Coastal Collective

    I've become really drawn to interior design and home decor over the past year or so. Sometimes, it seems like nothing bring a bigger smile to my face than a beautiful house filled with gorgeous colors! I can spend hours on any design site, flipping through it, bookmarking my personal favorites, and just being in complete awe!

     I absolutely love this cottage! The way the designer brought beautiful blues and greens together to create an absolute oasis is amazing, and it makes you feel like you're right by the water. My favorite part about it is house she used the color white for basically all of the walls, so that the furniture and home accessories could pop out and make a huge impact. And blue may also be my favorite color, which made me love it even more. Whats your favorite part?

Beach Breakfast
Ocean Reflections
Breezy Palette
Team Approach
Open Kitchen


Heather said...

OOO I love al of this. All the mint greens. I want some mint green pieces in my apt now!

Grace said...

How incredibly gorgeous! I love the whale weather pane thing.

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