Tis' The Season To Sparkle & Shine!

     My favorite thing about the holiday season is that it's s a perfectly good excuse to pack on the shimmer and the crazy patterns! Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than the light reflecting on my sequin dress, and it definitely sets up a fun mood for any party I attend! So, with the shimmer-time coming up, I've made a little shiny wishlist for a few things I'd love to have! (Well....most of them are shiny) And even after the holidays are over, I can still wear whichever one of them I hopefully end up buying (splurging on)! Here's my ultra-shiny, or pattern played, holiday wishlist!

Tis' The Season

Glitter Purse: I GOT TO HOLD THIS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS CLUTCH ONCE!!! It is so pretty and shiny, I love it! The inside is nice and plushy, and the outside is just pure glitter. It's actually a shoulder bag with a thin chain link strap. What's more to love? It would make a perfect holiday and party clutch!

Short Sleeve T-Shirt: I just love the overall look of this t-shirt! My favorite part is the gold-esque part on the front, it's just gorgeous! I could definitely pair it with dark denim jeans. But would it be a worth it splurge? I don't know....

Leopard Print Blouse: I would love this blouse to go along with my leopard print loafers, and it's really cute! Its breezy, and though not shiny, it still has that spunk that sparkles have!

Hingham Boots: I know these don't sparkle.....or have a crazy print....but I am in love with these boots! Sperry stole my heart the minute they made these! I love how simple they are, the quilted body is gorgeous, and they're just perfect! I would've felt bad leaving them out. Besides, they'd be the perfect boots to wear when it's slightly snowing.

Sequin Bodice Dress: This dress is absolutely beautiful! I really like it's simplicity, the flowy look, and the nude color of the dress over all! Definitely a piece I wouldn't mind throwing on for a party or two.

Pearl Stud Earrings: These earrings are so cute! I love how small and understated they are, but I know they'd make an absolutely fantastic impact on any outfit as a whole!

Hunter Wellington Boots: Oh my.....I'm in love with these boots! I absolutely love the glossy silver color! I've always been a big fan of metallics, and these are definitely on my list of favorites! They're just beautiful, that's the full story!

Madee Loafers: I absolutely love the pattern of these loafers! The black and gold work really well together, and they're just beautiful! I wouldn't mind an additional pair of loafers in my closet.


North Shore Prep said...

Wait. Those Hunters. NO. WAY. I want some!! XO

Tariro said...

I know, aren't they gorgeous?!

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

Oh man, I LOVE those Sperry boots- I actually have them in black but I wish I'd gotten that color, it makes the quilting stand out so much more! Great mix of items.

Tariro said...

Awww! It really does make them come out more, but the black ones are gorgeous too. Maybe one day you'll just double up!

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