Contest Over!: Michael Kors *Giveaway*

     Whats more for a girl to love than sparkly gold & a sweet smell? I don't really think there's much! With the help of Polyvore, i'm hosting my very first giveaway on Peppermint & Ivy! You could win a gift set of Michael Kors' new fragrance Gold (which is amazing!), and the grand prize of a $1,000 Michael Kors giftcard to spend on whatever your heart desires! 
     All you have to do is make a Polyvore set! Using the editor below, just drag clothing items into the white space and create an outfit using the fragrance, and then press Enter Contest and you're good to go! 
*If you do not have a Polyvore account, its easy! Once you make your set, press Enter Contest, and then follow the instructions to sign up. Contest ends on the 7th.

*You can make as many entries as you'd like!

How Its Judged:

  • I will pick the winner of the Gold Gift Set from my blog (so one of you lovely readers).
  • Polyvore & Michael Kors will pick the grand prize, judging entries from my blog and other blogs as well.

     I really wanted to do a giveaway for you guys that would be both fun and very worth it, and this one is! Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see all your entries, I know they'll all shine!


melissa said...

Yay! What a fun contest! How is it judged?

Tariro said...

Im glad you think so! Okay, well I pick the winner of the fragrance gift set(one of my lucky readers), and then Polyvore picks the grand prize winner from entries in my editor, and the editors of other people hosting the giveaway too.

Suburban Princess said...

Awesome giveaway!
I really have no polyvore skills so there's no chance for me!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Ahh! I think I am going to go this!! :) Thats a great giveaway idea. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Tariro said...

Avril, it doesnt matter! You should still definitely join! & yay Chelsea im glad!

WTGGEmily said...

Love this contest! :) What a great idea.

xo Emily

Tariro said...

Thanks! I'm so excited to see all the entries!

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