Brace Yourself

     Bracelets are one of my favorite accessories ever! They add such a great element of fun and cool to any outfit, and whenever I don't feel like putting on earrings or having a necklace around my neck, I turn to bracelets to accessorize. My favorite thing about bracelets is that you can wear virtually as many as you'd like on your wrist, which is conveniently called stacking! Whether it's one or six, you're still looking good. So, here are a few bracelets (and even a stack set) that I really love! Some might be wishlist items (like the monogrammed bracelet) and others very reachable and very fun. But like I said, you get to pick and choose!

Brace Yourself

{Cross Bracelet - GoJane, Wrap Bracelet - Michael Kors, Mixed Stack (my absolute favorite, and Carnival Lab has a ton of great options!) - Carnival Lab, Pastel Cobra Bracelet - Bfrend, Monogrammed Bracelet(it's so pretty!) - Carolina Clover, Friendship Bracelets - L.A. Raised}

     I am still in the process of trying to perfect my stacking, and I can proudly say I'm slowly getting there! I don't really think there's any certain formula to stacking, it's just whatever catches your eye and fits together well is perfect! You should look down to your wrist and smile very wide. Since I have small wrists, I usually lean towards string bracelets I can tie or close-fitting ones I can adjust. I also wear a few hair ties on my wrist, and they're become part of my regular wrist routine. I love how they add a pop of color, and they're also very convenient for when it's time to tie my hair up! So even though they stray a little from the "bracelet" group, I still love them and they're part of my stack family! Don't forget to add a little piece of you in your stack, the hair ties are mine.


Heather said...

I love bracelets too. The only problem that I have is that I have tiny wrist so a lot of bracelets that I can't size like bangles or cuffs are usually to big for me. So stacking gets a little difficult. I do need to collect more bracelets though. I have started expanded my necklace and ring collection though lol.

Tariro said...

I'm in the same boat too! That's why I usually go for string bracelets I can tie, or even if they're a little loose that's ok. It just takes time and patience lol. And ooo, necklaces and rings are great too!

Rory said...

I'm such an arm party girl. I LOVE myself some braceletss!!! :) Great picks, TARIRO! <3
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Alexa said...

I wish I had more patience for bracelets - I love them but I hate taking them on and off and I always lose them. Haha I think they look great though! I like the mixed stacks a lot. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Tariro!

Stylish By Nature said...

These are amazing...I Want them all :)

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Grace said...

The Michael Kors one is so adorable! I love KJP ones for my stacks, too.

Courtney said...

Pretty pretty pictures! Just found your blog and so glad, now following you :)


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