills, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: White Mountain}

Creative Updates

     Here are some of my recent Polyvore sets! I absolutely love Polyvore, and whenever I need some inspiration I just go on and make some sets. It's the perfect way to relax, especially after a week of coaching the most adorable little kids ever and working. You can follow me on Polyvore by clicking here!

Till The End of Time
{Till The End of Time }
     I absolutely love that top, and how it has a really cool semi-destroyed/faded look! And I can't get over those booties too, they're absolutely gorgeous. I really love their color too.

Cities & Strangers
{Cities & Strangers}
     I don't think I own enough lime! But it's quickly become one of my favorite colors, especially during summer. It's just so fun and it turns so many heads! I tried something different in this set, by making 2 outfits in 1. There's an outfit for the beach or the pool and I love that lime shirt, then there's one for going out which includes a really cute black skirt.

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Locals Only

     Tribal print is probably one of my most favorite prints ever! I really like that it comes in multiple patterns and tons of colors, and even if you put two tribal prints together they'll look good because of their differences. It's a really fun and cool look, and the print adds an amazing touch to any outfit! Also, tribal print pieces come in many varieties, so if you don't like the shirt then you might like the skirt, and if not the shoes then maybe the bag!

Locals Only

     Tribal print skirts are my favorite tribal print items. I like being able to pair them with a simple t-shirt, may it be colored or just white, and some sandals. Somehow it just becomes the perfect summer outfit with its own pinch of fun. I love the ones from GoJane and Delia's! I also really like printed tees, especially crop tops, and printed bags too. They're such a colorful accessory! And last but not least, I can't forget the tribal print shoes! Especially if they're colorful like this pair! So, what do you think of tribal print?

Giveaway Winners

     Thank you everyone who entered the giveaways from The Phrenzy and from Oasap! Both stores are absolutely amazing, and be sure to check them out because you might get some goodies! And remember, you can get 10% off your orders from The Phrenzy by using the code word "peppermint" at checkout.

Giveaway Number 1: The Phrenzy
     The winner of the 1 apparel and 2 accessories is........Maya T.! Congratulations Maya, and please check your email for further instructions on receiving your prize.
    But wait! Due to the overwhelming response, the amazing people from The Phrenzy allowed me to pick two winners! So the other winner is Nicolle C.! So congrats to both ladies, and enjoy your prizes!

Giveaway Number 2: Oasap
     The Oasap giveaway required 100 entries, and sadly we were a few entries shy of being able to pick a winner! But thank you to all of you who entered, there was a great number of entries.

Two Laced

     I wasn't kidding when I said I loved wedges for summer! I'd been holding onto inspiration on how to wear the new pair I received from MyHotShoes, and I'm glad to say it finally all came together. To me, the wedges had a very classic look but still a fun element to them. So, I decided to play them up with a little lace! But what started as a little turned into not-exactly-a-lot-but-still, complete with one of my favorite tops. 

     I decided to double up the ladylike lace, and paired a lace tank-style top with a peek-a-boo lace skirt. I think they came together really well, especially because they balanced each other out and the colors were the same so they could compliment each other. And also, I have a new favorite nail polish! It's a gorgeous teal color from Jack Wills, which you can see on my toes, and I put it on the same day I got it.

{Top: Burlington, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: c/o MyHotShoes, Bag: Unknown, Bracelets: Forever21 & Oasap(c/o), Ring: Thrift Store}

     I really do love these wedges. They're a cool suede style, and the platform makes them look really high but they're actually very comfortable! Make sure you check out MyHotShoes' website! They have absolutely amazing and stylish shoes for really great prices, and the pair I'm wearing is only $19.99!

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