The Year December was Warm

I didn't really get a chance to post much due to school. But now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is a late post, from New Year's Eve, and it was one of those warm days in December. And since I really liked the outfit. I thought I would share it. I have a deep love for boots and sweaters, and you cant go wrong accessorizing with a nice hat, and purse. My bracelets were an amazing gift from my wonderful sister. 

One Take is All it takes

Besides being a dancer, I am an avid music lover. So I am always on the hunt for something new, and something different. Let me introduce you to Icey Stanley, a truly talented upcoming rapper residing in the UK, in Coventry, just an hour's drive outside of London. The name Icey Stanley stems from Icey being a name he came up with when all his friends had cool tag names, and his cousin's tag name iceman, so he thought "Maybe I could be called Icey", ran it by his friends, they liked it, and the name stuck. Stanley is his name but in Icey Stanley, the Stanley part stuck when he was looking for a Facebook name, and Facebook requires a first and last name, so BOOM, the name Icey Stanley was created. 

Three years ago, Icey decided to become more proper with his rapping rather than a hobby that it had been. Along with studying Computer Science in school, Icey has since been working on perfecting his rapping skills. Icey looks at his rap style as different. Not to street, and not to mainstream. His music appeals to the everyday person. Even the everyday college student. That's because he raps about the basic everyday things he goes through and he does. His influences for his music is just his love for good vibes. as he himself is an overall happy person.

In September of 2015, Icey released a five track EP titled One Take, which he described as an EP set to empower, the calm before the storm, and the sunshine after too. Initially suppose to be a full thirteen track project, he did find guidance with YahYah records on releasing One Take with the perfect set of tracks to create the good vibes. Twenty six tracks were recorded for this EP, and only one of the twenty six made it, and that was the title track, One Take. He explained that he wrote One Take after going through a dark patch while in school, and this was his release. His view on One Take is to empower the idea that you should not be stuck in doing something you do not like. 

Asked about any new projects, Icey just says be on the lookout for a possible twelve track singles project coming out in the next year. And an LP? Well, he says he has not lived to create an LP. He wants to create an LP that takes you to a happy place. Until then you can check out Icey Stanley on instagramtwitter or facebook, and you can check out his EP here and the video for his track "For the Night featuring Paigey Cakey".

Guesting for the Guest. :)

Hello everyone, my name is Tapiwa, and I will be the guest blogger on Peppermint + Ivy every now and then. I am really excited to for the opportunity to showcase a different style aspect and be able to integrate it together with Peppermint and Ivy. I am a dancer, a soccer player, and all around foody. A college junior,and a lover of comic books. I hope you enjoy my guest blogging.

Like I said. My style is a bit different. Here I am wearing these H&M Shorts parring it with a qvings crop top, a military print jacket, and platform pumps.

I am excited to share my style with you. :)

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instagram: blahimzimbo

Miss Teen USA 2015 - Katherine Haik


     Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the newly crowned Miss Teen USA, Katherine Haik. Hailing from Louisiana, Katherine enjoys spending her time playing sports, dancing, and working with a number of amazing organizations that help children in need. I also had the opportunity to ask Katherine about her recent foray into modeling, as well as her goals for the future now that she has been crowned! At 15, with a 4.0 GPA and involvement in other extra-curricular activities at school, I believe she is a great role model for young women all around the world. Katherine will do an amazing job as our Miss Teen USA, and I look forward to seeing the positive impacts she will continue to make.

Check out the interview below!


Crop, Drop & Roll


  I love crop tops. I used to be self-conscious and didn't think I could pull one off, but the more I wore them the more I realized how fun, fashionable, and cool they could be. I usually pair my crop tops with long flowy pants, jeans, or even use them as cover-ups when i'm at the beach (you'd be surprised how well they blend in with your bikini). I thought i'd do a styling post and show off a couple ideas on wearing crop tops, and I hope they give you some inspiration to play around with your crop top game this summer :)

Outfit #1: Recently, I have become obsessed with flow beach pants! After a long hard lacrosse practice, I love pulling on a comfy pair of pants but still being able to look cute. I'd pair this gray crop top with a pair of printed beach pants, slip on a comfy pair of sneakers, and add another color element with a black cap. top/pants/shoes/bag/hat

Outfit #2: What's cooler than a Nike crop top? Keeping up your tropical cool with a printed skirt and beachy earrings too. I love the idea of adding on gladiator sandals and a fringed bag, but overall the idea of bringing together the two different feels of prints in the top and the skirt appeals to me. top/skirt/earrings/bag/shoes(similar)

Outfit #3: Possibly the more classic of the 3, I love the lace tank mixing in with a little edge in ripped jeans. Heeled booties and a neutral scarf would be a perfect way to finish up the outfit, and I really like this look because it'd be something easy to pull off but still leave you looking stylish. top/jeans/shoes/scarf

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Bless Your Bohemian Heart


      I really really love 3 things right now. Being home with my family, lacrosse, and this new dress I recently purchased. It's this beautiful blue paisley number from Billabong with bell sleeves and fun tassels on it, and every time I wear it I get tons of compliments! From the minute I set eyes on it, I knew i'd love it forever. The discovery of the blue dress has been part of a light journey to an awakening for patterns that are absolutely set to please, and a knack for bohemian-inspired attire. I've become accustomed to admiring bell bottom flowwy pants, and attempting to find a way to keep my tapestry up next to my bed (thumb tacks don't work, neither does tape....updates to come). I love the feel of swaying my arms around in my dress, or kicking around in my wide-leg pants just for fun. Turns out, not only are they still in style but they're pretty awesome too!

     It looks like the dress I have is sold out online, but below are a couple of my favorite bohemian picks including that same dress in a different color (#1, and it's on sale!!) and that absolutely fabulous pair of pants! Free People also has an amazing selection of bohemian style clothes (slash amazing selection of everything). Let me know what you think of my picks, and i'm up for suggestions on keeping a tapestry up on a cement wall that won't let it be ;)

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc}

In the picture below, I wore the dress to a football game with my favorite riding boots.

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Miss Teen USA - K. Lee Graham

     For the past 2 years, I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to interview the winners of Miss Teen USA. This year I got to interview the newly-crowned Miss Teen USA 2014 K. Lee Graham. As Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2014, K. Lee took the pageant stage by storm and earned her crown as Miss Teen USA. Not only is her platform to help others discover their inner beauty through her blog Live Beautifully inspiring, K. Lee's friendly personality and appreciation of the happenings around her made the interview lots of fun to do. Below is my interview with K. Lee, and I hope you all enjoy it! Keep an eye out for her, girl's got a big future ahead of her ;)

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