Kitchen Fancy

     The thought of having my own kitchen brings butterflies to my stomach! I absolutely love kitchens, especially big ones with tons of space, long counters, and big windows that let the sun in! Ever since I was little, I've spent lots of time with my mom and grandma in the kitchen, and those are some of the best memories I have! Running around my grandma's gigantic kitchen, sitting on the dark red floor and playing while they talked over pots and pans.
     That's why I love them so much, because of the memories! While looking at some interior decor sites, I stumbled upon this kitchen and I instantly liked it! I love how simple it is, and how the whites and browns blend together so well! This kitchen and a few others inspired my post for today, which is what my dream kitchen (or one of them) would look like!

Kitchen Fancy
      The main colors I chose to go with were brown and white, with silver pieces to compliment those two.

Aluminun & White Chairs: I think aluminum chairs would look absolutely gorgeous in this kitchen! There's something about their color and their look that I just love! To balance them out, I chose some really pretty white chairs to go along with that.

Brass Table: Taking a lead from the chairs, I chose a brass table as the centerpiece for this kitchen. Like with the chairs, I just love how it all looks together! I can picture them together in my head, and it's almost a match made in heaven!

Dinnerware Set: Though this seems like a random selection, specifics are just as important as broad items. I feel like I'd have all my dinnerware set out by 3 o'clock, and if I ever do that I'd love to have these white bowls and wares!

Antique Chandelier: I absolutely love chandeliers, and this one's no different! It's absolutely gorgeous!

Glass Bottles: I really like the idea I had for these glass bottles. I thought of maybe putting sand in them, then having them as a centerpiece for the brass table, along with some decorations. Or maybe I could hang them around the kitchen.....hmmm.

Kitchen Storage Unit: I'm not too big on the huge long storage places for the good plates, and I really love this small storage unit! I like how it's small, and under-stated, so it won't over-power the room and it'll make its own statement.

Ceramic Books: I had the idea of having these silver ceramic books on the counter, and tucking away family recipes and little notes between them, along with cookbooks. They're so pretty!

Cupcake Stands: Another idea I had for things to put cupcake stands on the counters. I think the sweet aroma of the cupcakes would make the kitchen smell delicious, and just have that home tone we all love!

So, those are a few things I'd love to have in my future kitchen. What would be in yours?


Carrie said...

Like you, i also like huge kitchens! with a big island and lots and lots of counter space to store all the cookies and goodies. :D


titaz said...

just landed in your blog
wow. it's a dream kitchen :D

nice to meet you :)
Hello from Indonesia,

Tariro said...

Carrie- We're definitely alike when it comes to that!
Titaz- Thank you!

Heather said...

I can't wait to have a big kitchen. I mean the kitchen I have now is a step up from our last apartment and I love how we turned a pot rack into a wine rack. But I can't wait to own a house and have a real kitchen...a kitchen that is my own that I can redesign if I so please.

Tariro said...

I love what you did with the pot rack! I definitely know that your future kitchen will be to die for!

Carlinn said...

This is so cute! I am loving my own kitchen right now but there is still so much i want to do with it! :)

Charlotte Beecham said...

your vibe and style are great. Would love it if youd check out mine and follow me back if you like, it also features my recently launched scarf line 'Charlotte & Lisa' which i think is really suiting to your closet

peony said...

Love those home style!

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