Anchors at Hand

     I have recently discovered the joys of eBay shopping, and my very first buy came in the mail yesterday! I decided to start off with something small, and I ordered a double finger anchor ring for 99 cents. The minute I saw it on eBay, I fell in love! I'm trying to sort of re-build my accessories and find little pieces I really love, and this was the perfect way to start! It took almost a month to get here from China, and I waited anxiously biting my nails!

     But once it got here.....I was head over heels!! It is GORGEOUS! It came looking exactly like it did on the listing, in a cute little box, and when I opened it I most definitely squealed. To me, it's just a really cool preppy-esque vintage-like piece, and it's actually really comfortable to wear. I think that finding something unique I really liked was great, and it will be a technique I use a lot more while I rebuild my closet. That's the goal, rebuild and rework! Okay i'll stop talking now, here's the ring!

     If any of you are interested in buying a ring like this one, here's the eBay search with some listings :)

Ready for the Woods

     I really love going back and seeing old outfits. While looking through my posts, I came across an outfit post I did in 2011 (woah!), and I couldn't help but feel the need to share it again! It turns out, I'd actually done the combination of my winter boots and one of the flannel shirts that I found in my dresser! I really like how the outfit looked back then, and how it looks now too. Let me know what you all think!

     I probably would've worn it the same way, maybe with another jacket or different set of necklaces, but now i'm excited to find other ways to style it too! I feel like I looked very cabin-ready, and coupled with my new liking of the woods after my Outdoor Ed stint, it's the perfect feeling.

{Boots: Thrift Store, Jacket: Lands' End, Flannel: Old Navy, Jeans: Forever 21, Necklaces: Beads(Mom), Camera(Forever 21), Heart Locket(Thrift Store}

Best Laid Out Plans

     Whenever I decide to "dress up" to work, I usually pick out what I want to wear the night before, just in case I don't wake up exactly when I should. It's a lot of fun picking out what to wear the night before, and it gives me time to pair new things together and see how they look!

     I've had this Cashmere sweater from Jones New York for a while, and I bought it for $3 at a thrift store. I wasn't exactly sure how to wear it, but i've slowly been coming up with cute ideas for it! So, for my work outfit, I plan on pairing it with a striped button up from Forever21 (also thrifted). I really love how it looks together, and when I tried it on I was very happy! 

{Shirt: Forever21 (thrifted), Cashmere Sweater: Jones NY (thrifted), Bag: Vera Bradley (thrifted), Jeans: Hollister, Snow/Cold Boots}

     As I slowly put together my favorite outfits, I have started to realize that when it comes to jewelry, i'm really simple! As much as I adore people who can wear tons of bracelets and rings, it's just not really me. But this necklace my aunt gave to all her bridesmaids on her wedding day means a lot to me, and I just love how pretty and simple it is so I added it on.

     The boots are also from a thrift store, and I got them around 7th or 8th grade for snow days. They are probably the most comfortable and warm boots I own overall, and the temperature's been dropping here so I decided to bring them out for another run!

     I'd been sulking around thinking about how I didn't have any good plaid shirts, but when I was cleaning out my dresser I found these two gems! The one on the left is from Old Navy, and the one on the right is from a brand called Timber Trail. Wooohoooo!

$(Money) Penny

     Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a great week, and hopefully you'll have an even greater weekend. I've been getting back into making Polyvore sets again, and I really love being inspired and being able to put my ideas down. Here are two sets I made in the past two days, enjoy!

$ Penny
{$ Penny}

     How cute are those black penny loafers?! I've wanted a pair ever since I watched the Nancy Drew movie a few years ago, but I just haven't had luck coming across a good one! I think that they'd make a perfect investment piece, especially if I get a neutral color that I can wear for a while. I really like the Sperry Hayden loafers. They're $85, a little steep, but they could be worth the buy! I'd like to think of them as the "dream" pair, but of course i'll keep my eye out for some cheaper ones too. What do you think?

Four Favorites

      I'm probably not the only one who loves a good sale. Whenever i'm bored or i'm looking for something new, I start with the usual stores I shop at online and go from there. Today's first place was Forever21, and I must say i'm pretty happy with what I found! How perfect is that quilted jacket? It's only $20! And I can't get over the Hawaiian print quilted jacket either! It's gorgeous! And the reindeer sweater for only $11?! I could go for that.....yes, the holidays are over, no, i'm not over the holidays! Haha.

{Reindeer Cardigan $10.99!!!}

I've liked monogram necklaces for a while, but I discovered something that could beat the original! Acrylic monogram necklaces! My favorite color is blue, and I would love to get a blue one with my initials on it. Here's one from Moon & Lola for $58, which is a little expensive for me. There are a few really affordable ones on Etsy, like the one below it for $21. Such a cute twist on a classic, something I love!

I'm working on a few new graphic design related projects, and I can't wait to show you all once i'm finished! And also, some home decor posts will be coming up too.

And that would be my monogram.

Statement Sweaters

     One of my new favorites would have to be statement sweaters. Some call them silhouette sweaters, some call them "sweaters with big pictures on them".....or maybe that was just me. But now I call them statement sweaters. Simply put, they're sweaters with one simple big solid print on them. Some of my favorite bloggers have worn them, including Blair Eadie, and I love how she paired hers with other pieces! So, here are a few of my favorite statement sweaters! Hopefully you'll fall in love with them as quickly as I did, but things like that might take time! ;)

Statement Sweaters

     My favorite out of the four is probably the seahorse sweater! Or maybe the Valera anchor sweater! But then again, they're all so cute! I'm saving up my paychecks from work (I work at a little sports store in my town), and hopefully I can just have one big shopping day for myself! I think it'd be the perfect way to stamp in the new year! As for the quest to find my style, it's coming along pretty well! I took the week to wear any outfit I wanted, without the pressures of taking pictures of it. It was kind of like I wore them for me, and once i'm really stable in that point then i'll do more outfit posts too!

{Here are some pictures of Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wearing the Joie Anchor sweater. I really love how she paired it with a gingham shirt! I think it's really creative, and she mixed patterns and textures so well. It's classic, yet still very stylish}

2013: The Year of the Big Girl

     Happy new year everyone!! Ahhh! 2013, we made it! I'm so excited for the new year. I feel like this year is gonna be full of so many new things for me, and I really can't wait to see everything that happens! I look at this year as the perfect time for me to grow. I'm 16, and I feel like I now know things I like, things I don't like, and things that I'd like to do a little differently.

     For the past few years, I've let so many little things get to me. I've cried over silly things, I've gotten frustrated over small ones, and I've dwelled over situations that I look back on now and just laugh at because they really weren't a big deal. With this blog, I've gotten to do so many cool things and i'm starting to see what I might want to do in the future. I'd love to be a writer for a magazine, or maybe a stylist, creative director is at the top of my list (hi Jenna Lyons!), and I'd really like to try interior designing too! So I plan on focusing on those things on the blog too. I want this to be the perfect place where I can talk about things I love and hear opinions from other people too.

     In 2013, I really want to change my perspective. I felt myself getting jealous of others way too much last year (or yesterday). I'd want someone else's clothes, someone else's athletic abilities, someone else's opportunities, and I didn't take the time to realize my own! My clothes aren't so bad at all, and I even made an elite club lacrosse team too! I'm still young and I feel like I have a long road ahead of me with lots of cool things coming up. I plan on taking things by stride this year. I want to focus on school, sports, and of course my blog. But I'd like to do them my way.....without outside pressures. I want to be a little more independent. I want to grow. That's when I feel the best and that's when I produce the best. I just want to have some fun. I wish you all an amazing year, and hopefully you stick around with me and my blog, and see where the year takes me! Thank you for supporting me in whatever I do!

 P.S the wedding this weekend in Louisiana was AMAZING!! Congratulations to my aunt and new uncle! Here are some instagram pictures I snapped when I could, and once the wedding photos get sent out I'll see if I can post a few of those too! I got to be a bridesmaid!

{I was so in love with the makeup!!}

{A little silliness goes a long way}

{Obligatory mirror pictures, can you tell we're teenagers?}

{Too adorable for words!}

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