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     One of my favorite things to do is play around with pieces from my closet and pair them in different ways, especially mixing patterns together! Its such a fun thing to do, and some of the combinations become life-long loves you just cant get over! So, I decided to share some of my tips/tricks for mixing patterns, and also mixing colors, and hopefully you can incorporate them into your closet too! It will almost feel like everything's brand new!

Fashion Mixing Bowl

Tip #1: When I mix patterns, I kinda try to color-block. I dont like how it looks using patterns with like colors, so I try to use the next color over (yellow + orange) or (blue + green) etc or just different colors in all. Also, I think its a great idea to also have one or two neutral or single color pieces in the outfit, like a single colored scarf & bag, or just plain brown boots or simple shoes. The single colors pop out, and may even tone down an outfit if you pile on the prints.

Tip #2: From what I've seen, gingham & flower print go together really well, cheetah & flower print go together well, stripes & flower print go together perfectly and I love the look with cheetah print added on too.

Tip #3:  If you want to use the same pattern twice, its a good idea to use it in two different fabrics or colors. Like for example, wear a cheetah print cotton skirt, then a denim cheetah print jacket. Or, a yellow & black cheetah print skirt, and a blue & white cheetah print jacket, both made of denim.

Tip #4: For accessories, I usually try to keep it simple when I mix together patterns. I'd hate to take away from each piece, and I usually worry that the jewelry will get lost in the sea of colors. But, you can go with your instinct and add more flare if you'd like!


JustPatience said...

Love your picks. Great tips.

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I love your pattern mixing! Great tips :) x

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Cool posts!


Clara Turbay said...

You did a good job here i like so much what you post. Please come and check out mine.


Amanda said...

This is fabulous! Each outfit works perfectly. Great styling!


Lovely by Lucy said...

I love leopards! Those loafers look amazing. Great post!
X, Lucy
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