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     One of my favorite posts that I've done so far has got to be my Nancy Drew's Guide To Life Post, where I pondered the question "How would Nancy dress and behave if she was a 21st century girl?". Would she trade in her penny loafers for a colorful update? Her black flats for a pair filled with animal instinct? Throwing out the idea of just one pearl necklace, and bringing in the chunks of 3. Would she go straight to Starbucks in the morning, or sip on Hot Cocoa watching the sunrise. One thing I'm sure of, she'd have the most amazing closet ever!
     I think her closet would be full of updates on tons of classics, colorful blazers, sweet colored cardigans, ruffled shirts, and a little tartan to go a long way. Here are a few items I think she'd love, but maybe I could use a clue!
Get A Clue!

Black & Cream Cardigan: I absolutely love this cardigan! My favorite part about is is the black trim, it just brings a colorblock effect that's absolutely gorgeous! It could also be a fantastic layering piece with a long sleeved shirt underneath it, and it's so classy. Very 21st Century Nancy, without going too crazy.

Teal Pleated Blazer: This blazer is so cute! I really like the color, and the shaping is just fantastic. It could be worn so many ways, with a nude shirt and navy skirt, or even a red shirt with nude pants. So many combinations, so little time.

Ruffled White Shirt: How pretty are the ruffles on this shirt?! I knew I had to include something white on the list, and this shirt fits the bill! I also like the fact that its so simple, but would definitely make a big statement.

Ruffled Blue Shirt: While looking at some Nancy Drew covers to get ideas for items, I came across one where she was wearing a really pretty blue blouse with ruffled on the front. Well, here it is! Like I said, I feel like she'd keep most of her classic wardrobe, and this definitely counts!

Maroon Loafers: I think colored or patterned loafers are a fantastic addition to any fashionista's closet, so why should Nancy miss out on the action? I love these loafers because they're actually quite simple, but they're suede and their color is gorgeous!

Leopard Print Flats: These flats are so cute! I really like the pattern, and I think they're a cool update from just any plain old flats, without being too over board. They could be her fun shoes! Amongst many, of course.

Leather Messenger Bag: Like any good detective, Nancy's gotta have a place to keep all her goodies! I love this leather bag from H&M, and I think it's the perfect bag for all her things! It's just so classic, the dark brown color, the leather, the look overall. Its perfect! Whether she'd be peeking around, or going about town.

Tiered Skirt: This is one of the cutest skirts I have ever seen! It's so simple, but it's just really pretty and can be paired tons of ways! It'd be the perfect piece to go in with an outfit for staying around the house during the day, and then with a little sequin it'd be great for going out to dinner at night! Though I'm not sure about Nancy's stance on sequins, anything is possible.

Chiffon & Lace Blouse: This is probably my favorite item out of everything on the list! This blouse is just beautiful! The chiffon nude color is amazing, and the lace detailing is so gorgeous! If Nancy doesn't want it.....I'll take it!

Leather Boots: I think that owning a pair of leather boots has become such a must, especially on days when you don't wanna dress up so you throw whatever on. The boots become the vocal point of your outfit, leaving you looking as stylish as ever! Leather boots just seem so Nancy these days to me, I think she'd love them.

Tartan Wool Mini Dress: Now that I really think about it.....this dress might be a little out there for her, but it's still gorgeous! It's full tartan, what could be better than that?! It's just a beautiful dress, and it'd be perfect for parties, with or without a shawl on top. She's gotta have a few party days!

     So, those are a few items I think Nancy Drew would wear if she was around in 2011. There's probably tons more, and I'd love to hear what you all think!


melissa said...

This is great! I totally see it :D

Tariro said...

Thank you!


Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat blog!
Like it so much!

Hope we follow here! ;-)

Tariro said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of this post! Sort of like the Textbook blog with the characters. Great job!


Tariro said...

Thanks Caitlin!

Sarah said...

perfect post, that tartan dress is just too cute! Infact, i think i had one similar when i was little! xx

Tariro said...

Thanks! And ooo lucky, I'd love one now!

Clélia said...

Amazing blog <3 <3

If you like my fanpage you can win an O.P.I. nail lacquer! Good luck ;)

Kate Lasater said...

I love the leopard flats and tartan dress. Great picks!

yiqin; said...

thats an awesome blazer

Kristen said...

so cute. love that plaid dress.

mikie and kristen

Ronnetta said...

love this style! nice blog so I`ll follow you :)

Amanda said...

I love this! So creative and the items are so cute anyone who loves vintage things would probably love this smart look! :)


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