Statement Sweaters

     One of my new favorites would have to be statement sweaters. Some call them silhouette sweaters, some call them "sweaters with big pictures on them".....or maybe that was just me. But now I call them statement sweaters. Simply put, they're sweaters with one simple big solid print on them. Some of my favorite bloggers have worn them, including Blair Eadie, and I love how she paired hers with other pieces! So, here are a few of my favorite statement sweaters! Hopefully you'll fall in love with them as quickly as I did, but things like that might take time! ;)

Statement Sweaters

     My favorite out of the four is probably the seahorse sweater! Or maybe the Valera anchor sweater! But then again, they're all so cute! I'm saving up my paychecks from work (I work at a little sports store in my town), and hopefully I can just have one big shopping day for myself! I think it'd be the perfect way to stamp in the new year! As for the quest to find my style, it's coming along pretty well! I took the week to wear any outfit I wanted, without the pressures of taking pictures of it. It was kind of like I wore them for me, and once i'm really stable in that point then i'll do more outfit posts too!

{Here are some pictures of Blair from Atlantic-Pacific wearing the Joie Anchor sweater. I really love how she paired it with a gingham shirt! I think it's really creative, and she mixed patterns and textures so well. It's classic, yet still very stylish}


The Chic Sheet said...

The lobster one is fun :)


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