Prints of My People


 I've been a Billabong fan for a while, and it's impossible not to fawn over all the clothes in their lines. A few months ago, I fell in love with the Botswana Jacket from their Neon Safari line inspired by the Ndebele people and I couldn't let it go. At the time I couldn't get it but it was hard to forget something so beautiful that carried such pretty colors and prints. Being from Southern Africa, i've always loved the vibrant fabrics from our region and knew this jacket had to somehow end up in my closet.  I decided to look up the jacket again to see if Billabong still had it in stock, and though it doesn't seem to still be in stock I was inspired to write my first "comeback" post after a few months from blogging.

I gathered some of my favorite tribal and African inspired prints together in one set, I can't get over the Stella Jean bird print dress as one of my favorites. It's gorgeous! I thought the shorts with the giraffe and sunset print were too cute not to put up there either.


{My Polyvore set PRINTS}

I hope i'll be able to blog a lot more now that summer's here, and i've got some fresh ideas to share! I've missed writing and maybe writing's missed me too. Follow me on twitter as well, I have a new one! @tarirolovesny
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