Team Varsity

     One of my favorite things to wear during cold weather is a hoodie. They're so soft, so simple, and so comfortable! Aside from hoodies, I really love wearing pullovers for the same reason too!
     Through my love for those two, and since I've begun to wear them a lot more, I've come up with a few creative and fashionable ways to wear them. Hoodies don't have to be worn with sweatpants or with just any old thing, they can be paired with cords and glitter as well! So, here are a few ways I like to wear my hoodies and pullovers. P.S most of my hoodies and pullovers are collegiate wear, so these outfits are based off them.
Team Varsity

Cool Comfort: This is probably my favorite outfit out of all of the ones above! Texam A&M is actually one of the schools I'm looking to attend, and I just love their colors! I paired the hoodie with a gorgeous tartan shirt from J. Crew, adorable cream cords, leather boots, and an utterly beautiful glitter purse from J. Crew! Oh, and a cute pair of pearl earrings for some more fun!

Sweet Victory: I really like the color of the Stanford pullover, but I decided to work with the black outline and come up with a stylish outfit! I chose to pair it with black skinny jeans, adorable wedged booties, and a black bag. For accessories, I think a round scarf in a dark color would go well with it, or a simple pair of pearls too.

Classic Spirit: This is a bit more of a preppy/class ready take on a pullover, and I love it! To work out this Yale pull-over, I think wearing a striped henley top under it is a great idea! I love how the white and blue go together with the pullover. For pants, I chose to pair those two with a really nice pair of chinos. Their color just goes so well with navy blue! For the rest of the outfit, I chose a sweet pair of black loafers, and a gorgeous cream suede bag. A simple brass chain necklace completes it, and it's all set!

     I'm definitely ready to stock up on more hoodies and pullovers!


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I love how you made these things look so stylish! LOVE all of the shoes you picked. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Tariro said...

Thanks so much Chelsea!

Laura_Maradam said...

In the NL its not common at all to have a sweat with your school logo but I'd love it :D

Miss Molly said...

awesome selections

Tariro said...

Thank you!

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