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    Recently, we took a huge exam in school called the PSAT, which would basically test our English and Math levels. But, the scores would then be put into our permanent records, and later be seen by the colleges we applied to, and any scholarship organizations. That really got me thinking. How am I gonna get where I want to go? What if I want to get there now?
     If you ask me what I want in life, i'll tell you the truth. I want to go to a really good college, study Computer Science & Graphic Designing, and hopefully play lacrosse or field hockey. Then after that? I really want to work for a magazine, creating pages, booking models, writing articles, it all sounds so fun!
     But what about now? What am I gonna do now? Is it completely wrong and backwards to want to follow your dreams before you even formally go to learn the tools you need for them? I want to work in fashion now. Like literally, right now. I'd love to hop on a plane and go to LA or New York and watch fashion shows, I want to decorate homes & stores, or visit showrooms and decide what a major company should buy, or even style photoshoots and so on. There's just so much I want to do!
     I want to live the biggest adventure of my life now, because I feel like that's what I've been working for for ages! Thats really my biggest motivation for blogging. I blog so I can get my skills and talents out there, so I can meet and interact with other people who share my interests, and so I can really learn a lot more things!
       What keeps me calm and keeps me grounded is the fact that I have a long way to go, but I'm slowly getting closer and closer each day! Through blogging, I've had some of the greatest experiences, gotten the most amazing chances (like getting to write for Prep Talk), and met the greatest people!
     Honestly, there's tons of stuff Id love to do right now! Working in fashion, playing lacrosse for a Division 1 team, traveling the world, everything! At the end of the day, I know that if I keep working towards what I want, i'll get exactly where I want soon and it'll be worth it.
     I know this post may have just been one big ramble on about irrelevant things, but I felt that somehow I had to get out my thoughts in hopes that someone would read them and be able to connect with them.


Amanda said...

I just read this whole thing and completely understand everything you are feeling, because I am too! You and I, being young and wanting to travel and go straight to work at fabulous companies is something we have in common. I too wish I could just jet off to NYC fashion week, or go to events and showrooms in Paris, but we'll just have to wait. Maybe someday your dreams will come true, but in the mean time work your butt off to get there! ha ha :)

p.s.-congrats on how well the new blog's been going. your styling skills have increased!


Tariro said...

Amanda! Im so glad you understand my perils! Haha. Thats so true, we just gotta keep working and try out best, and eventually it'll all pay off!
And thank you so much!

Ly said...

No worries you're still young you have plenty of time to figure it out. :)


Tariro said...

Thanks, I hope so! :)

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