Coastal Vibrations

     I haven't done an interior decor/home decor post in a while, and honestly I've missed doing them! So, I opened up some of my favorite links and started searching for what I thought would be an awesome post. I really like seeing all the prints and colors come together!

     I absolutely love going to the beach. I love the water, I love the breeze, and I just love the weather! So when I was browsing Coastal Living and came across these gorgeous porches and decks, I knew I had to share them! I think they're just gorgeous viewing points to see the water, and they'd be the perfect place to enjoy the breeze, especially during summer! What a relaxing way to take in the outdoors, and I love how they're decorated! I'm all about blues, greens, and neutrals together.


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing these great pictures! I can just imagine my friends and I sitting and laughing in those hanging day beds all summer long!


Clara Turbay said...

I wish you a happy new year and keep walking with this blog !

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