Splurge Vs. Save: Glitter Loafers

     Another emerging Fall trend I'm really loving is Glitter Slip-On Loafers. I think I professed my love to a lovely black pair from J. Crew a few posts ago, and it hasn't simmered down at all! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I'd never even thought that glitter could end up covering a pair of shoes, or even looking so perfect!
     But, sadly, I can't pay $215 for them so I just stare at them and think "What if.....", and I think a few other people do as well! But, there's no need for us to be sad anymore! Because there's a few pairs to save the day, affordable pairs that look almost if not just as good as our beloved originals! So you be the judge. Would you rather splurge(the more expensive pairs) or save(the less expensive pairs).
Splurge Vs. Save: Glitter Loafers

The Splurges: This list starts off with what I think are the actual originals, which are Jimmy Choo's glitter loafers (for men, though I think women could rock them as well!). I couldn't find the original price for these......but my mind wandered and I figured it'd be a huge splurge! Next up would be my dream pair, a gold and black version of the Darby Glitter Loafers from J. Crew. They're absolutely gorgeous, but out of my budget. So that leaves a pair from Steve Madden, which I guess if you compare the price of these to the J. Crew pair, they're less expensive, but compared to the saves, they're a little bit more expensive. So the Steve Madden pair could be a splurge or a save!

The Saves: Here comes the goodies! My favorite pair out of the saves would have to be glitter loafers from Bamboo for only $20! Though they're not as ridiculously blinged out as my J. Crew dream pair, they're still pretty cute! Then next up is the Multi-Glitter pair from GoJane for $18, which are actually really cute! I love the whole multi-glitter look! And then in the next row, there's a really adorable pair from TopShop for $40, and to me these seem like a classy-glitter. They're not too wild, but just right. And next to those, I really love this pair from BP. Its completely glittered out, and they're so gorgeous! This pair is $60. And like I mentioned before, depending on your wallet, the Steve Madden pair could be a save for $79.95.

P.S Happy Halloween! I'm getting ready to go spend some time with friends & hoard some candy! Have a fun & safe night.

I Love You This Much

     The rides home from school are probably one of the only times I have to just sit there and think about anything in the world. When I'm not trying to fix my goggles into place, or washing off my mouthguard, or typing up an essay, or running around filling out petitions for government class, just a time when I can think. 
     And today, I think I just thought about the most important thing ever. Telling the people I love just how much I love them before it's too late. I feel like lately, I've sort of been on shaky ground with myself and people around me. Not really knowing who my friends are, not knowing what I want to do, not knowing how to react to certain situations. I'd love to just have someone tell me its another sucky thing about being young, and that it'll all disappear the minute I step onto a college campus or walk through the door of my first job.
     It doesn't really bug me that I'm on shaky ground with certain people, but when its people I love, it gets to me. Like my sister for example. We have our fair share of fights and disagreements, the roughest being when I was 6 and she was 10 fighting over a Barbie (this one ended in me losing a tooth.....). But sometimes when we argue, even for the smallest things, it could last for a whole day. And though I may not like how she acts or what she tells me or what she may do, at the end of the day she's still my sister and I love her.
     I think I realized that the reason I let our silent-treatments/fights go on for so long is because I know.....actually I expect her to be there tomorrow to go back to laughing and joking around. I've never stopped to think that maybe tomorrow she'll be gone, or she wont be around for me to say silly things to or dance around in the kitchen with.
     Maybe it's time I learn to let the little things go and enjoy my time with her and everyone else in my family, because I really don't know how much time I have with her. Next year, she'll be living on campus (she's a Sophomore in college), and I won't have anyone to go shopping with or discuss my latest boy problems with. So maybe I should let her know just how much I love her, because I love her soooooooooooooo much. Oh, and I love you all too! And i'm slowly feeling a little bit better, adios flu!

Classic Romantics

     I've spent the last three days groggy, sick, sore, and miserable :(
     Somewhere along the way, I caught a horrible cold, which has resulted in a really bad sore throat, restlessness, and just all around miserableness that wont go away. Day 1 was just an uncomfortable throat, Day 2 was a headache and soreness, & Day 3 was everything times 10. But, you know how I do, I haven't stopped with my moving about. Of course I've slowed down and spent more hours laying on the couch and whining to my mom, but aside from that I've been up and about.
     These three days have dragged by in sweatpants and hoodies, which I honestly do not regret. The comfort of a soft cotton hoodie and Uggs has done wonders for my moral, and though some may consider it "sloppy", I've resolved to thinking its okay. But even though I'm comfortable, I can't help but wish that maybe I was a little bit more dressed up.
     With weather like this (rainy, yet not too cold), I'd really love to turn to the classics. Soft striped shirts, comfortable light wash jeans, slippers, a skirt with leggings, or maybe just sitting on the couch and wrapping myself in a nice plushy blanket. I'd love to whip up an outfit consisting a mixture of dark red & blue plaid, with some subtle stripes and boots. I feel like I'm missing out, but then again, for now I think I should just focus on getting better, and staying warm. But hey, a girl can dream!

Light Rustics

Splurge Vs. Save: Leopard Print Loafers

          One emerging trend I'm absolutely loving is leopard print, especially leopard print slip-on loafers! It seems like these graceful wild-things are gracing the feet of everyone from celebs to some of my favorite bloggers, and they truly leave me a little envious! Ofcourse I'd love a pair, but I can't get away with buying shoes for $130+.
     So imagine how happy I was to find two fantastic and less expensive versions of these gorgeous loafers! I literally jumped around from joy, because now the dream slippers are literally in my reach!
     But, I know that a lot of other people would love a pair as well, so I thought to share the news and the saves with you! You can be the judge of whether you like the splurge(the more expensive pairs), or the saves(the less expensive pairs) best!

Save vs. Splurge

The Splurges: Three absolutely gorgeous pairs, but sadly they're just a little bit out of my reach. Especially since I really want the shoes now, or the near future (ie: tomorrow). These three pairs are from Charles Philip, Dolce Vita, and J. Crew. The quality of these shoes is absolutely gorgeous, and I really like them all! My favorite is the second pair, which is from Dolce Vita.

The Saves: Here's my forte. These two equally gorgeous pairs are definitely in my reach, and one is by Bamboo and my favorite out of the two is the pair from Lulus (if you follow me on twitter, you know I had the greatest freakout ever when I found these!). Though at first my favorite pair was definitely the one by Wanted from Lulus, i keep changing my mind! Because actually, I really like the pair from Bamboo as well! I love how its colors pop, and it's such a close match to the splurges. With that said, the pair from Lulus, has that real "fur" look, which makes them appealing as well. This is gonna be a tough decision! The pair from Bamboo's price dropped a little, they are now $18!

So, thats the situation in the case of the leopard print loafers! Hopefully I'll have a pair by the end of the week, because I've really put them on the top of my wishlist. Which would you do, splurge or save?

The Cool Coast

   When I saw Minnie Mortimer's Malibu home on the Vogue website, I was in love! Its this perfect combination of west coast beach vibe meets east coast casual, with her own touches to complete it. But what I really loved was one section of her house, where there was a gorgeous rustic table placed against the wall, and vintage photographs & a gorgeous painting she'd placed above them. On the table, there were a few more photos, a few books, and a vase with gorgeous pink flowers. From that moment, I knew I had to share it with you guys!
      Here's how to recreate this lovely part of Minnie's house, while adding your own touches to it! All the pieces can be found for really affordable prices at Target, Macys, or Sears! 
The Cool Coast

A Vintage Photograph: This really is my favorite part of the wall! The picture is basically the definition of cool, and it has this really awesome beach vibe! I just love it! If you can't go out and buy a vintage print, you can always find one online and print it out to fill the frame in! Super easy, and in-expensive. Also, you can put the picture in silver frame, a black frame, or whatever color you'd like. Target has great sets of frames!

Rustic Table: The table in her home is so gorgeous, and I love the texture! So, when I was looking for which table to use, I wanted something that'd closely match it, and still retain some pretty cool qualities. Though this one is a bit more polished, it's still really nice! For a table like this one, I think Target or Ikea would be a great place to look for one.

3 Small Family/Other Photos: Adding a personal touch to a room is fantastic, and I really like the idea of getting a few small frames to fill in with photos of you with people you love, or maybe even pictures you took yourself. For a set of black frames, I know that Target has a greats selection.

Storage Basket: I absolutely love this basket! Its woven, and absolutely perfect! It adds a fantastic touch of texture to the room, and its a cool place to leave some blankets or extra books for your use. One of these might be tricky to find, but I think Ikea would be a definitely place to find them, or Crate & Barrel. My mom recently picked up a smaller one at a yard sale, and though its yet to be used, I might just sneak it into my room.

Gold Frame + Painting: Keeping with the California cool theme, I love Minnie's idea of placing a gold frame in the area too! But, I thought it'd be cool to change it up a bit and add a circular frame instead! But, you could just find a standard gold one too. Hopefully they make circular paintings! I think finding a painting you really love and using that is a great idea, or maybe painting your own one.

A Few Books: Books or maybe even a small stack of magazines are good to have in a room as well, in case you get a little bored and decide to just relax and flip through a magazine. This is a great excuse for a new subscription to your favorite magazine!

Flowers In A Vase: Flowers keep a fresh and sweet aroma in the room, and they just make it seem so welcoming! When I see flowers, I smile because I know that the room's just bound to be warm and comfortable. And they add a little spring in your step!

Two Drops of Monday

          Mondays are probably my least favorite days of the year, much like other people, but sometimes little things make them just a little bit better. Like today, after online work in English, my friends and I did a little blog-trotting. While looking around, I remembered a picture of a mannequin I'd seen a while ago, and the outfit as a whole was absolutely perfect, and each piece was just so amazing on its own too! I couldn't remember where I'd seen it, and the minute I got home I looked it up and found it!
     Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (well.......from the workplace of an amazing designer), an outfit from Kiel James Patrick's workshop, which im thinking is Sarah Vickers inspired! Her style is absolutely amazing, and you can just tell that the outfit is all her because of its components! She has this classic preppy style, yet she always adds on such fantastic twists and great pattern mixes. I am in love with that jacket, and the skirt, and the shirt, and the bag......everything! If I could trade closets with anyone for a day, it'd have to be her.

     Secondly, I wore my desert shoes today, which I absolutely love. But staring down at them while I was walking through the hallway got me thinking.......why not change the plain brown laces to some neon green or blue ones? Its a cool new touch to the neon and neutral trend, and I got the idea from Crew Cuts a few weeks ago, and I haven't let it go since! A pop of color is great, especially on shoes! Besides, I think its the cutest thing ever!

Blue Monday

     My favorite color is blue, my favorite nail polish is blue, most of my clothes are blue, and the ocean is blue. I am pretty much in love with blue! There's just something about it. I like all shades of it, and I feel like each one has its own meaning. Like dark blue's sort of shady and mysterious, or it reminds me of nighttime, and light-blue is just sweet and serene, a much more calming blue.
     I absolutely love this romper, my friend gave it to me as part of gifts she'd put together for me, and I'm happy she did! Its so soft, so comfortable, and its blue! She also gave me the cardigan, with navy blue stripes, which I love as well. Its just cool to see all the ways blue can be put to use, and how it can be paired!  Whats your favorite color?

Cardigan: Forever 21, Romper: Forever 21, Shoes: TOMS

Every Summer, Every Color

     When I saw pictures of a Tommy Hilfiger Pop-Up store that was in England, I fell in love! I've never seen so many brights in one place, and I absolutely love it! I love the idea of turning a quaint beach house into something really fun, and playful! From yellows to reds, to pinks to greens, and everything in between! Its an amazing combination of beach prep, with tons of great pops of color! Definitely my style, and a cool representation of an endless summer. I wish I would've had the chance to go to one of the US locations during summer!
     The interior of the store is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how they kept it simple and let the clothes really be the vocal point! Check it out! P.S I spy with my little eye some goods from Kiel James Patrick!

Playing With Denim

One of my favorite things in the world is denim! I really love a good pair of jeans, especially dark wash, to pair with tons of things in my closet. With that, I absolutely love denim shirts! Though I've outgrown the ones I own, seeing people wear them makes me want to run out and buy one!
     What I love the most about denim shirts is how versatile they are. There's so many great ways you can pair them, and the possibilities are really endless! So, I styled 1 denim shirt 3 different ways, and came up with some really fun and chic outfits!

Playing With Denim

 Denim + Stripes: I absolutely love stripes, especially a new stripes cardigan I just got. My favorite thing about stripes is just their look as a whole, and together with a denim shirt, they look great! The under-stated cool of the shirt combines with that of the skirt, and together they work together really well! Statement jewelry like a really chunky chain necklace and a leather bag can complete the look, and adding on some plain pumps completes it all.

Denim + Shimmer & Print: An outfit combination with two of my favorite things?! Woah! I am completely in love with this skirt from J. Crew! Its so pretty, and I'ts been on my wishlist forever! I think that the skirt would go great with riding boots, especially because the leather color goes so well with the gold-shimmer. To accessorize, adding a touch of print wouldn't hurt, especially by staying in the same color family you've used already.

Denim + Color, Print, & a Blazer: First off, the color of these jeans is gorgeous! The red just pops out so well, and its really nice. For this outfit, I thought it was time to add a blazer into the mix. Also, branching off from the color of the blazer, I chose these really cute pointed-toe cheetah print flats. Aren't they adorable?! I think a simple leather bag would look really nice with the outfit, and really let the denim and the jeans show off their look!

Livin' La Vida Classic

          There's nothing I love more than the sweet combination of black and white, with some undertones of gray. Black and white is a classic beauty, and together they make the biggest statement without even having to say a word. So, whats the next best than a black & white living room, with a few subtle touches of gray?
     I've developed a gigantic love for somewhat dark colors, and this just continues the love!

Livin' La Vida Classic

Cotton Blankets: Whats not to love about soft, comfy, and warm blankets? Especially in white! We have a basket full of blankets in our living room, and I'm always quick to grab the white one!

Stylish Day Bed: I think a day bed would be fantastic to have in a living room! Something on the side, comfortable enough to chill on on a Sunday, and good enough to nap on right after a long day.

Pearl Side Table: I absolutely love this little table! I think it'd go great especially under a mirror. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous, and it's just really nice.

Patterned Mirror: In accordance to the side table, I absolutely love this mirror! Its absolutely cool! Its so sleek as well.

Tufted Gray Chair: I really like this chair, especially its color! A few of these would do very well.

Iron Letter: This has to be my favorite in the whole room! Iron letters are really cool, and I'd love to have one that lights up right next to pictures up on a wall.

Weathered Window Pane: I really like the texture of this window pane! Such a great way to let the sunshine in, and keep a nice calm natural effect in the room as well.

Plain & Patterned Pillows: You all know that I'm a sucker for patterns, especially on pillows! But, its always good to keep a bit of a balance, so I added the black pillow in too.

Lotus Curtains: I really like these curtains! They're so pretty, and the pattern is great.

Black Frames: Colored frames make an amazing statement in a home, especially in black. I really like these frames because of their assorted sizes, and they'd be something lovely to walk up to everyday.

When Someone Cares For You.....

You're The Best♥

The world is an amazing place.......

     I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I have a new post coming tomorrow, and I think you're all gonna love it! 
     This morning, one of my really good friends surprised me! She came over to my house, rang the doorbell, and had presents and a ukelele in hand! After singing an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs, we caught up, shared a bunch of laughs, until sadly she has to go. But seeing her just made my entire week! She moved away a few months ago, so we've always had to call each other or text, or facebook. But everything's better in person! Knowing that I have such an amazing friend who'd make the trek over warms my heart. Honestly, she's like a sister to me!

Living A Girl's Adventure

    Recently, we took a huge exam in school called the PSAT, which would basically test our English and Math levels. But, the scores would then be put into our permanent records, and later be seen by the colleges we applied to, and any scholarship organizations. That really got me thinking. How am I gonna get where I want to go? What if I want to get there now?
     If you ask me what I want in life, i'll tell you the truth. I want to go to a really good college, study Computer Science & Graphic Designing, and hopefully play lacrosse or field hockey. Then after that? I really want to work for a magazine, creating pages, booking models, writing articles, it all sounds so fun!
     But what about now? What am I gonna do now? Is it completely wrong and backwards to want to follow your dreams before you even formally go to learn the tools you need for them? I want to work in fashion now. Like literally, right now. I'd love to hop on a plane and go to LA or New York and watch fashion shows, I want to decorate homes & stores, or visit showrooms and decide what a major company should buy, or even style photoshoots and so on. There's just so much I want to do!
     I want to live the biggest adventure of my life now, because I feel like that's what I've been working for for ages! Thats really my biggest motivation for blogging. I blog so I can get my skills and talents out there, so I can meet and interact with other people who share my interests, and so I can really learn a lot more things!
       What keeps me calm and keeps me grounded is the fact that I have a long way to go, but I'm slowly getting closer and closer each day! Through blogging, I've had some of the greatest experiences, gotten the most amazing chances (like getting to write for Prep Talk), and met the greatest people!
     Honestly, there's tons of stuff Id love to do right now! Working in fashion, playing lacrosse for a Division 1 team, traveling the world, everything! At the end of the day, I know that if I keep working towards what I want, i'll get exactly where I want soon and it'll be worth it.
     I know this post may have just been one big ramble on about irrelevant things, but I felt that somehow I had to get out my thoughts in hopes that someone would read them and be able to connect with them.

Falling For Fall

          One of my favorite things about this upcoming fall is the fact that its all about bright colors, and having fun. But with those bright colors, I still yearn to wear the neutrals and the famous fall colors, the browns and the oranges, the usuals I guess you could say. But, with those usuals comes a lot of new items i'd love to wear this season! Sheer blouses, printed skirts, even hand-knit sweaters! Also, I'm absolutely loving tons of sparkles and little bits of shine! Where the leaves fall from is my limit.

Falling For Fall

Off Orange Blouse: I saw a blouse just like this one at Forever 21, and I really regret not buying it! I love the orange color, and its so gorgeous! I think the off orange color or a mustard color is really in this fall season!

Shiny Open Toed Sandals: There's nothing wrong with a little sparkle in your days! I really love these sandals! My favorite part of them is the silver toe part, its just so pretty! These would be a great way to bust through the sometimes boring days of fall, and they're just so fun!

Tartan Travel Bag: This bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mixture of oranges and navys together, they just work together so well! Though its a travel bag, i'd definitely use it when going out as well!

Yellow Cotton Pants: I absolutely love these pants! I own corduroys in multiple colors, but I definitely want a pair of these as well! They just look so comfortable, and the color is really nice.

Statement Necklaces: Combined with the usual colors of fall, statement necklaces are a great addition to any outfit! I love the fact that they have a lot to say, but they say it in such few terms. Basically, they're pretty, and on top of a gorgeous yellow sweater, they're even better.

Gray Alpaca Sweater: I absolutely love this sweater! Its hand-knit, and I really like the pattern! I bet its absolutely warm and cozy, and whats better than that?! Also, I love the gray color!

Tiered Dress: This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I bet it'd be a blast to dance around in, and its just the cutest thing! Its such a great sparkle piece for a night out, and you could easily pair it with some leggings and be on your way.

Printed Calf Skirt: I absolutely love this skirt! The gradient of all the colors is absolutely gorgeous, and over all its so pretty! The length is perfect, and it'd be the perfect addition to any outfit you want for a calm day.

What are some of your favorites for fall?

The Calm After The Storm

     This has probably one of the most hectic weeks ever. My aunt had a liver transplant, and so we've been rushing to and from the hospital daily, visiting her, and seeing how she's doing. Thankfully, she's doing much better and she's slowly recovering. We know its going to be a long and tough process for her to fully recover, but we're taking it one step at a time.

     After all the craziness of trying to see if the doctors knew what was wrong, to finding out she needed a new liver, to trying to find a donor, honestly i'm exhausted. Though the adults handled all that, we the children were left with the mental stress of sometimes not understanding what was happening, and our worries were much higher.

     What I love about this home is how calm and peaceful it is. Just from looking at the front view, I can honestly tell that the twinkle of the sun hitting the window & the sound of the waves crashing outside probably brings the most amazing peace to the family that resides in it. I absolutely love the subtle blues splashed all over, they're just perfect.
     This is exactly what my whole family and I need. A break, somewhere nice, somewhere quite. But for now, I think I'll find my own little piece of solace by day-dreaming about this home, about the few miles it'd take to walk from there to the beach, and about how less stressful everything will be once my aunt's fully healthy, and once we've all rested a little bit more. I just want the calm after the storm. We can't go back to before, but we've only just left the storm.

Choose Your Grays Wisely: Free People Oct. 2011

    One of my favorite brands and stores of all time is Free People. I absolutely love the fact that they play around with colors and patterns, and the result are all these amazing pieces I drool over and paste onto wishlists, in hope of them one day being mine.
     For a little while, I sort of lost touch with my love for Free People. It didnt exactly disappear, but it was gone. But last month, when I received the September catalog, my heart fluttered yet again. And then this month, when the October Catalog came, all hell broke loose! I absolutely love all the pieces in their October collection. The patterns are perfect, the colors are amazing, its all just fantastic!
     So I decided to pick out some of my favorites and share them, and it turns out that all my favorites are either gray/silver, white or black, or a combination of those. Go figure! But either way, these 6 caught my eye, and I really like them a lot!

October 2011 Picks

  1. Metallic Tweed Shorts: I'm the biggest fan of anything shiny, and these shorts definitely make the cut! I absolutely love their look as a whole, and the combination of tweed and metallic is just fantastic in my opinion! How cute are they?!
  2. Melting Point Ankle Boots: OH. MY. GOSH. These boots are absolutely gorgeous! They honestly just leave me speechless! I absolutely love the metal tip, and the two-tone look over all!
  3. Cropped Pullover: This pullover is really cute! I love the fact that its cropped, and it'd make a great combination with a tank top or a long sleeved for the chilly days ahead.
  4. Miles of Lace Dress: This dress is really pretty! I love the lace, and it just looks so well put-together!
  5. Gold Rush Dress: Oooo perfection! I really love the way the shiny parts are knitted through-out the dress, and the dress' look overall!
  6. Retro Tapestry Coat: This coat is so gorgeous! I really think this is my favorite out of all 6, or maybe it's a tie between the coat and the ankle boots! Honestly, there's just something about it! Its so beautiful, and I love the black & white color combination! Its so city, so stylish, so great!
So, these are my favorites! I hope you're all having an amazing weekend!

Enjoy Yourself

     Its finally the weekend! I've been looking forward to is so much this week! I'm completely drained from field hockey, school, and all I want to do is get some rest. But, thankfully today we didn't have practice, so in celebration of the upcoming weekend and freedom, I finally got to wear something a little nicer than a jersey, and decided to make it an outfit post! So, here's what I wore today! I really love the desert shoes, which I got a few months ago but am getting around to wearing them now.
     What are you all up to for the weekend?

(Jacket: Macys, Top: Max Rave, Jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Sears)

Loafing Around

*R.I.P Steve Jobs! Wow......I honestly can't believe it.....he truly changed the world
     One of my favorite styles coming out this fall are penny loafers and slippers! But, out of those two my favorite pick would have to be penny loafers! They remind me so much of Nancy Drew, and I love seeing how people put an outfit twist on such an amazing classic, and put their own style into it as well! 
     But also, I love seeing all the new styles and kinds of loafers coming out of the woodwork! Colorful pairs, animal print pairs, plaid pairs, platform pairs! The works! So, I decided to style some of my favorite new styles of loafers, and maybe give you guys some ideas of what you could rock this fall to stay fun and stylish.
Loafing Around

Called Upon Classics:  This outfit really pays homage to the classic loafers, and the styles they accomodate when worn. I really love their simplicity, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and the make is really nice too! Also, take note of the adorable earrings put in with the outfit! These clip-on knot earrings from Kiel James Patrick actually remind me of waves and of the sea, but I just love their style! Especially the brass part wrapping around the striped part.

Sweet Beginnings:  This is when you really start to see the changes that have come upon loafers in the years. I really love the cute bubbly pink color of these ones from J. Crew! Its so different, yet just absolutely adorable. Paired with items of colors just like it, such as a cool blazer is a great idea. To add even more fire to the blaze, adding a nice sparkly top is a great idea! Why not have fun all the way?

Loafing Around Part 2

Animal Instinct: These loafers in my opinion are absolutely amazing, and they are my favorite! This pair is just so gorgeous, and I'm a huge fan of leopard print so I fall in love with them even more! I thought to pair them with white cords, for warmth, comfort, and color, and then a black blouse just for a bit more effect. To cool it up, I added a dark-cream cardigan/wrap in case the day turns chilly, and you can still keep in check with the theme of a cheetah!

Pumped Up Simples: I've started to take a liking to the heeled version of loafers, and I think lots of other people would agree! The fact of taking such a classic, then adding a different dynamic to it amazes me! But keeping it the exact same, and keeping its elements is what got me hooked! Besides, they're just really cute! Maybe something i'd wear to an awards ceremony or a dinner, but they'd be a nice addition to my closet!

*Dont forget to enter the Michael Kors contest!*

Contest Over!: Michael Kors *Giveaway*

     Whats more for a girl to love than sparkly gold & a sweet smell? I don't really think there's much! With the help of Polyvore, i'm hosting my very first giveaway on Peppermint & Ivy! You could win a gift set of Michael Kors' new fragrance Gold (which is amazing!), and the grand prize of a $1,000 Michael Kors giftcard to spend on whatever your heart desires! 
     All you have to do is make a Polyvore set! Using the editor below, just drag clothing items into the white space and create an outfit using the fragrance, and then press Enter Contest and you're good to go! 
*If you do not have a Polyvore account, its easy! Once you make your set, press Enter Contest, and then follow the instructions to sign up. Contest ends on the 7th.

*You can make as many entries as you'd like!

How Its Judged:

  • I will pick the winner of the Gold Gift Set from my blog (so one of you lovely readers).
  • Polyvore & Michael Kors will pick the grand prize, judging entries from my blog and other blogs as well.

     I really wanted to do a giveaway for you guys that would be both fun and very worth it, and this one is! Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see all your entries, I know they'll all shine!

Autumn's Hard Earned Harvest

While doing my browsing through Matchbox Magazine, I came across this absolutely gorgeous plaid throw, and I was in love. Unlike the freezing cold weather and horrible rain outside, this throw looks so cozy and warm, and I just want to wrap myself in it. After a daydream or two, I got to thinking and decided that my new post would be a styling post based on elements from the throw and from Autumn (something prep-inspired, stylish, and subtle with neutrals & a touch of red) and a mini-interior decor post (something rustic(though not exactly illustrated), urban, and maybe a little antique). 

Autumn's Earned Harvest

1.  Short Tailored Trench: I absolutely love this little update on the trench coat! Its so simple, yet it makes just as big of a statement as its longer counter-part.
2.  Skull Black Slippers: In all honesty, I couldn't pick between slippers or boots, so I decided to put up both. I really love these slippers, and the skull design is just absolutely cool! Its almost a rebel yell on a really awesome classic.
3.  Knit Sweater: Not much to say about this, but I really like the cream and white, and the fact that its striped!
4.  Highwaisted Jeans: I really love the dark wash of these jeans, and I really think you can never go wrong in dark jeans.
5.  Black Leather Riding Boots: Maybe this is when I should explain myself. From the moment I began working on the outfit, I knew I wanted black shoes. I couldn't decided which pair, but I absolutely love these riding boots! They really leave me speechless.
6.  Cashmere Scarf: A red/maroon scarf, a small piece with a big statement.

1.  Eat Sign: For some reason, I just like this sign! I'd love to have it hung up in my future kitchen, and I love the dark metal color.
2.  Antique Crystal Chandelier: This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mixture of brass and crystals together, it just leaves me in awe.
3.  Spider Web Accent Chairs: I think chairs with cool designs are amazing in any home, and this one doesnt differ!
4.  Cherry Finish Mirror: This mirror is absolutely lovely! I'm developing a liking to full length mirrors.
5.  Velvet Chaise: I absolutely love this chaise! From what I can see, the velvet is so pretty, and it just looks so soft and comfy.
6.  Mixed Photo Frames: Whats not to love about classic black photo frames to fill with memories?
7.  Sea Salts: I find sea salts really interesting, especially the colors! These would make an amazing way to decorate your home.
8.  Plaid Throw: The throw that started it all! I absolutely love it! Its so gorgeous, it looks so cozy, and it just brings so many different elements together in one!

Whitewash: White Year Round

     One of my favorite colors to wear is white, especially white trousers. I always have fun pairing them with colorful pieces, and to me they become the pop of color amongst others. But another way I love to pair white trousers is with other white pieces, creating an all-white outfit. Yes ladies & gentlemen, it can be truly acceptable to wear white after labor day. Or maybe i'm just a rule breaker?
     In my opinion, every day is the perfect time to wear white, though sometimes I add a little twist of my own so I don't look too washed-out/have a white overload. And also, its a perfect way to balance out your outfit. How so? By adding a touch of gray, or a touch of sparkle.

*You could definitely wear an all-white outfit, but if you decide to go for a twist, adding a small touch of gray or sparkle is the perfect way to add balance to your outfit.

Outfit #1: For my coveted touch of gray, I chose this lovely slouchy gray pullover. Its just so attracting, and it looks absolutely comfortable. You could easily keep it on, then take it off whenever you'd like and you'd still have a fitting all-white outfit. I also chose a simple white shirt, its probably one of the easiest picks, and also a pair of wide-leg trousers. Im thinking you could tuck in the shirt into the trousers, and be on your way. My eye caught onto these gorgeous heeled brogues, they're so perfect! I absolutely love the laces, and their look overall. A nice off-white clutch completes the look, though you could add on some jewelry of any sort.

Outfit #2: Now, this outfit definitely has a lot more touches of gray, black, and sparkles, but I love it just as much! I started on this one with a white blazer, and added on a white blouse with some pretty star designs on it. For this outfit, I chose a maxi skirt instead of trousers to just show a different idea. For shoes, I decided to go with these J. Crew slippers I've been in love with for ages. How gorgeous are they?! I think they could be my one and only splurge for the next year or so. For a bag, I really like this vintage shoulder bag, especially because its woven.

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