Choose Your Grays Wisely: Free People Oct. 2011

    One of my favorite brands and stores of all time is Free People. I absolutely love the fact that they play around with colors and patterns, and the result are all these amazing pieces I drool over and paste onto wishlists, in hope of them one day being mine.
     For a little while, I sort of lost touch with my love for Free People. It didnt exactly disappear, but it was gone. But last month, when I received the September catalog, my heart fluttered yet again. And then this month, when the October Catalog came, all hell broke loose! I absolutely love all the pieces in their October collection. The patterns are perfect, the colors are amazing, its all just fantastic!
     So I decided to pick out some of my favorites and share them, and it turns out that all my favorites are either gray/silver, white or black, or a combination of those. Go figure! But either way, these 6 caught my eye, and I really like them a lot!

October 2011 Picks

  1. Metallic Tweed Shorts: I'm the biggest fan of anything shiny, and these shorts definitely make the cut! I absolutely love their look as a whole, and the combination of tweed and metallic is just fantastic in my opinion! How cute are they?!
  2. Melting Point Ankle Boots: OH. MY. GOSH. These boots are absolutely gorgeous! They honestly just leave me speechless! I absolutely love the metal tip, and the two-tone look over all!
  3. Cropped Pullover: This pullover is really cute! I love the fact that its cropped, and it'd make a great combination with a tank top or a long sleeved for the chilly days ahead.
  4. Miles of Lace Dress: This dress is really pretty! I love the lace, and it just looks so well put-together!
  5. Gold Rush Dress: Oooo perfection! I really love the way the shiny parts are knitted through-out the dress, and the dress' look overall!
  6. Retro Tapestry Coat: This coat is so gorgeous! I really think this is my favorite out of all 6, or maybe it's a tie between the coat and the ankle boots! Honestly, there's just something about it! Its so beautiful, and I love the black & white color combination! Its so city, so stylish, so great!
So, these are my favorites! I hope you're all having an amazing weekend!


North Shore Prep said...

LOVE the shorts!! XO

Tariro said...

Arent they gorgeous?! Thanks!

Stacey Kay said...

Those shoes are amaze!

Goodwill Huntingg

Tariro said...

I agree!

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