On The Ride

      I've been in love with riding boots since the first time I saw them. I absolutely love their simplicity, and how you can just pair them with dark skinny jeans, a striped tee, and look absolutely amazing! They're so versatile, and they really leave you with endless options for outfits!

     But one little small thing.......I don't have a pair. It sort of aches my heart when I dwell on it, but then I remember that it's never too late to hop into the mall and snag a pair! Most of the pairs I really loved are so expensive, and usually even when I have the money to buy them, I go for something else. So, I've decided to make it my next shopping mission to get a pair of riding boots! Here a few pairs of riding boots that I find absolutely perfect, and  I wouldn't mind either one of these!
On The Ride

     My favorite pair from above is the one from Pacsun by Black Poppy! Not only are they the perfect riding boots, in my opinion, but the price is amazing! I actually tried them on when I went black friday shopping, but I'd already spent most of my money so I couldn't get them. They're just gorgeous! They're sleek, they're tall, they're simple. Thats exactly what I'm looking for in riding boots, and I'm really hoping to get them soon!

     I'm worried they're gonna sell out, but my fingers are crossed that they're won't! They are really comfortable, and the leather is soft. I also like the pair from J. Crew, because I hadn't seen a pair of suede riding boots till I came upon these! I love the sides of the White Mountain pair, the Isaac Mizrahi ones are gorgeous as well, and I love the top of the Topshop boots! The Frye pair caught my eye because of their color! How would you style your own pair of riding boots?


Anonymous said...

In love the frye boots
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Tariro said...

They are really nice!

Nav said...

I love the topshop cognac!

xo Nav

Megan said...

I agree, riding boots can make any outfit look amazing - I love them! :) Happy New Year!

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