Shear Star Power

     One print i'm currently obsessed with is star prints. Anything with stars, I have probably swooned over, wanted to buy, and maybe even bought! It's funny because I've had this top for a while and I've worn it a ton of times but this is the first time it's up on the blog. Anyways, I think this is the perfect time for it to be up since it goes along with my star-loving for now. It's just a lightweight sheer tank-style top, but it makes a great addition to any outfit I wear. I usually wear it with a tank top or spaghetti strap top under, and I wore it with bandeau's over summer. The shearling boots i'm wearing are so warm and so comfortable, and I really love the overall look of them.

{Star top worn w/ tank under: dELias, Pants: Burlingtons, Boots: c/o MyHotShoes, Cardigan: French Connection}

{P.S I recently bought these Hilfiger rain boots at a thrift store, and they were kind of faded. My dad fixed them up with some black shine, and they pretty much look brand new!! He did such a good job, and I can't stop wearing them!}

Look Again: Recreating Your Favorite Looks

     I absolutely love when my favorite stores come out with new lookbooks! There's summer/spring lookbooks, winter lookbooks, and my current favorite fall lookbooks. I think they're a great way to see all the new things they'll have in store and how they can be styled, but they also give me some ideas on new styles for fall I can try. Whenever I flip through the outfits, I pick out an outfit or two i'd like to re-create from the items I already have in my closet, and I have so much fun with it!

     I love adding my own twist to the outfits they come up with, so even if I can't go out and buy every piece they use, I can use what I already have to get the same outcome. Recreating outfits is a fun and costless way to try out new trends. One of my favorite stores is Jack Wills, so I chose two of their amazingly stylish looks from their autumn looks and recreated them with items from other stores. I hope this inspires you to look at outfits from your favorite places to shop and favorite celebs, and hopefully you play around with your closet and see if you can get their look!
Look Again: Recreating Your Favorite Looks

Look #1: I like this look a lot because it's really simple, but pretty much each piece pops in its own way. My favorite were the paisley shorts, their design is so gorgeous and they were definitely a vocal point in the outfit itself. For my look, I paired a white sweater with the same style as the Jack Wills one, a pair of sequin paisley shorts, Chelsea boots with boot socks, and a leather bag. My twist for this look was going with neutral colors, but its still a pretty good recreation since it still holds all the same elements.

Look #2: My favorite part about this look was the combination of the two classics: a plaid shirt and oxfords. I love those two, but I love them even more when they're together! I chose a different colored vest and paired it with an orange/brown plaid shirt. I chose a lighter pair of skinny jeans and a pair of oxfords, and a brown bag to finish off the look. I think this fall, Jack Wills focused on neutral elements in most of the new clothes which I absolutely loved! It's a perfect representation of fall.

The Slouchy Bunch

     Oversized sweaters and pullovers might possibly be my favorite things about fall! I love how cozy they feel, and they are most definitely versatile! I can wear them with sweatpants and boots, or I can wear them with dark skinny jeans, flats, a scarf, and a few other accessories to make them look just as stylish as any fancy sweater out there. I picked out a few simple slouchy sweaters I think can definitely be played up to be perfect for any occasion, and I especially love the yellow one from Chicnova.

     The beauty of the slouchy sweater is that it can be found anywhere! A thrift store, Forever21, any high-end boutiques. That right there is full proof that people love them! And would you believe me if I said i'm wearing one of them right now? I found a very comfortable William & Mary field hockey pullover, and I absolutely love it. It quickly became the vocal point of my current go-to outfit, which I promise to showcase in an outfit post very soon.

The Slouchy Bunch

Brown Boots & Fall Feelings

     I absolutely love boots! They're perfect for fall, and when paired with a fuzzy pair of socks, they just add a really nice touch to any fall outfit. While looking through my closet, I found a long knitted sweater and boy, was I glad. I love how it looks with the boots I wore them with, since the boots are brown and the sweater is gray. I added a pretty plaid shirt, a leather belt, and a shoulder bag then I was all ready to face the new chill that's just come around! I recently got this pair, but I've worn them a few times and have gotten tons of compliments on them.

     This school year has me running around like crazy (seriously.....somehow I always end up racing around the hallways) and i'm in the IB program as well so I have more than last year's workload to do. I love it all though, I've always been one to welcome any challenge! My field hockey team is now getting ready for playoffs, so I'm really excited to see what happens and hopefully our hard work pays off! I haven't forgotten about Peppermint + Ivy at all, and my agenda book is filled with a list of posts I really want to do! I'm so excited to put up more outfit posts, styling posts, and home decor stuff too. Leave a comment below and we can catch up!

{Cardigan: Sears, Shirt: USPA, Jeans: Hollister, Boots: c/o MyHotShoes}

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