The Cool Coast

   When I saw Minnie Mortimer's Malibu home on the Vogue website, I was in love! Its this perfect combination of west coast beach vibe meets east coast casual, with her own touches to complete it. But what I really loved was one section of her house, where there was a gorgeous rustic table placed against the wall, and vintage photographs & a gorgeous painting she'd placed above them. On the table, there were a few more photos, a few books, and a vase with gorgeous pink flowers. From that moment, I knew I had to share it with you guys!
      Here's how to recreate this lovely part of Minnie's house, while adding your own touches to it! All the pieces can be found for really affordable prices at Target, Macys, or Sears! 
The Cool Coast

A Vintage Photograph: This really is my favorite part of the wall! The picture is basically the definition of cool, and it has this really awesome beach vibe! I just love it! If you can't go out and buy a vintage print, you can always find one online and print it out to fill the frame in! Super easy, and in-expensive. Also, you can put the picture in silver frame, a black frame, or whatever color you'd like. Target has great sets of frames!

Rustic Table: The table in her home is so gorgeous, and I love the texture! So, when I was looking for which table to use, I wanted something that'd closely match it, and still retain some pretty cool qualities. Though this one is a bit more polished, it's still really nice! For a table like this one, I think Target or Ikea would be a great place to look for one.

3 Small Family/Other Photos: Adding a personal touch to a room is fantastic, and I really like the idea of getting a few small frames to fill in with photos of you with people you love, or maybe even pictures you took yourself. For a set of black frames, I know that Target has a greats selection.

Storage Basket: I absolutely love this basket! Its woven, and absolutely perfect! It adds a fantastic touch of texture to the room, and its a cool place to leave some blankets or extra books for your use. One of these might be tricky to find, but I think Ikea would be a definitely place to find them, or Crate & Barrel. My mom recently picked up a smaller one at a yard sale, and though its yet to be used, I might just sneak it into my room.

Gold Frame + Painting: Keeping with the California cool theme, I love Minnie's idea of placing a gold frame in the area too! But, I thought it'd be cool to change it up a bit and add a circular frame instead! But, you could just find a standard gold one too. Hopefully they make circular paintings! I think finding a painting you really love and using that is a great idea, or maybe painting your own one.

A Few Books: Books or maybe even a small stack of magazines are good to have in a room as well, in case you get a little bored and decide to just relax and flip through a magazine. This is a great excuse for a new subscription to your favorite magazine!

Flowers In A Vase: Flowers keep a fresh and sweet aroma in the room, and they just make it seem so welcoming! When I see flowers, I smile because I know that the room's just bound to be warm and comfortable. And they add a little spring in your step!



Fab post! Love that table!

XO - Jami
Imagine Design Blog

Tariro said...

Thank you!

vanessa (the gal) said...

loving the cute little skate boarder guy AND that table!! great idea!

xxoo- vanessa (the gal)

Heather said...

You are so right! Flowers in a vase are an instant mood booster :)


Tariro said...

Thank you! My favorite part is the skater! And they really do! :)

melissa said...

OOh la la. I love the basket, but every time I try to find one, they are so expensive :(

Tariro said...

I love it too! & awww I know!, I looked around and found this one at target. Its not an exact one, but its close and its only $12! :) My mom picked up a smaller version at a yard sale last week, so maybe you could also have a lucky buy.

Pich and Roor said...

love this post you are so talented!! I wish I had your drive when I was your age. That sucks about your iphone i'll cross my fingers for so you can get one for Christmas :)

Tariro said...

Thank you so much!! :)

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