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    I'm so excited to have Gabbi as my very first guest blogger here on Peppermint + Ivy. She has such an amazing sense of style, and her posts are always full of amazing eye-candy! Also, she and I are both Sophomores, so I love having someone to talk to who's the same age as me, and who shares my interests. Enjoy!
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     Hey y’all! I’m Gabbi from North Shore Prep, and I’m guest posting for Peppermint + Ivy. I’m so thrilled and honored to be posting for Tariro today. :)

     The other day as I perused Tumblr, I came across this quote:

     I must say, I agree whole-heartedley with it. Every day when I go to school, I find myself surrounded by girls (and guys! But that’s a whole different post) who seem to not care a bit about how they look for class. I understand that some days all you want to wear is a sweatshirt and yoga pants and moccasins. I get it. I have those days too. But I don’t let those days become every day. I think that, as of late, young people in general have stopped caring about being polished and classy and more about being comfortable.

     But there is a middle-ground.

     You can wear your polished basics in a way such that you still look trendy and act your age. With a certain degree of class.

     I’ve said it before on my own blog, but I’ll say it again here: I believe every lady should have a solid stock of skirts at her disposal. And I believe that a pencil skirt should be a staple in your closet. A pencil skirt definitely does not have to be boring. If you’re going for a more traditional knee-length silhouette, skip basic black and go for a pop of color. This bright pink from J.Crew reminds me of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde!

And for a classic black skirt that goes with everything, try a shorter length!

Not feeling a skirt? Reach for chinos or their warm weather counterpart, chino shorts.

Remember, shorts can come in fun colors, too!

Up top, you’ve got a ton of options, but a crisp oxford, like this one from Rugby, is a personal favorite.

Warmer days call for lighter shirts, which is why I love polos from Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren and Perfect Fit scoopneck tees from J.Crew (they really do fit perfectly!).

 Vineyard Vines

     As far as shoes go, I really think that shoes are a great way to add some pop to an outfit. Go crazy with your shoes. Go ahead. A loafer can be updated with glitter or leopard print. Throw on some bright red wellies, just for fun. But remember, a classic brown loafer or black flat goes a long way when you’re in doubt.

     All things considered, I think the most important thing is to have fun. Have fun with color, have fun with texture, with patterns, with fabric. Take the basics mentioned here and change it. Oxford and pencil skirt? Make the oxford lime green and sport a stack of turquoise and gold bangles on your wrist. Jeans and a tee? Glitter flats and a patterned scarf. Skirt and sweater? Red skirt, camel colored sweater. The possibilities are endless. Switch it up, just for the sake of not getting caught in an outfit rut.



North Shore Prep said...

Thanks so much for letting me guest post! XO

Tariro said...

Of course! I'm so happy you did!

Zoe_Flood said...

I looooooove that pink skirt so cute!
<3 zoe

Mary said...

I love that pink skirt!

Cylia said...

I love it.. have fun! that's definitely a key to have fun with clothing:) PS. To get a little bit in the Christmas mood.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

The Big Apple Girl said...

Hi! you might want to visit my blog and join my 1st blog giveaway.


Clara Turbay said...

Your blog is so cool! come to visit mine!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love that you talk about all of the possibilities! Great guest post. :)Love that pink skirt!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

alicia said...

love this!

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