Coastal Vibrations

     I haven't done an interior decor/home decor post in a while, and honestly I've missed doing them! So, I opened up some of my favorite links and started searching for what I thought would be an awesome post. I really like seeing all the prints and colors come together!

     I absolutely love going to the beach. I love the water, I love the breeze, and I just love the weather! So when I was browsing Coastal Living and came across these gorgeous porches and decks, I knew I had to share them! I think they're just gorgeous viewing points to see the water, and they'd be the perfect place to enjoy the breeze, especially during summer! What a relaxing way to take in the outdoors, and I love how they're decorated! I'm all about blues, greens, and neutrals together.

On The Ride

      I've been in love with riding boots since the first time I saw them. I absolutely love their simplicity, and how you can just pair them with dark skinny jeans, a striped tee, and look absolutely amazing! They're so versatile, and they really leave you with endless options for outfits!

     But one little small thing.......I don't have a pair. It sort of aches my heart when I dwell on it, but then I remember that it's never too late to hop into the mall and snag a pair! Most of the pairs I really loved are so expensive, and usually even when I have the money to buy them, I go for something else. So, I've decided to make it my next shopping mission to get a pair of riding boots! Here a few pairs of riding boots that I find absolutely perfect, and  I wouldn't mind either one of these!
On The Ride

     My favorite pair from above is the one from Pacsun by Black Poppy! Not only are they the perfect riding boots, in my opinion, but the price is amazing! I actually tried them on when I went black friday shopping, but I'd already spent most of my money so I couldn't get them. They're just gorgeous! They're sleek, they're tall, they're simple. Thats exactly what I'm looking for in riding boots, and I'm really hoping to get them soon!

     I'm worried they're gonna sell out, but my fingers are crossed that they're won't! They are really comfortable, and the leather is soft. I also like the pair from J. Crew, because I hadn't seen a pair of suede riding boots till I came upon these! I love the sides of the White Mountain pair, the Isaac Mizrahi ones are gorgeous as well, and I love the top of the Topshop boots! The Frye pair caught my eye because of their color! How would you style your own pair of riding boots?

Days In Review

      I'm baaacckkkkk! After a fantastic holiday full of of relaxation and family time, I'm back to posting. Could I really even stay away for that long? I hope everyone had great holidays, and I'd love to hear about them, so be sure to comment and tell me all about them!

     I decided to do a little catch-up post, and show you all what I did during the holiday days, and parts of last week. And guess what? It's all pictures! My amazing sister got me an iPhone for Christmas (my other one got stolen months ago....bad times, very bad times), so I've been trying it out and instagraming like crazy! I love it though, and it's so cool to be able to capture any moment whenever I feel like it! My instagram is peppermintandivy, if you'd like to follow me.

(We spent Christmas by the fireplace)

(Amazing gifts from the Polyvore staff! The gloves are so warm and comfy, & the nail polish is gorgeous! It's a cool mixture of black and gold, so festive!)

(I finally got myself a pair of boat shoes! Took a few days to break them in, but I love them!)

(Pattern play on Christmas Eve)

(I got a little creative while painting my nails. I'm no Picasso, but I tried my best.)

Happy Holidays!

     It's that special time of the year! Yes, it's holiday time! I've been greedily awaiting it, and now that I'm on winter break, I plan on catching up on all that sleep I missed out on when I had to stay up writing essays or came home from a game late, or was running around doing other things.
     My favorite thing about this time of the year is that I get to spend time with family, eating delicious food, and just catching up. I'm not sure if I'll be blogging next week, but if I don't, I'll see you all next year! I can't wait to open up my Christmas presents.

 I hope you all have an amazing Holiday, and thank you for your support of my blog this year! I love you all!

New Classic

    I'm so excited to have Gabbi as my very first guest blogger here on Peppermint + Ivy. She has such an amazing sense of style, and her posts are always full of amazing eye-candy! Also, she and I are both Sophomores, so I love having someone to talk to who's the same age as me, and who shares my interests. Enjoy!
 - - - - - - - - - - - - -

     Hey y’all! I’m Gabbi from North Shore Prep, and I’m guest posting for Peppermint + Ivy. I’m so thrilled and honored to be posting for Tariro today. :)

     The other day as I perused Tumblr, I came across this quote:

     I must say, I agree whole-heartedley with it. Every day when I go to school, I find myself surrounded by girls (and guys! But that’s a whole different post) who seem to not care a bit about how they look for class. I understand that some days all you want to wear is a sweatshirt and yoga pants and moccasins. I get it. I have those days too. But I don’t let those days become every day. I think that, as of late, young people in general have stopped caring about being polished and classy and more about being comfortable.

     But there is a middle-ground.

     You can wear your polished basics in a way such that you still look trendy and act your age. With a certain degree of class.

     I’ve said it before on my own blog, but I’ll say it again here: I believe every lady should have a solid stock of skirts at her disposal. And I believe that a pencil skirt should be a staple in your closet. A pencil skirt definitely does not have to be boring. If you’re going for a more traditional knee-length silhouette, skip basic black and go for a pop of color. This bright pink from J.Crew reminds me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!

And for a classic black skirt that goes with everything, try a shorter length!

Not feeling a skirt? Reach for chinos or their warm weather counterpart, chino shorts.

Remember, shorts can come in fun colors, too!

Up top, you’ve got a ton of options, but a crisp oxford, like this one from Rugby, is a personal favorite.

Warmer days call for lighter shirts, which is why I love polos from Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren and Perfect Fit scoopneck tees from J.Crew (they really do fit perfectly!).

 Vineyard Vines

     As far as shoes go, I really think that shoes are a great way to add some pop to an outfit. Go crazy with your shoes. Go ahead. A loafer can be updated with glitter or leopard print. Throw on some bright red wellies, just for fun. But remember, a classic brown loafer or black flat goes a long way when you’re in doubt.

     All things considered, I think the most important thing is to have fun. Have fun with color, have fun with texture, with patterns, with fabric. Take the basics mentioned here and change it. Oxford and pencil skirt? Make the oxford lime green and sport a stack of turquoise and gold bangles on your wrist. Jeans and a tee? Glitter flats and a patterned scarf. Skirt and sweater? Red skirt, camel colored sweater. The possibilities are endless. Switch it up, just for the sake of not getting caught in an outfit rut.


Twist & Shout

     One of the reasons I love the holidays so much is because it's the only time I can really dress up, with a perfectly good excuse! As I've said before, it's the perfect time to pack on the glitter. But, if you're not one for glitter you can always wear some color, or maybe even go for a pattern.

     When I think of holiday wear, I think of dresses. May they be shiny, long, short, one-sleeved, etc. So, here are a few dresses I absolutely love, and think are perfect for holiday parties or any social event! And besides, they're  all really cute! I have a few dresses that I think are strictly party dresses, and either one of these would be a perfect addition to that category in my closet!
twist & shout

One Sleeve Sequin Dress: To me, sequins are the epitome of celebrations. Whenever there's a party, there's something shiny there. So why shouldn't it be your dress? This dress is gorgeous, and I really love it. I paired it with gorgeous black and gold sandals, adorable earrings from Kate Spade, and a cute clutch.

Click About It Dress: Even the name of the dress just screams holiday time! This dress is beautiful, the deep red color is gorgeous, and it's just classic! It has this simple tone to it, but then the color just pops and the embellished belt is just so pretty. I paired the dress with beautiful red suede pumps, pearl/gold chained studs, and an adorable envelope clutch.

Polka Dot Mesh Dress: This dress is just so fun! I love the fact that it's a mesh dress, and the white cloth beneath it just makes the dress look even better overall! It's definitely a life-of-the-party type dress, without being too over the top. I simply paired it with a pair of adorable peep-toe bow pumps, a Chanel purse, and beautiful black diamond earrings.

What are you going to be dressing in during the holidays?

Dinner In A Glass House

     When I turned seven, my sister (then 11) and I had a joint birthday party. It was a big event, with all my family and friends there, and till this day I still remember it as being one of the best days ever! We got to have a huge moon bounce, two chocolate cakes, and I even got to pick out pink balloons!
     Even after the parties stopped and we instead went for smaller dinners, I think getting to pick out those little things helped a little in developing my love for making things pretty and for design, and my love for party planning! In my head, the bigger, the shinier, the better!

     So, those thoughts inspired my post for today. I decided to "plan" a a glass house. You read that right, a glass house! With the sun gleaming in, reflecting off of crystal glasses and gold-rimmed plates. I'm not exactly sure where to find a big glass room, but a girl can dream right?! I think a glass room would be absolutely beautiful, especially somewhere in nature, with browns and greens all around. The main theme would be rustic, yet still very simple. You, my lovely readers, are cordinally invited to "dinner in a glass house", and for now it may just be in picture form, but one day I'd love to make it really happen!Dinner In A Glass House

1. The Glass House: I think that if I ever held a dinner, I'd probably end up inviting at least 20 people! So, I'd definitely need a really big venue! If I were to ever end up finding the perfect one, I'd love for it to be like the one pictured above! I'd especially love if it was somewhere near the woods, but not too crowded, so the sun can come in. It'd be perfect if the room had carpet or even hardwood flooring.

2. Rustic Table: To continue with the theme of nature and simplicity, I think a hardwood table would be perfect for the dinner! I really love this table, especially the color, and it's really long too so its equipped for lots of guests.

3. Green Flowers In Crystal Vases: I think having 3 flower vases spaced out across the table would look absolutely beautiful! There's nothing more gorgeous than fresh flowers, especially a mixture of white and green.

4. White Tablecloth: I think that the flowers should do most of the talking amongst the table, and a white tablecloth would be the perfect accent to them! I wouldn't want it to be too long though, because I'd still like for the guests to see the table.

5. Silver Chairs: How gorgeous are those silver chairs?! I think adding a touch of silver would just make everything better! The chairs would just glow, and there's something I really love about the combination of green and silver!

6. Bread & Glass Baskets: One of my other ideas would be to have two baskets on both ends of the table, one basket would have glasses in it, and another would have bread. I'm not really sure why, but I think it would just look beautiful! And of course, the bread basket could be passed around!

7. Gold-rimmed Plates: I really love these plates! They're so simple, yet they're so pretty! I think they'd go perfectly with a simple set of silverware, and they'd both look so amazing!

     So, that's my hand at event planning! I really wish I could pull all this off, and who knows, maybe it's time for another birthday extravaganza! Would you come to dinner in a glass house?

Fabulously British In Jack Wills

     As you all know, I absolutely love clothes and I love shopping! So, when I was asked to go visit a Jack Wills store, I took up the chance very quickly! For those who may not know what Jack Wills is, it's a clothing brand thats originally from England, but they now have 11 stores in the U.S and they're quickly growing! Jack Wills offers an amazing range of clothes for both men and women, as well as home goods like soft comforters and stationary as well! But, my favorite thing about them has got to be their clothes. Every single product in their store is so stylish, the clothing is such great quality, and everything just gives off this British-prep cool vibe that I really love!

     A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Liv and Rachel, Jack Wills associates, about visiting one of their stores here on the East Coast. This past weekend, my sister and I visited their Georgetown store, and I must say I had a blast! First off, the store is absolutely beautiful, inside and out! Their pink and blue striped walls caught my eye immediately, but my favorite part of the interior was the tons of pictures and posters all over! It was a double-dose of eyecandy any shopper would love!

     We both tried on some clothes from their Holiday collection, picking out what were our personal favorites, and took tons of pictures. Some of my favorite things that I tried on were the insanely comfortable and cool red trousers and the Glenthorne Brogues. The Jack Wills Georgetown staff was absolutely amazing, they were there to help us and even give out opinions, but also to just talk to and ask questions about the store itself. To the Georgetown staff, thank you all so much for having us in your store, and to Jack Wills, thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit one of your stores! It was the coolest way ever to spend my Saturday, and I'll definitely be back. We both left with goodie bags that included amazing comfortable boot socks, which they said to be perfect for Hunters! Oh and, their slogan is "Fabulously British". What could be better than that?! But hey, take a look for yourself!

{Playing dress-up}
{Goodall Shawl Neck Cardie (with patched elbows) $169 , Cairncross Classic Shirt $69, Red Trousers}
{My lovely sister in the Hollyback Dress $529 (she wishes she'd had it for senior prom)} 

{Around the store}

{Their fashionable staff}
{P.S he's British!}

Capture The Moment

  I finally got an Instagram, and I couldn't be happier that I did! I love the fact that now I can endlessly capture any moment I want to it takes seconds for the picture to go up! I can be seen snapping away at random times of the day, and letting out a small giggle whenever I pick out a crazy effect. It's especially useful when I'm running around, like this weekend, because then I can just snap and go.

     Here are a few snapshots from the past week, when I was testing out my Instagram and getting to know it a little bit more. Peep my galactically beautiful new sheer blouse, which I've worn twice now and gotten tons of compliments on! Also the delicious red velvet cupcake I got at Georgetown Cupcakes, during my day of adventure. Oh, and my new favorite style of polka dotted socks and loafers.

     (All photos from my Instagram; Leopard print loafers + Polka dot socks, New star-covered sheer top from dELiAs, Colorful Nike shoes, Delicious red velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake)
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