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     One of the reasons I love the holidays so much is because it's the only time I can really dress up, with a perfectly good excuse! As I've said before, it's the perfect time to pack on the glitter. But, if you're not one for glitter you can always wear some color, or maybe even go for a pattern.

     When I think of holiday wear, I think of dresses. May they be shiny, long, short, one-sleeved, etc. So, here are a few dresses I absolutely love, and think are perfect for holiday parties or any social event! And besides, they're  all really cute! I have a few dresses that I think are strictly party dresses, and either one of these would be a perfect addition to that category in my closet!
twist & shout

One Sleeve Sequin Dress: To me, sequins are the epitome of celebrations. Whenever there's a party, there's something shiny there. So why shouldn't it be your dress? This dress is gorgeous, and I really love it. I paired it with gorgeous black and gold sandals, adorable earrings from Kate Spade, and a cute clutch.

Click About It Dress: Even the name of the dress just screams holiday time! This dress is beautiful, the deep red color is gorgeous, and it's just classic! It has this simple tone to it, but then the color just pops and the embellished belt is just so pretty. I paired the dress with beautiful red suede pumps, pearl/gold chained studs, and an adorable envelope clutch.

Polka Dot Mesh Dress: This dress is just so fun! I love the fact that it's a mesh dress, and the white cloth beneath it just makes the dress look even better overall! It's definitely a life-of-the-party type dress, without being too over the top. I simply paired it with a pair of adorable peep-toe bow pumps, a Chanel purse, and beautiful black diamond earrings.

What are you going to be dressing in during the holidays?


Abby said...

All these outfits are so beautiful!!! I especially like the gold dress :)

You have great taste!

Tariro said...

Thanks so much Abby!

Sally Smith said...

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fashioneggpplant said...

great picks! :)


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nikki said...

love your blog! such a cute style.

i'd love for you to check out my new blog if you get a moment.

xo, nikki

vintage process said...


Clara Turbay said...

Stunning blog keep doing it!

Heather said...

I love the modcloth dress. It's girly yet sexy. Plus I'm totally loving that color red!

Tariro said...

Thank you ladies!

Francesca said...

Great outfits! such inspiration xx

Fashion Loving said...

I love these dresses, normally I'd go for something sparkly for the holidays cos its fun, but i actually really love that polka dot mesh dress. great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

great choices! Especially love the shoes.


Beth Dunn said...

How funny! I was just saying I need red shoes. Love them

Julie Khuu said...

Oooh I lallaallOVE that A/X dress...super chic and sexy! Perfect for holiday shindigs!

Peace. Love. LOL!



Yuka said...

the mango mesh dress is pretty!! i want it!

Rand T said...

love the gold dress xx

Jinna Boo said...

lovely picks ! i will probably be in... sweatpants lol no parties, just family!


Anonymous said...

Great dresses, thanks for sharing!
I can't wait to wear my sparkly dress for NYE :)

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