Hands On The Wheel

     This is the first official outfit post using the new Canon! I'm so excited and so happy, I think the pictures came out great! I'd love for you all to comment and let me know if you think these pictures are better quality and of course what you think about the outfit. I used a tripod, and getting a full body shot turned out to be a little complicated! Haha. So please excuse the graininess of the third picture. Hopefully i'll get the hang of it all very soon, but for my first time using it on a tripod I think it went pretty well! Multiple buttons we pressed, self-timer became my best friend, and I can't help but feel very excited to publish the post!

     I decided to dress up just a little to school today, but chose to go the leggings route so I would still feel comfortable. I'm usually partial to wearing leggings to school, but I chose to wear a long knitted cardigan over them to give them a little more of a classic look. I paired the two with a striped long-sleeve underneath to add some patterning, then wrapped a scarf around my neck to keep myself a little warmer. To brave the cold, I wore one of my favorite peacoats. I had to leave the house once again, so I picked up a simple bag to put a book I was read in, my keys, and my phone. It also added a nice deep purple color and complemented the neutrals and navys in my outfit.

{Bag: Thrift Store, Scarf: Lands' End, Coat: H&M, Top: Forever21, Leggings: Energie, Black wool socks, Boots: Prima Royale}

     I also wore the trend I wrote about in my previous post, having socks over my leggings but above my boots. Oh, can you tell I had fun with the closeups?

Sock It To The Boot

     It's getting colder and colder each day, but surprisingly I'm starting to like it! I think it's only because I got cuter coats for this year, and I own a lot more comfy longsleeves and sweatpants for the lazy days which makes it all better. I've also been wearing boots almost everyday, may they be riding boots, Uggs, or rain boots. I wear thicker socks with the riding boots and the rain boots, and I've been pulling out all my long socks that are either colorful or have cool patterns, specifically my favorite pair of Jack Wills riding boots.

     So, that's what inspired today's post! It's almost a staple for late fall/early winter, wearing boot socks under your boots and sometimes having them go past your boots. I love it! And you can go either way, crazy socks or even simple socks. It's your choice. And also, Hunters have specific socks you can wear them with that fold right over them. How would you wear it?

Sock It To The Boot
And for some visuals, here are some of my favorite takes on the boot socks + boots trend. 

{Both the boots and socks are from Free People, and I love the style of the boots and the simple high socks}

{I love the print of these socks from Urban Outfitters, and I like that they go up to the knees!}

Snap This, Snap That

     I've been testing out our new camera and trying to figure out what settings take the best pictures and just messing around with it. I decided to take pictures of some things I'd wanted to post about before but didn't have a chance to, and I thought I could get a little artistic while doing so! So here are some pictures, combined with the thoughts behind them, and the outcome of me clicking around. My sister comes home from school on Thursday, and I cannot wait to have a little thanksgiving photoshoot! Wooohoooo!

{I miss summer so much! Here's my favorite skirt, favorite shirt (it says "Follow Me To The Sun), and bikini top. Isn't it so pretty?}

{I got the pair in the middle at a yard sale for $3, and I love them! I've also been wearing my slouchy boots c/o MyHotShoes a lot lately, and I tell ya they go with everything!}

{I couldn't wait to show you all this! I love the idea of having a clothing rack or that sort of thing that just has all the pieces that inspire you for the season, but I decided to take it easy and I've been hooking some of my favorites right on my closet doors. I love how it looks in my room, and seeing whatever I hang up just makes me smile!}

{The stacks are forever a work in progress. Friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, etc}

{Peacoat season is finally here!! This is one of my two favorites from Tommy Hilfiger}

{When I put together the red sweater and the sequin skirt.....a match made in heaven}

{Hmmmm....it was a hard choice between the two}

     I'm so excited because the quality of the photos will improve, and I can't wait to get outfit postin'! I hope you all have a fantastic day.

You can read all about how I started blogging, who inspires me, and what's on my current wishlist.

Outfits, Revisited

     I really love doing outfit posts. I wish I could do more of them, but with sports and school sometimes it's a little hard to get pictures of the outfits I wear, which makes me even sadder on days that I look insanely stylish ;)
     But, my dad recently purchased a new camera.......and my sister and I are allowed to use the camera with his permission. I feel like this camera is gonna motivate me to get more pictures of my outfits, so in celebration of that here are some of my favorite outfits from the past that I've blogged about. I hope you all enjoy this little lookback, and the outfits to come!

{You can find all the posts on the right sidebar under "Outfit Posts}

Caggie Dunlop Style

     One of my new favorite shows has to be Made in Chelsea. It's originally a British show, and it sort of has the feel of The Hills.....but British. Which may or may not mean that it's even cooler. I love all the people on the show, but the one I like the most has to be Caggie Dunlop. Why? Because she dresses very well, and her style is amazing! She's also an amazing singer, and she started her own fashion line called ISWAI (It Starts With An Idea). I'm not sure it'd be fair for me to label her style on her behalf, but it's definitely a nice mixture of artsty, cool, classic, and comfy! Which, incase I hadn't mentioned before, are some of the things I love in my own clothes. So, here are some of my favorite outfits of Caggie's, and a few items that you could introduce to your closet to give it a little Chelsea kick too!

Caggie Dunlop Style
{Only Friends BlazerPam Breezy Tunic in Green, A.P.C. Trench Coat, Madewell Chelsea Boots, Ray-Ban  Clubmaster Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs Groovee Bag}

     I also realized that her Ray-Bans made an appearance in most of her outfit, and I think it's great to have one accessory that you like a lot and can wear at any time! My favorite of the three outfits is the one in the middle, I love the pop of color from her tunic and the Chelsea boots too!

Hmmm, What To Wear?

     Sometimes I go through this internal battle with myself about exactly what I want to wear. And its not exactly that "white shirt or blue shirt" kind of battle, but it's that battle where you're not exactly sure what your style is, so you're not sure what you're gonna wear to show it.....does that make sense? Whenever I bring it up, someone always says "oh, well you're still young so you can just wear whatever and you'll figure out exactly what's you and what isn't" and I think to some extent they're definitely right. But then I see so many outfits and so many things, and it's like omg I wanna wear that too! It's like this lightbulb goes off in my head and I run directly to my closet to go figure out just how to get that look. Maybe i'm just tired of my mixture of style, or maybe I haven't tried enough different ones to even be tired of them.

{All my favorites // follow me @onestepcloserr on instagram}

     A simpler explanation of this would be "I want to wear those snake rings and those cool neckpieces but I also want to wear all that preppy plaid and those stripes and that cool print and those cool boots and those loafers and....." the list just keeps going on. While attempting to guide myself through these complicated times in style, i've created this sort of wall of shoes in my room. It's all my favorite pairs of shoes in one little corner together, and just looking at it gives me this sense of piece, this little "you're gonna be okay, don't stress out, you can wear whichever pair tomorrow". I guess the overall idea of my post is that it's really hard to try to define your style and what you wear, no matter how hard you try. And since there's so many labels on every single style, you yourself might get confused because your style already breaks the boundaries of each label, so in the end it's this whole thing about wait.....where do I fit in? So here's to hoping that i'm not the only confused one out here in the world, here's to hoping that the shoe wall continues to kill fashion anxiety, and here's to hoping that my shoe wall and closet continue to grow. And here's to hoping that I stop being lazy and wear nice things to school the end. Oh and I finally bought a jean jacket! Wooohooo!

Tariro's Picks

     One of my favorite sections on the J. Crew website is the "Jenna's Picks" section by J. Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons. I absolutely love how she picks out pieces that go perfectly with a theme for each season, and she just brings together the most gorgeous outfit boards that leave me wanting more! One of my passions that's fashion related is putting together outfits and especially spreads filled with items I like at the moment, and I'd love to be a creative director in the future too.

     So, I took a few cues from Jenna and came up with my own picks! I might've gotten a little carried away, but I tried my best to choose my favorites and put those together. So, lovely readers, I present to you my J. Crew picks! Most are from the new arrivals, but one or two may have been available for a while. It's sort of my J. Crew wishlist as well! And if I were to describe my picks a-la-Jenna, I'd say "my picks are the perfect mixture of a cozy-cabin lover and a city girl, but each have either a dose of color, pattern, or comfortability that sums up exactly what I want for fall and winter.....color, creativity and comfort".....or something like that ;)

Let me know what your picks would be! And follow me on Polyvore, Twitter, and like my blog on Facebook for more P+I.
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