Dinner In A Glass House

     When I turned seven, my sister (then 11) and I had a joint birthday party. It was a big event, with all my family and friends there, and till this day I still remember it as being one of the best days ever! We got to have a huge moon bounce, two chocolate cakes, and I even got to pick out pink balloons!
     Even after the parties stopped and we instead went for smaller dinners, I think getting to pick out those little things helped a little in developing my love for making things pretty and for design, and my love for party planning! In my head, the bigger, the shinier, the better!

     So, those thoughts inspired my post for today. I decided to "plan" a dinner......in a glass house. You read that right, a glass house! With the sun gleaming in, reflecting off of crystal glasses and gold-rimmed plates. I'm not exactly sure where to find a big glass room, but a girl can dream right?! I think a glass room would be absolutely beautiful, especially somewhere in nature, with browns and greens all around. The main theme would be rustic, yet still very simple. You, my lovely readers, are cordinally invited to "dinner in a glass house", and for now it may just be in picture form, but one day I'd love to make it really happen!Dinner In A Glass House

1. The Glass House: I think that if I ever held a dinner, I'd probably end up inviting at least 20 people! So, I'd definitely need a really big venue! If I were to ever end up finding the perfect one, I'd love for it to be like the one pictured above! I'd especially love if it was somewhere near the woods, but not too crowded, so the sun can come in. It'd be perfect if the room had carpet or even hardwood flooring.

2. Rustic Table: To continue with the theme of nature and simplicity, I think a hardwood table would be perfect for the dinner! I really love this table, especially the color, and it's really long too so its equipped for lots of guests.

3. Green Flowers In Crystal Vases: I think having 3 flower vases spaced out across the table would look absolutely beautiful! There's nothing more gorgeous than fresh flowers, especially a mixture of white and green.

4. White Tablecloth: I think that the flowers should do most of the talking amongst the table, and a white tablecloth would be the perfect accent to them! I wouldn't want it to be too long though, because I'd still like for the guests to see the table.

5. Silver Chairs: How gorgeous are those silver chairs?! I think adding a touch of silver would just make everything better! The chairs would just glow, and there's something I really love about the combination of green and silver!

6. Bread & Glass Baskets: One of my other ideas would be to have two baskets on both ends of the table, one basket would have glasses in it, and another would have bread. I'm not really sure why, but I think it would just look beautiful! And of course, the bread basket could be passed around!

7. Gold-rimmed Plates: I really love these plates! They're so simple, yet they're so pretty! I think they'd go perfectly with a simple set of silverware, and they'd both look so amazing!

     So, that's my hand at event planning! I really wish I could pull all this off, and who knows, maybe it's time for another birthday extravaganza! Would you come to dinner in a glass house?


Beth Dunn said...

Sounds divine!

Nora said...

Very cute! Wish i'm that creative! Sounds like my perfect wedding party actually, small but intimate!

Nora Finds

amy b.s. said...

this is an amazing dinner party idea!

Clara Turbay said...

Definitely love it! Great ideas in a great blog!

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