Nailed It

     Happy Memorial Day! I've grown to love doing my own nails. I pick out my favorite polishes, sit down on the fluffy rug, turn on my favorite songs, and get to work. And what comes out of that? Some cheetah print, a little zig-zag, or even my own colorful rendition of a manicure!

     So here's a peek into what my nails look like as of today, and also a few colors or styles I would love to try! I'm only beginning to grow my collection, but I've already begun to bookmark my favorite Essie colors. I could definitely go for a pastel mani, or even a patriotic print too! What colors are you after right now?

{My favorite: Cheetah print nails, with a lilac base, dark pink spots, and purple outline}

     Summer Sunrise: I absolutely love these three polishes from Essie! To me, they're the perfect reminder of what's coming this summer. I think they'd be perfect for ombre nails, especially by adding 2 more polishes in the same color range! Or even just a random order kind of thing. I'm definitely considering getting the first one. 1, 2, 3

     The Patriot Act: As it is memorial day, there's always a few ways to commemorate and show your appreciation for the amazing troops who've protected us and continue to do so. So why not do so with a little All-American cheetah print? Wouldn't that look adorable? 1, 2, 3

     Blew Crush: With the wind blowing and the waves crashing, a little all blue ombre nails would do the trick! Blue is my favorite color, and all three of these colors are absolutely beautiful! 1, 2, 3

    Pinks & Kisses: When pink and red come together, it's almost like love automatically comes into the air! And with it comes tons of smiles. So whether it's valentines day or just another random day, a pink and red manicure isn't such a bad idea! And if that's not your cup of tea, there's always stripes waiting to be worn. 1, 2, 3

The Bling Sale: JoJo Loves You

     I love earrings. They're a fun and easy way to add a cute touch to any outfit! Especially with summer coming up, it's the perfect time to bring out your most colorful and shinniest ear bling to enjoy the sun along with you! And thanks to one of my new favorite brands JoJo Loves You, it's easy!

     JoJo Loves You is a jewelry design studio based out of Boston, Massachussets, and they definitely bring the cute with them! From their absolutely gorgeous blinged out earrings to their stylish bracelets, you're sure to leave wanting more. So, in honor of memorial day, they are holding a huge online sale on their bling earrings starting tomorrow and ending on May 28th ! There's tons of colors and designs to choose from, and they're definitely worth it. Be sure to check out the sale here, but here are some of my picks that I'd love to get!

The Bling Sale

Row 1: Aqua Bohem Bling, Dark Purple Bling, Aqua Party Bling
Row 2: Aqua Mini Party Bling (my absolutely favorite!), Pink Party Bling (Gold), Gray Pearl Party Bling

Jack Wills Fashion Show

     A few weeks ago, I got the amazing opportunity to plan a High Schoolers only fashion show for one of my favorite brands Jack Wills! With the help of my sister and a handful of other high schoolers, we put together a master plan for an evening that we would all remember forever. Jack Wills provided us with the perfect preppy summer clothes and venue, Top of the Town in D.C, and whatever else we needed then we got to work. We scouted, we styled, we promoted, and all together we put on the greatest show of the year! (well....atleast in our eyes we did!)

     What made it even better was that I got to have my best friends involved, and it was so great to have them there to share one of my most memorable nights ever. Here are some pictures from the show, and the crazy party that we had after! The night was filled with great music, great clothes, new friends, and tons of dancing!

{Our amazing DJ!}
{A little fun before practicing our walks}
{My cousins even got in on the fun!}
{My friends Jess, Ellen, & Cindy}
{Oh, boys!}
{We all fell in love with these dresses!}
{Did someone say dance party?}
{The crew}

     I'd like to say thank you to Jack Wills for giving me the amazing opportunity to work with them and introduce their brand to my friends both old and new, to everyone who was involved in making the night come alive, and to Erin Krespan Photography and Randy L. JR for the amazing pictures. I hope there's more nights like this!

The Two Ps of Summer

     This summer, I'm focusing on integrating the two Ps into my closet. What are those, you say? Pretty Colors and Patterns. In my opinion, the warm weather is the perfect time to experiment and truly have fun with my outfits. Here are a few pieces that could add perfect Ps into any closet, and I wouldn't mind them in mine!
Pretty Colors
Pretty Colors: Pastels are the key to any spring closet, but I think they go just as well with any summer closet too! I'm going for laces and ruffles, especially this gorgeous pink J.Crew lace top! For something minty sweet, I'd love the flowy Modcloth top just as much. I can't get over how much I love the color of the skirt, it's so sweet and it reminds me of lemonade! For bags, I picked out two colors that reminded me of sweets (Reed Krakoff, Kate Spade) and I did just the same for shoes(brogues, Sperrys)!

Pattern Portrayal

Pattern Portrayal: Patterns are the most fun to work with! I've always been a huge fan of stripes, and the adorable striped cami from J.Crew doesn't disappoint! J.Crew's done really well with patterns as usual, and I really like the paisley shirt and the floral skirt too! For shoes, I chose this pair of Espadrilles because I love their color. I like the pattern of the skirt, and I've developed something for chevron so I picked out the bag too.

I guess you can call this my summer wishlist....what's on yours?

Catching Up To Do

     Lacrosse o-v-e-r. It hasn't really sunk in yet that i'll be home before 3 every day now, and I'll probably just sit around eating Klondike bars and wondering what I'm going to do until the winter season starts again. But thats when I stop and realize that those little thoughts might just be my problem. I should be living in the moment! I should be jumping of joy for being moved up to varsity, I should feel thankful for getting to know the talented seniors leaving this year, and I should be so glad that I have time to catch up on sleep! So for the next week or so, I plan on just feeling. Feeling this moment, and the next.

     When things got hectic, I decided to take an unspoken blogging break, and I can't say it wasn't awesome. My time has been filled with parties, lacrosse games, lunch dates with friends, and tid bits of shopping days that left me saying "I CAN'T WAIT TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!". So, here are things I couldn't wait to show you all, through the eyes of my Instagram! And all I can say is, it's good to be back!

{Possibly THE greatest burger I've ever had!}

{I can proudly say I've trademarked the back braid at school!}

{Size 9 vs. Size 6....who wins?}

{Double the fun!}

{Two of my favorite new additions to my closet! Peep the sequin skirt. I FINALLY HAVE ONE! I scooped it up for $3.99 at Sears.}

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