Best Laid Out Plans

     Whenever I decide to "dress up" to work, I usually pick out what I want to wear the night before, just in case I don't wake up exactly when I should. It's a lot of fun picking out what to wear the night before, and it gives me time to pair new things together and see how they look!

     I've had this Cashmere sweater from Jones New York for a while, and I bought it for $3 at a thrift store. I wasn't exactly sure how to wear it, but i've slowly been coming up with cute ideas for it! So, for my work outfit, I plan on pairing it with a striped button up from Forever21 (also thrifted). I really love how it looks together, and when I tried it on I was very happy! 

{Shirt: Forever21 (thrifted), Cashmere Sweater: Jones NY (thrifted), Bag: Vera Bradley (thrifted), Jeans: Hollister, Snow/Cold Boots}

     As I slowly put together my favorite outfits, I have started to realize that when it comes to jewelry, i'm really simple! As much as I adore people who can wear tons of bracelets and rings, it's just not really me. But this necklace my aunt gave to all her bridesmaids on her wedding day means a lot to me, and I just love how pretty and simple it is so I added it on.

     The boots are also from a thrift store, and I got them around 7th or 8th grade for snow days. They are probably the most comfortable and warm boots I own overall, and the temperature's been dropping here so I decided to bring them out for another run!

     I'd been sulking around thinking about how I didn't have any good plaid shirts, but when I was cleaning out my dresser I found these two gems! The one on the left is from Old Navy, and the one on the right is from a brand called Timber Trail. Wooohoooo!


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