Falling For Fall

          One of my favorite things about this upcoming fall is the fact that its all about bright colors, and having fun. But with those bright colors, I still yearn to wear the neutrals and the famous fall colors, the browns and the oranges, the usuals I guess you could say. But, with those usuals comes a lot of new items i'd love to wear this season! Sheer blouses, printed skirts, even hand-knit sweaters! Also, I'm absolutely loving tons of sparkles and little bits of shine! Where the leaves fall from is my limit.

Falling For Fall

Off Orange Blouse: I saw a blouse just like this one at Forever 21, and I really regret not buying it! I love the orange color, and its so gorgeous! I think the off orange color or a mustard color is really in this fall season!

Shiny Open Toed Sandals: There's nothing wrong with a little sparkle in your days! I really love these sandals! My favorite part of them is the silver toe part, its just so pretty! These would be a great way to bust through the sometimes boring days of fall, and they're just so fun!

Tartan Travel Bag: This bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the mixture of oranges and navys together, they just work together so well! Though its a travel bag, i'd definitely use it when going out as well!

Yellow Cotton Pants: I absolutely love these pants! I own corduroys in multiple colors, but I definitely want a pair of these as well! They just look so comfortable, and the color is really nice.

Statement Necklaces: Combined with the usual colors of fall, statement necklaces are a great addition to any outfit! I love the fact that they have a lot to say, but they say it in such few terms. Basically, they're pretty, and on top of a gorgeous yellow sweater, they're even better.

Gray Alpaca Sweater: I absolutely love this sweater! Its hand-knit, and I really like the pattern! I bet its absolutely warm and cozy, and whats better than that?! Also, I love the gray color!

Tiered Dress: This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I bet it'd be a blast to dance around in, and its just the cutest thing! Its such a great sparkle piece for a night out, and you could easily pair it with some leggings and be on your way.

Printed Calf Skirt: I absolutely love this skirt! The gradient of all the colors is absolutely gorgeous, and over all its so pretty! The length is perfect, and it'd be the perfect addition to any outfit you want for a calm day.

What are some of your favorites for fall?


melissa said...

Your collages on Polyvore are amazing!

I have corduroys too. Mine are mustard yellow! I definitely like the essential cardigan, boots and scarves for Fall!

Alice (VESTIGIAL WINGS) said...

love the statement necklace! I feel both intimidated and drawn by them. i think I need to just go in and buy one and worry about styling later :P


Tariro said...

Thanks Melissa! And oooo I really love that color! Those essentials are definitely awesome.
Alice, dont worry! Just try it out and see, you never know, you might really love how the extra sparkles feel ;)

M said...

Love the colors in that bag! Great set of items!

Anonymous said...

AGH! I think I would've regretted buying that orange blouse too! lol. Its just PERFECT for the fall (or the Southern hemisphere Summer lol). Good fall picks =)


Tariro said...

Thank you!

Erika said...

I really like your blog and this nice pics!
I follow you .. do you follow me?

Like this


Heather said...

Love the whole collection...I esp. love the bag and the yellow pants. Need both!


Alice (VESTIGIAL WINGS) said...

that off orange top with the yellow pants would look great together :)


Tariro said...

They really would! :)

Dallas Shaw said...

great necklace


Jerrica said...

Lovely options


Fashion Nostalgia

xoxo, dania said...

all of your favorites are WONDERFUL!


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