Sandal Sensation

     I've been on the search for the perfect pair of sandals all summer, and it feels like it's almost to a close! To me, the perfect pair is one thats simple yet stylish, and of course easy to walk with for all the treks I have planned for the coming months! So here are a few pairs of sandals that I absolutely love, some neutral and some colorful, but all definitely some favorites.
Sandal Sensation

     First up is the Haslehurst Sandal from Jack Wills, and though my sister said she didn't like them, I love them! Especially their color! There's just something eye-catching about them that I can't let go of. Second comes the Ferry Flat Sandal from Asos, and I absolutely love this pair! The contrast of the white and the light brown is just perfect. Then two versions of the Chain Heeled Sandals from Topshop and I really like these ones too! My favorite from the two would have to be the light blue pair, they look so nice with the gold chains. Then the Bethany Sandal from Steve Madden, and I think overall this one is my favorite pair! They're simple, stylish, and they just have the perfect look that I want! But I can't forget the Braidley Sandal from Gabriel Rocha, I just love their color and design.

     So, those are a few of my sandal picks for the summer! How about you, are you into the sandal trend?

Guest Post: Rory of Wear Abouts

     Rory, of Wear Abouts, is stylish in every sense of the word. She's amazing at combining pieces to create the cutest outfits, she's great at experimenting, and you can just tell she has so much fun with her style and loves to express herself! Which is why her blog has quickly become one of my favorites, and why I asked her to guest post here on Peppermint + Ivy! So, lovely readers, I'm happy to hand over today's post to her. Enjoy and be sure to check out her blog here!

{Top- Forever 21 Skirt- Old Navy Bracelets- (giveaway) Ettika Shoes- Sperry Topsider Necklaces- Rice's Market, Aeropostale Belt- Gap Hat- NYC street vendor}

     Hey Peppermint + Ivy readers (and my own who've followed the link here)! I'm Rory of the style blog Wear Abouts. This is my first guest post ever and I'm so excited to share it with you on Tariro's blog! I decided to theme this post after her style: preppy. Now, going to a prep school myself, I am not a novice when it comes to being preppy. The very essence of prep schools like mine revolves around Sperry shoes in fun colors and prints, stripes, plaids, and lots of bright colored pants...therefore, putting together this outfit wasn't too hard. Although I don't sport them often, I have pink Sperrys. I wear J Crew as much as any other brand. I've been to the Lilly Pulitzer sample sale. And my best friend is one of the preppiest people I know (and I LOVE it)!

     So, although preppy is not at the core of my style, it certainly is at the core of my life. I'm constantly surrounded by it! Even my brother is preppy, and I'd say my mom's style has evolved to be quite preppy as well.

      I guess what I'm trying to say is don't stick with one style. Be adventurous, try other styles, and just have fun! Fashion is about experimentation, after all. Thank you, Tariro, for sharing your little corner of the web with me! I'd love for any of you to drop by my blog, Wear Abouts, and say hello!
Lots of love,

The Phrenzy Giveaway: Choose What You Win

     {Get 10% off your order at The Phrenzy by using the code "peppermint" at checkout!}

     I am so excited to start off the week by introducing an amazing giveaway to you all! As a thank you for all the support you've given my blog and I, I've partnered up with The Phrenzy, an amazing online store, to bring to you my biggest giveaway to date! The Phrenzy is an online store that offers gorgeous apparel, accessories, shoes and bags for really great prices! You have two weeks to enter, good luck!

     One lucky winner will get the chance to CHOOSE THEIR PRIZES! That's right, YOU get to choose what you receive! If you win, you get to pick one apparel (may it be a top, bottoms, or a dress) and two accessories(shoes and bags excluded) as your prize!

     You're gonna be decked out in Phrenzy swag, and entering is really easy, all you have to do is either log in with your facebook account or simply use your email. I'm going to use rafflecopter to make it easier to enter. The first three entries are mandatory!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some of my favorite items from their store:

     Good luck, and thank you for entering! The contest runs until July 9. Also, don't forget to enter my Oasap Giveaway too!

Friday Findings

     It's just another hot summer Friday, and while I wait to leave to go watch a movie, I decided to share some of my newest Polyvore sets with you all. I hope you like them, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Cities & Strangers

Oasap Giveaway!

     Oasap, one of my favorite online stores, is having a huge giveaway of 152 silk dresses and blouses, and they've partnered up with bloggers to get word out! Entering the giveaway is really easy, and you can enter up to three times! The giveaway ends on July 10th, so have a lot of time to enter....but if you want that one adorable dress in your perfect size it's best to enter now before all the goodies disappear! Good luck to you all, and I hope you enter! One lucky reader from my blog will win, and I'll choose that winner at the contest's end. Click here to enter!

How To Enter: 
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Good luck!

Summertime Layering

     The one question I've gotten a lot over the past month is "aren't you hot?". And much to the surprise of whoever asks me that, I smile and say "no, not really". For some reason, I'm addicted to layering. It's almost hard to explain, but sometimes I feel like nothing's there if there aren't a few layers or so. So, I've come up with my own sort of formula for layering, especially during summer(unless its 99 degrees like today......thats a headscratcher)!

Summertime Layering

Outfit 1: I've quickly learned that very thin cardigans or zip-ups work amazingly well with layering. I usually pair a thin sweater with a crop top, or even a simple tank top. I really like this J.Crew cotton cardigan, especially because it has the word "featherweight" in it's name, a total giveaway of it's layering potential. I go for shorts to maintain the summer factor, then sandals to do the same too. A scarf is also a great addition for layering, because they can add color and pattern, and they don't have to weigh much to make a great point. Jewelry is usually an option, depending on how much I'm wearing, but I love the nautical necklace and earrings! Medium or big bags are definitely some of my favorites right now, and I love the chic look of the brown shoulder bag! It's only $51, and for it's look I think it's so worth it since it seems versatile.

Outfit 2: When I'm going for something a little more classic or plain, I like to wear a shirt but leave it unbuttoned and wear a tank top inside. On top of the shirt, I put on a light vest for another layer. I wanted to show an idea using a skirt, and this black skirt is definitely cute! I love the shoulder bag, especially because it's simple and it adds a nice pop of color in white to the outfit. I also thought the two claw bracelets were really cool, and they'd be an amazing conversation starter with anyone you speak to! There's just something about how unusual yet cool they are, which I couldn't quite let go off. And a comfortable pair of sneakers perfectly completes the look, and make it even cooler.

Skinny Pink Pants

     In middle school, I bought a pair of hot pink pants from Hot Topic and I never looked back. And even though their color reflected off of every white wall I walked past, I fell in love with them so much that till this day, I wear them! I love them so much because they always bring that "shock" factor, bringing along second looks and the occasional "woah, i like your pants!". So here are a few ideas to jump into the pink pants train, and whether you go all in (as in an all pink outfit) or not is up to you.

Skinny Pink Pants

Outfit 1: I really like these twill pants from Forever21, and I thought of playing with a little color and patterns by adding a striped tee and a colored satchel to the look. I think that the stripes add a really cool touch to the outfits because they're completely different from the pants.

Outfit 2: I own a pair of jeans much like these ones from Almost Famous, so I drew inspiration from how I wore them last and paired them with a really cute floral top! I like how the pink on the top compliments the pink of the pants without being completely overwhelming.

Outfit 3: My favorite part about these Zara pants is their paleness, and that fact would allow you to add more pink into your look. Their color is just enough to be eye-popping, but not to much to leave you without any room to add more color. I couldn't pink between just a simple pale pink/beige top or a polka dot one, so I thought to let you choose the one you'd like best!

So, those are a few ideas I have about how to style any pair of pink pants that may catch your eye. Oh, and two posts in one day.....oh my!

The Green Dress

     While walking down the long streets of Ocean City, my cousins and I stumbled upon a store which they figured was "the usual", but I realized was definitely something special. We scoured both levels of K-Coast, and while they breezed through, I took the time to look at every little nook and every piece that I could! 

     And while I walked out with an adorable skirt, I left without the 1 thing I absolutely fell in love with. A beautiful knitted tunic from Free People. It was the perfect summer piece, and paired perfectly with a bandeau top and some shorts, it would beat the heat! We quickly dubbed it "the green dress" as it was long enough to be one on me, though it was a little more yellow than green, and when we went back in to shop that was the first thing we looked for! Sadly, the price tag stood between me and the beauty, but I've definitely added it to my wishlist! So, I introduce to you "the green dress", something I'll hold close to my heart forever. I couldn't wait to come home and find it so I could share it with you all!

Polka Dots & History

     The minute I received this Duke & Winston tank top, I began searching for the perfect opportunity to wear it. I fell in love with the fun print of Winston Churchill and the soft feeling of the tank, and I wanted to play around with it a bit especially by adding a pop of color. 

     So, when we took a family trek to the beach and went out-and-about, I picked out the perfect concoction to rock the tank with and boy, was I happy! I bought the skirt at a really cool shop called K-Coast Girl, which I found while walking around the streets of Ocean City. 

{Top: c/o Duke & Winston, Skirt: Flying Tomato, Sandals: Forever21}

     Be sure to visit Duke & Winston for the perfect attire, may it be for the beach, for lounging, or even for a stroll around your city. There's something for everyone, and you'll be sure to fall in love with something along the way! Their clothes are amazing in quality, and in design too. They've also launched an amazing new line featuring beach-inspired clothes featuring some of the greatest East Coast beach hangouts (like Ocean City!).

Chasing The Sun

     Even though it's been short, I've had a great summer full of spending time with friends, going to the pool, eating, and a little bit of shopping too! Here are some snapshots from the last few days. They all sum up my favorite part of summer, which is being able to be free and have tons of fun. Oh, and I do love me some Ritas custard!

{My adorable earrings courtesy of Jojo Loves You & the hangout spot at the pool}
{Ice Cream by day, burritos by night}
{Brights, florals, Cements! Oh My!}
{I really enjoyed Lands' End's displays!}

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Lift Me Up

     As much as I love fashion, I also have other passions that I rarely get to share on my blog. I absolutely love lacrosse and graphic designing! I wouldn't mind spending 5 hours straight shooting on the field, or even more hours toiling with some new program on the computer making something pretty.

     So I thought I'd combine my favorite sport and one of my favorite hobbies, and I'd like to share the outcome with you! Here is a sort of collage I made, featuring one of my favorite players Paul Rabil.

     And here's a really cool commercial that he's in, which inspired what I made!

The Shoe Game

     The boys at school know how to dress. Somehow, from the awkward days of middle school science to the present days of computer class, sneakers and shoes because the obsession of most and they became one of the most talked about subjects at school. Their new love, they called it "the shoe game", and if your sneakers were new or just released, then you were warmly welcomed into it.

     But aside from learning that a few enjoy waiting outside for newly released shoes, I also learned that this was their way of expressing themselves. This was their way of saying "hey, I like fashion too" without actually using those exact phrases and without having to put themselves out their. They let their insanely amazing sneakers do the talking, along with matching polo shirts and wristwatches. But the most important thing the conversations of "the shoe game" have taught me is that it's okay to be colorful, it's okay to try wearing something new, and that no matter how crazy your shoes are, you have someone two rows back who's been in your place and who probably appreciates them! Even if you don't specifically own a pair of retros or a pair of cool greys.

     So, as an ode to the game, I chose a few pairs of shoes that I'd love to have for summer. May they be basic, or even close to the full color spectrum, these are a few picks of what I'd call "my own shoe game", and somewhat of a shoe wishlist! There's the pairs I'd usually be drawn to, then one or two that just made me smile and reminded me of just how fun summer should be!

The Shoe Game
{1. H&M glitter sandals, 2. Air Jordan Retro Black Cement 3s (I am the proud owner of a pair, thanks sis!), 3. Seychelles sandals, 4. Prince Albert multi-colored loafers, 5. Moda Operandi wingtip shoes (how awesome is the yellow sole?), 6. Steve Madden sandals, 7. Jack Wills Adney loafers (cerise or vintage cream? that is the question.)}

The Bummer Summer Browns

     Sometimes I connect the weather to colors. I connect windy gloomy weather to gray, I connect cold but sunny days to blue, I connect blistering hot days to red, and I connect that warmth right when the sun's rising and the earth is getting dry to brown. And if you know me, you know that I'm a sucker for when the weather's just right and for brown!

      So with brown comes pleated skirts, sleeveless blouses, jackets, scarves, and sandals.

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