Taking In The Country Air

     Though I'm always one to go for color when I look at houses, when I first saw Robert Kristiansen's home, I was in love! It's so simple, but its absolutely gorgeous! The colors, the furniture, and the finishing touches are all under-stated, yet they come together so perfectly!
     His home seems so peaceful and homey, and I can just tell from looking at it that it's cozy! Im usually one to love bright colors and extravagant pieces in a house, but this one's changed my mind a little. I really like all the whites, and then the calm browns too. It seems like the kind of place I'd love to go to and relax.......it's just so breathtaking! He credits his love for white to being raised in Norway, and I absolutely love and respect that. I understand the need to retain some of your favorite memories in a place you spend most of your time.

(the steps leading up to his house) 



nik said...

Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!


Tariro said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

what a lovely house! I envy you I wish I could also take in the country air! :)

Andy, www.afterflats.com

Tariro said...

I agree, its lovely! And haha no don't envy me, I'm just one looking at the pictures too!

Mom Fashion World said...

I'm so in love with his house... it's very beautiful to the eyes.... so refreshing.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Wow, that is incredible! I am absolutely in love with his home!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Fabrizia said...
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Fabrizia said...

These photos are so beautiful, so many comfortable spaces!

Please, follow me on Cosa mi metto???
If you already don’t!

Tariro said...

I agree, thanks!

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