Autumn's Hard Earned Harvest

While doing my browsing through Matchbox Magazine, I came across this absolutely gorgeous plaid throw, and I was in love. Unlike the freezing cold weather and horrible rain outside, this throw looks so cozy and warm, and I just want to wrap myself in it. After a daydream or two, I got to thinking and decided that my new post would be a styling post based on elements from the throw and from Autumn (something prep-inspired, stylish, and subtle with neutrals & a touch of red) and a mini-interior decor post (something rustic(though not exactly illustrated), urban, and maybe a little antique). 

Autumn's Earned Harvest

1.  Short Tailored Trench: I absolutely love this little update on the trench coat! Its so simple, yet it makes just as big of a statement as its longer counter-part.
2.  Skull Black Slippers: In all honesty, I couldn't pick between slippers or boots, so I decided to put up both. I really love these slippers, and the skull design is just absolutely cool! Its almost a rebel yell on a really awesome classic.
3.  Knit Sweater: Not much to say about this, but I really like the cream and white, and the fact that its striped!
4.  Highwaisted Jeans: I really love the dark wash of these jeans, and I really think you can never go wrong in dark jeans.
5.  Black Leather Riding Boots: Maybe this is when I should explain myself. From the moment I began working on the outfit, I knew I wanted black shoes. I couldn't decided which pair, but I absolutely love these riding boots! They really leave me speechless.
6.  Cashmere Scarf: A red/maroon scarf, a small piece with a big statement.

1.  Eat Sign: For some reason, I just like this sign! I'd love to have it hung up in my future kitchen, and I love the dark metal color.
2.  Antique Crystal Chandelier: This chandelier is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mixture of brass and crystals together, it just leaves me in awe.
3.  Spider Web Accent Chairs: I think chairs with cool designs are amazing in any home, and this one doesnt differ!
4.  Cherry Finish Mirror: This mirror is absolutely lovely! I'm developing a liking to full length mirrors.
5.  Velvet Chaise: I absolutely love this chaise! From what I can see, the velvet is so pretty, and it just looks so soft and comfy.
6.  Mixed Photo Frames: Whats not to love about classic black photo frames to fill with memories?
7.  Sea Salts: I find sea salts really interesting, especially the colors! These would make an amazing way to decorate your home.
8.  Plaid Throw: The throw that started it all! I absolutely love it! Its so gorgeous, it looks so cozy, and it just brings so many different elements together in one!


Dale said...

Just found your blog, actually got over here from your old one but I think it's so unique and the name is great. ALSO, I really like the different picks here, the jeans are great and I'd love all of these items for FALL


Tariro said...

Thank you so much! Im glad you like my blog! & definitely, the outfit was geared towards fall, since that is the upcoming season.

vanessa (the gal) said...

love love love love LOVE! you're too cute i can't stand it! keep up the fabulous work!!


I totally love it!I just began my own blog please check it out and my polyvore
xoxo..(you are very cute):)

GIAA said...

perfect fall look

Tariro said...

Hahaha thank you Vanessa!
Thank you El!
& I agree Gia, thanks.

Ly said...

Seriously I love all your picks!


L0veLindsey said...

I love these.. great post! I want all of these for fall..

By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog! It's a gorgeous ruffed scarf by Nikkisic. Not your traditional scarf, but a mix between modern and 1700's fashion! Go to to check it out :)

Tariro said...

Thank you! Ahhh theyre the keys to a fashionable fall.

Ari said...

cool items!!

Daily Cup of Couture said...

LOVING all of your picks - perfectly preppy with the touch of glam


Michaela Scalisi said...

lovely blog :)

My blog
xoxo Michaela

Tariro said...

Thank you ladies!

Julieta said...

Love your post, great blog sweetie! Great outfit :)
Have a great day! Julieta

Tariro said...

Thanks so much Julieta!

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