The Spakler's Stepping Stone

          When it comes to decorating my room, I always try to add in little fun pieces since I can't really go all out. Something I've started doing a lot more is adding small touches of shimmer to my room. Hanging necklaces on my lamp, getting a gold frame, tying my shimmery scarf around the doorknob, etc. And though those may be a few unconventional ways to add shimmer, I love them and they gave way to today's post.
     There are tons of ways you can add a small hint of shine to any room, without having to go all out and change everything in there. Adding a hint of shine can make a room more fun and add a personal touch to it, and just overall make it a cool and stylish place to be!
The Sparkler's Stepping Stone

So have you ever thought of adding.....

A Crystal Chandelier: This might be a somewhat big job, but adding a sparkling chandelier to a room would just light it up 100%! Crystal chandeliers are gorgeous, and I just love the way the light hits all parts of it, giving off a gorgeous shine.

A Mosaic Mirror: This is an artistic way to add shimmer, especially if its little squares of glass. Mosaics are so pretty, especially on mirrors.

Shimmering Curtains: I think curtains are the vocal point of a house, so having ones that make an impact is awesome! I especially love shimmery curtains because the minute the sun peers through them, its gorgeous.

A Sparkly Pillow Cover: Adding a sparkly pillow cover doesn't take much time, and they leave your seats/couches looking absolutely fantastic as a whole! Just think, the minute your guest is ready to sit down, they see the pillow covers and are in awe! Besides, they just make me smile.

A Glass Table: I've always loved glass tables, and I really like how small and understated this one is! It's not too big to over-power the room, and it isn't exactly shimmer, but it has just enough shine!

Crystal Lamp: I am in love with this lamp! I love how the shade is black, and then it just has pieces of shimmer hanging around it. How cute is that?!

A Scented Candles: Scented candles are just great. I love how they can add a warm sense to the room, with just a touch of one scent!

Eat, Sleep, And Be Merry Chandelier: This has to be my favorite piece out of all the ones I've listed! This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous, and so creative! It's filled with silver & gold forks and spoons. Ahhh it leaves me in awe! This is definitely something I'd love to have in a dining room. This would be such an awesome DIY too!

A Metallic Seat: Adding a metallic seat to a room would be great because it's nothing too major, but it adds an amazing statement to the room! I think it's a piece that would pop out so much, and really make the room look gorgeous! I've always thought that metallics go with everything, and this seat counts too!


lindsey said...

I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! You are beautiful!!!! Would love for you to stop by my little piece of the blogosphere. I am doing a fun giveaway here is the link:

xoxo Linds

Tariro said...

Thank you so much Lindsey!

North Shore Prep said...

I love shimmer and glitter, in my clothes and my decor! Great picks, Tariro. XO

Indy said...

Ooo, crystal chandeliers are so gorgeous!

Tariro said...

Thanks ladies!

ashley nicole catherine said...

so gorgeous! love all these items!

Tariro said...

Thank you!

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