Playing With Denim

One of my favorite things in the world is denim! I really love a good pair of jeans, especially dark wash, to pair with tons of things in my closet. With that, I absolutely love denim shirts! Though I've outgrown the ones I own, seeing people wear them makes me want to run out and buy one!
     What I love the most about denim shirts is how versatile they are. There's so many great ways you can pair them, and the possibilities are really endless! So, I styled 1 denim shirt 3 different ways, and came up with some really fun and chic outfits!

Playing With Denim

 Denim + Stripes: I absolutely love stripes, especially a new stripes cardigan I just got. My favorite thing about stripes is just their look as a whole, and together with a denim shirt, they look great! The under-stated cool of the shirt combines with that of the skirt, and together they work together really well! Statement jewelry like a really chunky chain necklace and a leather bag can complete the look, and adding on some plain pumps completes it all.

Denim + Shimmer & Print: An outfit combination with two of my favorite things?! Woah! I am completely in love with this skirt from J. Crew! Its so pretty, and I'ts been on my wishlist forever! I think that the skirt would go great with riding boots, especially because the leather color goes so well with the gold-shimmer. To accessorize, adding a touch of print wouldn't hurt, especially by staying in the same color family you've used already.

Denim + Color, Print, & a Blazer: First off, the color of these jeans is gorgeous! The red just pops out so well, and its really nice. For this outfit, I thought it was time to add a blazer into the mix. Also, branching off from the color of the blazer, I chose these really cute pointed-toe cheetah print flats. Aren't they adorable?! I think a simple leather bag would look really nice with the outfit, and really let the denim and the jeans show off their look!


vanessa (the gal) said...

i know i've said this on your blog before.... but your are too cute i can't stand it! GREAT denim post!

xo- vanessa ( the gal)

Tariro said...

Lol thank you Vanessa!

kelly @ paper doll theory said...

great post! and really cute blog!


Tariro said...


Anonymous said...

awesome blog!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

Great ideas, I definitely am in the market for a versatile denim shirt!

Tariro said...


thenewyorkerstyle said...

lovig your blog!! how do you do those collages? what do you use? i now follow you! love it!!

Tariro said...

Thanks so much!! I use!

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