I Love You This Much

     The rides home from school are probably one of the only times I have to just sit there and think about anything in the world. When I'm not trying to fix my goggles into place, or washing off my mouthguard, or typing up an essay, or running around filling out petitions for government class, just a time when I can think. 
     And today, I think I just thought about the most important thing ever. Telling the people I love just how much I love them before it's too late. I feel like lately, I've sort of been on shaky ground with myself and people around me. Not really knowing who my friends are, not knowing what I want to do, not knowing how to react to certain situations. I'd love to just have someone tell me its another sucky thing about being young, and that it'll all disappear the minute I step onto a college campus or walk through the door of my first job.
     It doesn't really bug me that I'm on shaky ground with certain people, but when its people I love, it gets to me. Like my sister for example. We have our fair share of fights and disagreements, the roughest being when I was 6 and she was 10 fighting over a Barbie (this one ended in me losing a tooth.....). But sometimes when we argue, even for the smallest things, it could last for a whole day. And though I may not like how she acts or what she tells me or what she may do, at the end of the day she's still my sister and I love her.
     I think I realized that the reason I let our silent-treatments/fights go on for so long is because I know.....actually I expect her to be there tomorrow to go back to laughing and joking around. I've never stopped to think that maybe tomorrow she'll be gone, or she wont be around for me to say silly things to or dance around in the kitchen with.
     Maybe it's time I learn to let the little things go and enjoy my time with her and everyone else in my family, because I really don't know how much time I have with her. Next year, she'll be living on campus (she's a Sophomore in college), and I won't have anyone to go shopping with or discuss my latest boy problems with. So maybe I should let her know just how much I love her, because I love her soooooooooooooo much. Oh, and I love you all too! And i'm slowly feeling a little bit better, adios flu!


VT said...

love you blog, what a great post :) you are so pretty!

im going to start following you!
follow back?

Tariro said...

Thanks so much!

Mom Fashion World said...

I agree with.. and life is too short.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
I'm now following you in GFC and I would love a follow back, darling.

Any plan on Halloween? Have a great weekend!


Tariro said...

Thank you! I think that too! & yes, i do. Just a small get-together at my friend's house for movies and pizza, how about yourself? Same to you!

Josie said...

What a thoughtful post. I'm with you -- life's too short!
xo Josie

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