Loafing Around

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     One of my favorite styles coming out this fall are penny loafers and slippers! But, out of those two my favorite pick would have to be penny loafers! They remind me so much of Nancy Drew, and I love seeing how people put an outfit twist on such an amazing classic, and put their own style into it as well! 
     But also, I love seeing all the new styles and kinds of loafers coming out of the woodwork! Colorful pairs, animal print pairs, plaid pairs, platform pairs! The works! So, I decided to style some of my favorite new styles of loafers, and maybe give you guys some ideas of what you could rock this fall to stay fun and stylish.
Loafing Around

Called Upon Classics:  This outfit really pays homage to the classic loafers, and the styles they accomodate when worn. I really love their simplicity, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and the make is really nice too! Also, take note of the adorable earrings put in with the outfit! These clip-on knot earrings from Kiel James Patrick actually remind me of waves and of the sea, but I just love their style! Especially the brass part wrapping around the striped part.

Sweet Beginnings:  This is when you really start to see the changes that have come upon loafers in the years. I really love the cute bubbly pink color of these ones from J. Crew! Its so different, yet just absolutely adorable. Paired with items of colors just like it, such as a cool blazer is a great idea. To add even more fire to the blaze, adding a nice sparkly top is a great idea! Why not have fun all the way?

Loafing Around Part 2

Animal Instinct: These loafers in my opinion are absolutely amazing, and they are my favorite! This pair is just so gorgeous, and I'm a huge fan of leopard print so I fall in love with them even more! I thought to pair them with white cords, for warmth, comfort, and color, and then a black blouse just for a bit more effect. To cool it up, I added a dark-cream cardigan/wrap in case the day turns chilly, and you can still keep in check with the theme of a cheetah!

Pumped Up Simples: I've started to take a liking to the heeled version of loafers, and I think lots of other people would agree! The fact of taking such a classic, then adding a different dynamic to it amazes me! But keeping it the exact same, and keeping its elements is what got me hooked! Besides, they're just really cute! Maybe something i'd wear to an awards ceremony or a dinner, but they'd be a nice addition to my closet!

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M said...

Love the Pumped Up Simples look the best! Great outfits.

Tariro said...


The Dolls Factory said...

Great post. I always go with the classics .
Always following the great work you do on this blog
The Dolls Factory

Anonymous said...

Love that pink blazer



Tariro said...

Thank you!

Yuka said...

omg those pink loafers are so cute!!

Ashley said...

I have been into loafers lately, too. So chic! Classic, simple, but if you snag them in a modern print (like those amazing leopard loafers!), you are set. :)

Thanks for swinging by my blog- don't be a stranger!


Tariro said...

Thanks! I agree!

Zoe @ The Chic Classmate said...

great use of polyvore! so creative!!


Tariro said...


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