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     I'm absolutely in love with Polyvore, and I've probably stated that tons of times. Whenever I need a little inspiration, I go onto it and start creating sets. Recently, I've been dealing with a pile of work from school and all the other activities I engage in. When I need a little break, I log into my Polyvore account and for that small amount of time, I take solace in the thousands of shoes & clothes, and all the amazing outfits I can create with them! It's so much fun, and it's almost like I'm given a dream closet (all the items I have saved), and the power to create tons of outfits and collages with them! I also really love using pictures and quotes in my sets, because it just gives off the exact vibe I want.
     I think that my sets show everything that I'm really into at the moment, so lets say I find a pair of shoes that I fall in love with, then I use them in my sets to see how I'd pair them if I had them. Here are some of my recent sets! Take note of the riding boots, which are one of the items I really love at the moment, and the sheer blouses.
American Splendor
An American Beauty

Konica Minolta


Tara said...

wow! you are insanely talented with polyvore! teach me your ways? i love all these!!!


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